1. PrittyKitty

    PrittyKitty's 2010 NorCal Raised Bed Greenhouse

    I stated this a little late, I apologize, so I'll get straight to the good stuff : ) I started with a 25 x 30 foot pad and filled it with about 23 yards of premium soil from a local nursery.... amazing stuff The pad is framed in by 2x4's cemented into the ground and the whole thing is...
  2. M

    Musik's Indoor DWC ClosetGrow 400w HPS

    Hi Peeps. It feels good to have a computer again! :grinjoint: So I started a grow back in 09'. Pretty much finished it then my computer went out of whack. Fine! Well after that grow finished i started another one of course! I ended up getting Spidermites! I tossed out a grow totally infested...
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