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This has been my first real grow on my own and of this size. I started out germinating seeds and growing outdoors with my plants going into the ground in the month of May. I started with around 20 that were the best looking of the bunch. I sent 4 home with my son and all 4 are doing good they are about 6 1/2 feet tall females. I had sixteen and have had 4 plants go male on me and I yanked them right away and disposed of them. That left me 12 and I ended up with a couple more so I have had 10 plants each one of them growing nice and big and all showing female traits ie. the pistils or hair. Well I have had an issue with house flies and some other bugs so I have been going out at night and checking to see if the fly strips have reduced the amount of flies since night time has been the time that most of them hang out on the plants. I have noticed some lady bug babies also at night and I enjoy watering at that time and I like looking at the plants with a flashlight.

Well I think that some of the plants are now becoming hermi's because they clearly have the pistils and now I am noticing the balls also that were on the male plants I had to get rid of. I think I read some where that shining the light on them can cause them to become hermi and if so I guess I just learned on expensive lesson. There are a few that are looking like this and I am waiting until morning to look again and take some pictures to post. I dont want to shine light on them anymore. I am still though in longer light period and it has not switched to 12-12 yet since it is the middle of August in Central California.

Please tell me if I Fu***ed Up
Re: Question about Hermi's and light.

Outdoor plants do not wait til the light drops to 12/12 ... mine have been flowering about a month ... :smokin:
Re: Question about Hermi's and light.

I have also heard that interrupting the flowering cycle with light could lead to Hermies. However, a quick flashlight here and there probably isnt enough to do it otherwise the moon light itself would ruin lots of outdoor plants. It's possible though so from here on out try and do your gardening duties during the day. Or, you ca use a green light bulb which will not affect the plants but should allow you to see what you are doing.
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