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  1. NoVentInMyHouse

    Help with lights

    Hi, i have tried to grow before, but since the shop didnt tell me that you can definitly not run a 600w hps in a 80cmx80cmx160cm (2,5x2,5) tent, well i burnt all my plants and with nowhere to take then, gone they were. So now, attempt number 2, i decided to ask the pro's for some help. So using...
  2. J

    4x8 - 2000W - Grow

    'M growing 3 blueberry kush, 5 super lemon haze; and afghan kush. My plants are filling up the 4x4 grow space with a 1000w lights. They are in 3 gal smart for a little over two weeks. I'm thinking of using the other light to get 2 lb but I'm going to switch to flower in about a week in the same...
  3. ViceCity

    First time gorilla grow 5x5 2000w need to know if I have everything I need?

    This is my first blog and grow so go easy and only leave comments if you want 2b helpful I at the very least 365 days a year spend 20 on a g of loud. So that's around 7,000 a lil bit more so why the fuck shalt I not do this. I have a list and can I get some feedback on thing I still need...
  4. SavorDank

    400W HPS 5x2 Closet

    First grow journal. First personal grow although i'm somewhat knowledgeable. I now have 4 plants. 2 are from random seeds (name it "big green") and 2 are Purple Kush clones i got from a dispensary. Using Fox Farms Ocean forest soil. I veg. them for 37 days under 400w MH with Fox Farms...
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