PrittyKitty's 2010 NorCal Raised Bed Greenhouse


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I stated this a little late, I apologize, so I'll get straight to the good stuff : )

I started with a 25 x 30 foot pad and filled it with about 23 yards of premium soil from a local nursery.... amazing stuff

The pad is framed in by 2x4's cemented into the ground and the whole thing is wrapped in plastic. No top for now but I might add one later if need be.

I planted 28 clones from a strain called My Girl. I've never heard of it before but the person I got them from had very good results with his outdoor & I must say it's doing very well.

Planted on June 1st. I wanted to get them in earlier but had a problem with the water at the house that I had just moved to. It killed two sets of clones before I figured out that it was the well water that was doing it.

Solution: Run the water through a filtering system to remove all of the sediments & fed it into two 50 gal reservoirs buried in the ground. I use two pumps attached to soaker hoses to water. (soaker hoses are a new addition & def worth the $40 investment)

I gave them Rooter's Mycorrhizae, Superthrive & Earth juice Catalyst about a month after planting ( no need before that bc of the awesome soil)

OK so here's pics to catch you up to the present. I'll be taking more pics this weekend & I'll get them posted soon.




Clones arrive


Planted 6/1/10


4 1/2 weeks 7/3/10


5 1/2 weeks 7/10/10


8 1/2 weeks 7/23/10



So far they've all been doing really great for the most part. I did have a gopher problem, but i went & got two solar powered posts that you stick in the ground & make a noise that drives them away. Worked perfectly, overnight they were gone & haven't been back since. : )

Also had some minor issues with Spidermites : ( It seems that they just come with growing outdoor, it can't be avoided. Sprayed them pretty well with some stuff I got from a friend that worked great on his greenhouse last year, but I don't want to use it during budding. I'm thinking maybe spray around the outside & release a ton of lady bugs & praying mantis egg sacks in there.... we'll see how it goes...

Well now you're all up to date : ) I have high hopes *no pun intended* This is my first real attempt at growing. I fiddled around with an x's plants when we were together but this is my first time. I have some very knowledgeable friends helping me but I am always open to good advise.
Beautiful garden! I love the setup!!

I hope everything goes great with the grow. I'll be following along :popcorn:
Thank You for all of the support guys : ) I'm having some technical difficulties but I should hopefully have some new pics up today or tomorrow.
OK finally managed to get my pics uploaded : )

Oh & I forgot to tell you guys about my security set-up. i have 4 LED night vision cameras (covering the greenhouse & both angles that you can get to the property from) connected to a dvr & also to my computer. I'm setting it up to upload the video to the internet where I can check it live anytime (it also stores the video so that even if the dvr is stolen I still have the footage)and also it will txt me if there is any motion detected.

OK onto the pics










So there you go : ) They should start flowering in the next couple weeks so I will post new picks we start seeing some changes :peacetwo:
Thats a lot of work cutting all that into that hillside! Nice job.

Does the hill catch more morning or afternoon sun?
The sun rises directly in front and sets behind the greenhouse. They get more in the am than the evening because the sun goes behind the hill, but it gets light pretty much sunup to sundown. The walls of the greenhouse throw shade periodically throughout the day so it's not all direct light
Thats a lot of work cutting all that into that hillside! Nice job.

Does the hill catch more morning or afternoon sun?

And as much as I would like to take credit for all that labor digging into the hill I can't : P One of my friends did all the construction including digging out the pad, framing it in, and burying the res's. He broke a brand new post hole digger, (almost broke the second one I bought) and 2 shovels in the process. Did I mention that he also buried the 50' of water line and setup all my security gear? he's pretty much awesome : ) But that's what a co-op is all about:thumb:
This should be fun to watch.
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