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first grow

  1. 20190120_104820.jpg


    PKA big girl new/re growth??
  2. 20190120_104812.jpg


    PKA current RH & RT
  3. Doves419

    First time grow

    This is my first grow. I thought someone might give me some tips along the way. I have a 20 in by 36 in by 63 in vivosun grow tent. For ventilation I have a vivosun 6 in fan and filter. Two marshydro 300s and three gallon grow bags. Soil is roots organic and nutes are fox farm trio and molasses...
  4. PuggsCloset

    First time grower from Ontario, Canada

    Hey everybody I am very excited to join the crew here and be posting all my content for everyone to see.. I am a first time grower with a small closet using only organics.. My first grow has an auto thunder bloody mary , an early miss I received as a clone that had to reveg and a Critical +...
  5. C

    First grow! Need help determining gender

    Hi! I’m growing my first set of plants and I am pretty sure this one is male. One plant out of my 4 definitely looks different than the rest, but I am looking for confirmation before I cut it down.
  6. 20181220_120827.jpg


    PKA little girl main cola without flash
  7. 20181220_120823.jpg


    PKA little girl main cola with flash
  8. 20181220_120815.jpg


    PKA big girl main cola without flash
  9. 20181220_120809.jpg


    PKA big girl main cola with flash
  10. 20181220_120803.jpg


    PKA little girl
  11. 20181220_120756.jpg


    PKA big girl
  12. 20181220_120738.jpg


    PKA current RH & RT
  13. 20181217_102432.jpg


    PKA little girl week 11 seco d biggest cola close up
  14. 20181217_102426.jpg


    PKA big girl week 12 second biggest cola close up
  15. 20181217_102420.jpg


    PKA little girl week 11 main cola close up
  16. 20181217_102412.jpg


    PKA big girl week 12 main cola close up
  17. 20181217_102405.jpg


    PKA little girl week 11
  18. 20181217_102355.jpg


    PKA big girl week 12
  19. 20181217_102342.jpg


    PKA week 11 & 12 RT & RH
  20. 20181213_115350.jpg


    PKA week 10 & 11 top view
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