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  1. LH Auto: Getting frosty

    LH Auto: Getting frosty

    First frosty bud I've ever grown!
  2. S

    First grow: Into flower! Check it out!

    Just wanted to post some pics of my first grow! Day 17 since switching to 12/12 Just wanted to see what your thoughts are? Do they look about where they should be for the start of week 3? It’s a jungle in there, I’ve done quite a bit of defoliation. They were in veg for almost 3 months so they...
  3. xthursdayx

    Thursday's Soilless Sour Stomper & Chilies Grow, 2019

    Hey folks, after months of reading and researching I'm just getting ready to embark on my first indoor grow. I figured I'd start a journal here as a way to keep track of everything. This grow will probably be considered a bit unusual because I am growing an autoflower strain (Sour Stomper by...
  4. 20190205_014936.jpg


    First grow. Beautiful green Lemon Haze.
  5. falstaffo

    Falstaffo's World Of Green: First Timer Goes Wild With Autos Photos Mainlines & Quantums!

    Il state firstly i am a noob when it comes to growing anything. when i was about 10 i planted some tulip bulbs in my front garden, planted and left them, they grew, mother nature took its course. This il allow is slightly different :D so, i have limited space, enough for a mother/propogation...
  6. 20190204_115520.jpg


    PKA little girl wet trimmed and hung up
  7. 20190204_115512.jpg


    PKA big girl wet trimmed and hung up
  8. 20190131_072351.jpg


    PKA little girl close up
  9. 20190131_072343.jpg


    PKA little girl close up
  10. 20190131_072334.jpg


    PKA big girl close up
  11. 20190131_072327.jpg


    PKA big girl close up
  12. C

    Looking for insight on my first indoor plant

    hey guys I just started my first indoor grow with one plant and I'm wondering if my plant looks healthy for 3 and a half weeks. 300w led full spectrum grow lights and promix soil. No nutes yet. I had an issue where my plant basically got blown over horizontally by the fan I had in my closet...
  13. PlastekShark

    Plastek's Perpetual Shark Tank

    Hello, everyone! :D Similar to what I have seen with some other posts...I am also now starting a personal grow with the legalization passing in Michigan. I had been on the fence about getting started for almost 2 years. Legalization passing was all the go ahead I needed.;) As the title states...
  14. 20190123_005219.jpg


    Auto Lemon Haze in Coco/Soil/Perlite (60/30/10) Day 11 from germination.
  15. Platinum Princd

    First Grow! Coco Coir, Dinafem White Widow Auto, GHS The Church Triangle SeedsG13 x Blueberry Headband

    Hello my grower kin. This is my first official grow yeah it’s in a closet a nice sized one though! This is more of a ceremonial first grow paying tribute to my first attempt at growing. The dream all started when I was 13 puberty was just setting in was toking pretty heavy but there was...
  16. 20190120_104858.jpg


    PKA little girl looking nice
  17. 20190120_104853.jpg


    PKA little girl looking nice
  18. 20190120_104840.jpg


    PKA big girl overview
  19. 20190120_104828.jpg


    PKA big girl new/re growth??
  20. 20190120_104820.jpg


    PKA big girl new/re growth??
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