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  1. Newbill10

    Slight white marks on leaves

    Can someone help me find my problem on some otherwise healthy plants? Pictures to follow... What Strain is it? Cherry Kush X Star Sapphire Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Unknown Hybrid Mostly Sativa How Many Plants? 4 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? 1-2 weeks into...
  2. VE8B0006.png


    Pistils on August 5th 2019, Indio Hills, CA.
  3. Wallanaise the Haze

    First Time: Outdoor Grow

    Hi All, So i have finally decided to try out my first grow now im the proud owner of a small garden. Unfortunately i have no room in my house for an indoor grow so i have no choice but to risk an outdoor grow with the British Summer (which as of late has been very good, hence trying this out)...
  4. Spacegypsy

    Will my auto flowers get fatter?

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, and also this is my first grow. I'm growing outdoors, my plants are getting plenty of sun, the weather has been nice and warm (maybe too warm sometimes). I'm using 25 l pots and soil (few years old sheep/cow manure perfectly composted) with some chicken poop in the...
  5. Ata Tundra

    Ata Tundra

    Ata Tundra is a pure indica F1 hybrid strain created by crossing two pure lines hailing from what might be thought of as back-waters in the cannabis world. On the one hand is a strain from Alaska, home of Matanuska Thunderfuck, which exhibits fantastic hardiness and resistance to frosts!
  6. C99 x Blueberry Fast

    C99 x Blueberry Fast

    C99 x Blueberry Fast outdoor
  7. C

    White Widow, First Outdoor Grow, 2019

    Hi everyone, I decided to start a journal, as someone suggested on another thread that this will be a great way to ask for guidance as I enter the later stages of the grow. This is my first time growing outdoor. I have only ever grown twice before, indoor and auto flower. So here it goes! As...
  8. Kingjoe83

    King's Outdoor Auto 19 Grow: Quarter Pounders Canuk Seeds, Zkilltes Auto & Alaskan Purple Auto By Seedsman

    Hey everyone , Me again, hope to see everyone around this will be a mini journal where I'll be posting weekly updates or as well as issues I will encounter. I have been here for about three years on the magazine learning at my own pace I call it.lol but wouldnt want it any other way really...
  9. Caligrown9

    She’s starting to bud!

    Okay so she just started showing she’s budding what should I do now ? Do I stop training her ? Should I trim the lower stuff ? I wasn’t ready for her to flower but she did ! I thought I had a few more weeks in veg
  10. IMG_20190719_115744.jpg


    Is this a bad predator? Just hanging out on the pot .
  11. Syko420

    Kings Kush

    So I moved this girl from out doors to my indoor grow for the time being while I start to flower my revolver auto flowerthis plant I decided to turn it into a bonsai tree
  12. I

    Outdoor grow: dying plant! Can it still be saved?

    7/15/19 Just took it out of the soil today. What should I do? Keep and try to save or throw away? It’s Gorilla Glue grown in Fox Farms Soil and about 3 months old. I just add regular water and the rest of my plants are doing good except this one. The heat in Riverside is crazy hot!
  13. A

    My first outdoor grow I could use some advice!

    Here are some pics.. What do you guys think of my technique? Am I tying the branches down properly? Should I trim the small growth from each branch and leave the the main growth on the end? What else should I be doing? It's only my second grow
  14. B


    We got a tri-leaf,was very excited to see how she turns out, unfortunately after about two weeks my dog decided to eat some of the seedlings.
  15. Caligrown9

    2 Outdoor Plants Journal

    So it been years since ive grown and when I did it was indoor when I was in high school . So I decided to try again when I found a guy selling seedlings that were feminized seed. So it all started from there , the bigger plant is blue dream and the smaller one is gelato (idk if you can tell in...
  16. C

    Yellow Leaves

    Hi, I have quite a few leaves turning and I wanted to consult if it’s just normal yellowing or if it is something else, such as lack of water or a nute imbalance. First time growing outdoor, and this time around I am not watering as much, so maybe she’s thirsty? I have been feeding with the...
  17. C

    What are these leaves telling me?

    Hi, Here I am continuing with my first outdoor grow. So far, I’ve dealt with bugs and nute splash :) I have quite a few leaves turning and I wanted to consult if it’s just normal yellowing or if it is something else, such as lack of water or a nute imbalance. I’ve grown indoor before, and...
  18. C

    Question about feeding

    Hi Everyone, Im about feed my plant for the first time. But im confused with the instructions in the pacakging. I'm using Guerrilla Juice (NPK 5-1-5), and growing outdoors in soil/perlite. The instructions say to dilute 10 ml of the juice into 1 litre of water, and to water the plant with...
  19. Macdaddy420

    Macdaddy’s 2019 Outdoor Bonanza

    Hey guys and girls! i decided to start a new journal for my outdoor growing season this year. It’s vastly different from my SOG indoor grow so I thought I would separate the two. Thanks for stopping by! Strain: Blue orbit (blueberry x spoetnik#1) bred by jahseeds.ca Soil: 6”x6” of HP mychorizae...
  20. CattleTurd

    CT’s Greenhouse Coco Grow: OG Kush, THC Bomb, Banana OG & More, Summer 2019

    Hello CattleTurd here, I’m a licensed medical grower in my state. I grow for personal use only, so I’m not trying to break any world records here. But the more the merrier. I have my setup in my greenhouse that I designed and framed, and spent way too much time and money on. The dimensions...
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