first grow

  1. K

    Knockout's First Ever Grow

    Hello awesome 420 community. I have been lurking in the shadows for a while, reading, studying and getting inspired by a lot of grow journals around here. Today is the day that i start my own. This is my 1st ever grow and it is going to have the following characteristics: 3 northern lights...
  2. M

    First Grow - Stunted Growth?

    Hello, I am 5 weeks in to my first grow and I’m wondering if my plant has stunted growth issues. I germinated my strawberry kush seed and planted it in to FFOF in a solo cup and then transplanted to a 1.9 gallon fabric air pot after week 3 because the solo cup had poor drainage. Currently it is...
  3. Bearbunny

    BearBunny's First Closet Grow - AF WhiteWidow - March 2018

    Well I jammed a lot of info in that posts name, but yep that about sums it up. Im starting my first indoor closet grow under a 450w Meizhi LED hood in a 2x4x7 closet. will post pics every few days, looking for advice as I plow thru my first Autoflowers ever. my plans are ... - 3gal pots...
  4. CannaDad

    CannaDad's First Grow - Doc Bud's Kit & Vero COB LED

    Hello fellow cannabis connoisseurs! My very first grow is currently underway. Mistakes have already been made, but for the most part things seem to be going pretty well. Feel free to chime in any time with advice to make this or my next grow better. Huge shout out to doc bud for putting together...
  5. M

    First Grow Box - Did I chose proper parts for my kit?

    Hey guys, recently i wanted to just buy a pre-kit from a grow shop for my first grow but then people told me that if I made the kit myself i would pay way less (which makes sense). So i did lots of research in the last couple of days and came up with this. Would be really grateful if some...
  6. M

    Grow Plan

    Hi everyone! I'm going to start my first grow in a week or so and am looking for opinions. My setup is: - Auto Speed Bud Feminised Seeds .. by Female Seeds - Indoor tent for up to 3 plants, full standard setup for a ''bubbleponics'' system - 600W LED light MarsHydro... what I could...
  7. A

    Scuba Steve's First Grow!

    :welcome: to my first ever grow! Would love to hear from everyone and learn what i can! Lights-2x 300 watt led dimmable panels Nutes- Advance Nutrients Line Micro,Grow and Bloom Plants- 1x NYC Sour Diesel 1 week into flower, 1x OG Truth just sprouted, 2x Phantasm Cookies clones, and 3 other...
  8. T

    First Journal - 4x1000W Stealth Indoor Grow

    Really looking forward to documenting and sharing our journey over the next several months with everyone. Been a huge fan of these forums for years now and am excited to finally join the conversation. At the moment we're still in the process of setting up our main space but we should have all of...
  9. C

    Indoor Bagseed 2x2x60 Tent CFL & LED - First Time Grow!

    Hello all, this is my first time to ever grow. I've studied so much online here and I'm having such a successful grow that I felt I should contribute to future growers with a few seeds from a sack and turn it into gold! I've struggled a lot with a plant or two and had tons of success so far...
  10. P

    Papa Wheelie's First Grow - Love Potion #9 Indoor Monster Crop Scrog

    Papa Wheelie's first grow indoor monster crop scrog I was fortunate to get a couple of clones from a friend late last summer. I put them in a flower box on my deck and they did very poorly do to lack of sun attention and growers knowledge. At the end of the season they were in flower with...
  11. Gibgezr

    Gibgezr's First Grow - Northern Lights Feminized Auto - 2017

    Hi folks! I'm off on a journey: my first grow. I'll be using Crop King feminized autoflowering Northern Lights. My grow closet so far: The light is just a 50-watt led panel; I've ordered a 300 watt LED panel, and have dug up a couple of 2ft fluorescents that I will toss grow bulbs into an...
  12. MadHatterJack

    MadHatterJack's Indoor Soil & Soilless Grow Journal 2017

    Hey Guys, MadHatterJack here and I have finally decided to share my mad scientist grow in time for halloween and create a grow journal. :high-five: Info Strain:Durban Kush non-feminized (Apricot Kush x Durban Poison) from Ancestral Seeds Indica Dominant, unknown percentage. 3 Weeks...
  13. M

    Are these looking close to harvest yet?

    Please advise. My first grow. Three Spiritual Pink. Outdoors, Canada, raised beds with just lots of compost. Are these looking close to harvest? I tried looking at trichomes under a magnifying glass and they look like sugar crystals to me. They look more cloudy than clear I think, but hard to...
  14. P

    Tips for a new grower? A month into my first grow

    This is my first post on here so if it’s not in the right spot just let me know, any tips would be appreciated if someone could point me in the direction of a simple closet cfl grow guide that would be great also. Photos to follow
  15. G

    Pimp My Grow Plan

    Yo my fellow stoners :cheer2:. So i decided to grow myself for the first time. I have been researching stuff for a month or two extensively. I want you guys to take a look at my plan and give me tips on how i can improve it. I have some questions i couldn't answer through research. Gonna buy...
  16. scrumpdilly

    Scrumpdilly's First Time Grow - AK48 & White Widow Autoflower

    Hey everyone. This is my first time growing and I will be growing white widow autoflower and ak48 autoflower. One of each. Germinating via the moist paper towel in a Ziploc bag method, planting seedlings in solo cups with 50% FFOF and 50% potting mix, then transplanting to one gallon jugs with...
  17. X

    First Grow - Big Bud Auto By Sensi Seeds

    Hi guys! :) I am a medical marijuana user and decided to give growing medicine myself a chance. I picked up three seeds of Sensi Seeds' Big Bud Autoflowering strain when I was in Amsterdam recently. They are already four weeks into their growing process so I can only journal from here on...
  18. KingCloudy

    Auto Fem CKS Candy Cane for first grow - Any pointers?

    Looking for a friend or guru to help me out a bit! I love to learn!
  19. C

    First time Indoor Sun Grow - Am I ready to harvest?

    See my photos and let me know what you think? Am I ready? What nutes do I give at this point? I was using 3 tsp of BIG BLOOM 2x per week throughout flower and one day of flush. My pH is a bit high, but I ran out of pH tester kits so I have been winging it. REMINDER: this is a low budget...
  20. L

    Logik's First Grow - Indoor Blue Dream Coco 600W HPS

    Hey everyone, Began my first grow last Thursday, all my 5 seeds have opened for me :thumb: Some info: Blue Dream from Humboldt 70%Sativa/30%Indica Indoor Coco with Perlite in 7 gal fabric pots 600w MH/HPS with air cooled hood General Hydro nutrients The plan is to keep all in veg...