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    1st time flowering! Huge NYC Diesel

    Hi All I was given this NYCD Clone by a mate and have had it for close to a month now so started flowering about a week ago. These are the pics from when I received her to now. Will update with bud porn as she grows. :volcano-smiley:
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    Any way to identify bulb wattage?

    New to me set up, ballast can set to super , 1000w , 750w and 600w. ( was set on 600w) 2 bulbs m/h and a hps. But I have no clue on what watts the bulbs are one has a 6 b marking on the inside .. any suggestions ?
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    Help - Seedlings dying - New to this - OG Kush

    My seedlings 11 days old Germed in rockwool. In the top Chaimber of a super closet with a heat mat and vented dome. Some stems purplish, all leaning some curling( tried to prop one). 18/6 with lighting schedule. Two actually wilted and died! Help!!
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