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  1. J

    What is the basic equipment required for a grow tent

    Hey everyone, I have grown a few cannabis on my balcony with a spider farmer grow light sf1000D and now planning to buy a small grow tent setup for my new plant. The challenge is that I am from India and the grow tents available on amazon are more than 2x price since they are shipped from...

    Pics of the setup.

    4 - 1000 watts Cheap LED panels Homemade hood angle holder systems.
  3. G

    First Grow Setup Advice From An Expert?

    Hey all! So I’m going to be starting my first grow on 4/20 and wanted to make preparations in advance! Do you think that my amazon list + mother earths 70/30 coco perlite mix and (3) 5 gallon smart pots makes a good starting setup? Any recommended replacements for anything (like different...
  4. A

    For the pros: Cabinet grow room setup?

    Hey guys new to the scene. Im just about ready to start growing but want to make sure I'm on the right path. I'm growing in a cabinet about 1.5ft x 2.5ft x 6ft~ (Approx 450mm x 800mm) Growing autoflowers looking into sea of green growing method so hoping for 6 plants. 1st time grow so open to...
  5. L

    5x5 Grow Tent In Shed

    hey friends! I am hoping to start a grow in my new home, which has a significantly large shed out back. I live in southern louisiana where the weather is sometimes unpredictable, hot, and humid. I'll be starting in late fall, so i have a few questions. I'll be growing in a 5x5ft vivosun...
  6. T

    Setup almost done?

    Strains: raspberry gum and grape ape Indoors Lights:1 60 watt cfl Setup: microwave box Medium: 100% mulch Light schedule:24 hour light Veg or flower: Veg for 5 days I meed help with a few questions. Should I add a fan to my setup? How much should I watewatered how often? And last is...
  7. O

    Help me setup a 3 5gallon rdwc setup - i have just a few questions! thank you

    hello everyone.. i plan on growing 2 indica hybrid plants.. i am using 2 dwc 5 gallon buckets. i was thinking of adding a third 5 gallon bucket for the reservoir.. is this a good idea? will it be easy to setup and maintain. i heard that having a reservoir is better because you simply add the...
  8. C

    best set up for 10 plants?

    if someone was to set up a grow tent for 10 plants to grow their full potential what size tent would you guys recommend? id like to have a bit of space to move around them, what would be the best way to set it up? the best lighting for me? fluorescent lighting? how many lights should be run? and...
  9. NewBoy420

    4x4 grow tent set up, first time growing!

    hello every one let me first say Im super excited to be here. its been a dream of mine to grow the best medicine in the world, for over 5 years now. the opportunity has come to start my own now. thank you god. ok so i need help on the set up i been doing some research for a while, in any one can...
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