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  1. Olddog Newtrick

    Olddog Newtricks First Grow #2 Blueberry Cheese From Barney's Farm

    Strain/s: Barney’s Farm Blueberry Cheese Genetic Makeup: Hybrid Pot/Bucket Size: 5 gallon Tent Size: 2' x 4' Grow Space: 10' x 10' How Many Plants: 3 Environment: Indoor Stage: seedling Medium: Fox Farms Strawberry Fields +15% perlite Lights: Growers Choice ROI E200 Nutrients: Fox Farms...
  2. CrochetingHybrids

    My First Grow: Georgia Pie

    Hi Everyone and Welcome This is my first ever grow & first post, I am a complete novice so please forgive my ignorance. Although I love vegetable gardening and I start those seeds indoors and then transplant them outside in the spring that is where my plant knowledge stops. I am always open to...
  3. Pete Detroit

    Pete Detroit's First Grow, Indoor, Dirt, Multi Strain: Round Two

    Ok, here we go (Pix to some Real Soon Now) The Background - 30+ years ago, living near Dallas, TX, roomie and I got burned on a deal for a hundie or two, thought 'Eff That, how hard is it to grow?' Pre-internet, we fumbled a bit, weak seeds we had hanging around, Sprouting technique (paper...
  4. JGC


    Jaffa Glue Cookies week7 Flower
  5. K

    First time growing

    First time growing please leave some feedback
  6. Renaissance Man

    Renaissance Man's First Official Grow: Blueberry OG, Gorilla Zkittles & Cream Caramel In Soil

    Welp, here it goes... Here is my first grow journal. My experience of growing only began this year in 2021 due to this pandemic and me working from home. I got a tent, a light, a fan some soil in a pot and a freebie seed and it is producing some very under-impressive herb. I have since bought...
  7. M

    Are my girls ready to harvest?

    Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time poster. I’m wondering if my girls are ready (or nearly) ready for harvest. 2 x royal cheese 2 x zilky zmooth they’ve been in flower for 7 weeks, trichs look cloudy to me but hairs are still mostly white. First grow so any feedback is much appreciated!
  8. S

    First timer saying hello

    Hello Everyone, I've decided to take the plunge and start doing this for myself! I currently have not started the process and will be creating further threads in the relevant forums when I do start. My setup specs are as follows 4x4 gorilla tent Autopot x4: 12.4 Gallon Reservoir with 3.9...
  9. Runtz

    Cherry Gar See-Ya Feminised Ethos 1st Ever Grow

    Hello everyone This isn't going to be too wordy but I've recently fallen in love with horticulture and thought why not keep a diary of my first grow, nothing too fancy I'm just starting with 1 small plant mixed in with some ACTUAL Vegetables! (Pear Drop Cherry Tomatoes & Sweet Peppers) I...
  10. SmokingBud

    First Grow: White Kush 1 In Soil, 1 In Hydro/Coco, 1 In Perlite, Who Will Win?

    I’m starting this grow journal later than I wanted because my 73 year mom brought covid into my house 3 weeks ago from the hospital, then she died from it 5 days later <Miss you mom>. My wife, daughter and myself also got infected. My daughter was in ICU last week but came home yesterday and...
  11. freedom8976

    First Grow: Northern Lights Auto

    Hey guys, i decided to create a journal so i can get direct help and not open random threads asking questions. Soil is BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus | CANNA UK Led SF1000 LED 18/6 schedule, 50cm from the plant. Planted in 17lt pots, usin RO water. Temp/rh is sable at 23C/50% Nutes i am using/going to...
  12. freedom8976

    First grow: Lots of problems and in need of guidance

    Hello guys, this is my first grow and i am having many problems. after feeding biobizz veg two days ago, today i noticed a browning on the tip of one leaf. I also did LST and cut off one of the big leaves to let the light hit the bud sites. I also added 50g cal/mag to my soil because my water is...
  13. katyjane420

    Katyjane420's Rock Steady Cookies Auto, DWC, First Grow

    Welcome! Come stay a while. This is from day 1. I am not received a single package or a seed yet. Everything is on the way. I am happy to be here and I look forward to learning with everyone. Please feel free to give advice as well as constructive criticism. I have never kept a plant alive, I'm...
  14. L

    LeoPot's First Grow! Indoor, Soil, 4 Strains, Mars Hydro TSW 2000

    Hello guys! Not only is this my first grow, it's also my first gardening project of any kind. I am starting this journal a little late, on day 25 of flowering (day 48). In this post I will list my setup and write a short summary of the past 7 weeks, including a few pictures, to catch you up. In...
  15. H1gherD1mensionz

    First Grow: Stunted White Widow Auto LED Microgrow

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever grow and I'm starting up the journal a few weeks into flower. Here will be my stunted White Widow Auto which is growing inside a cupboard in a small tent. L70 x W30 x D30cm tent 95W dimmable full spectrum+ir LED board 18/6 light cycle Temps 20C - 28C RH...
  16. Purplehaze02

    8 weeks flow: Hermies or Calyx?

    Hey you guys this is my indica dominant in 8th week of flowering... I'm happy with her and everything is going nice. But since few days i noticed this like curling little leafs reminds me like sack. It looks like flower to me because hairs are sticking out. but I'm not sure. It's full of...
  17. D

    My first grow!

    Im growing weed for my very first time and it comes with a lot of little errors and issues that this forum helped me to sort out. So thanks a lot and all the suggestions and help will be welcome here. Ill try to update with pictures every day. Strains: 5 critical+2.0 (dinafem) (was supposed to...
  18. B

    Day 16

    Alrighty so I’m on day 16 I noticed my plant is a little behind the curve but I believe that’s because in the beginning I was over watering, it had a large amount of growth between day 14 and 16. Just wondering if I should keep my same schedule or if I need to switch it I’m running blurple leds...
  19. Purplehaze420x

    First time grow veg/flo stage

    Hey you guys this is my Wss skunk! She is now 4 weeks old. 1 month. Flowers are starting to show everywhere around and from inside the plant. So I'm wondering. Is she officially entered flowering stage? What do you guys think. :hmmmm::nervous-guy:
  20. Purplehaze420x

    First time WSS Skunk

    Hey you guys this is my Wss skunk girl. She is in 3rd week now. 21 days I just want your opinion and does she look healthy. I never noticed yellow leaves. I keep her under 200 watts Led light with Fan and humidity adjustment. Sometimes before sleep and in morning I spray carefully walls in...
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