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  1. S

    Anxious about my first grow: Needing some guidance

    I'm hoping to make this a comprehensive guide for those living down under and are first time growers. I'm currently waiting for my seeds arrive and want to have the necessary products and set up ready to start my grow. First off I would like to thank any help given. I'm growing some...
  2. 653C3282-A0B8-43BD-ADB3-E093B343FB78.jpeg


    And back to my outdoor blue dream to smoke from hso I really enjoy this taste and smoke wish was a bit stronger in thc but hey I grew it . Proud papa
  3. Michies

    Playing in the Glitter with Mich

    Please can someone anyone assist. What strain does this look like... And when and how best should I "prune" trim the bigger sun leaves?
  4. Michies

    Play In The Glitter By Michies

    First harvest ever... just after a lemon/soda wash as I had a nice little "Alice in wonderland" theme going on with little caterpillars getting grilled on my stock... With the heat here in South Africa... Will leave to dry for max 48hours then jar.
  5. Kingjoe83

    King's Outdoor Strain Review 1 WOS: Afghani Kush x Black Domina

    Strain Name - Afghani kush x black domina From - World of seeds Price - Gifted seeds Type - Indica, Hybrid, Appearance - Nice dark green with red hairs . Held density quiet nicely .nice bag appeal Smell - Earthy, Pungent , Skunky Taste - Fair.. not the best tasting strain I’ve consumed ...
  6. 20180912_203309.jpg


    Some other decent plants outdoors.
  7. 20180912_203228.jpg


    Outdoor grow, just a cool looking weed. I think this strain is either dark star, or gummy bears.
  8. 420in808

    Hawaii Outdoor DWC Scrog Grow Sunset Sherbet

    Hydro shops said it couldn’t be done outdoors in Hawaii as the heat would fry the roots, so of course it made me want to try an outdoor DWC even more. So far, plants are thriving, roots are healthy, white, and plentiful. Water temps reach high 80’s at midday. Frozen water bottles are used to...
  9. 38763B99-0253-4167-9989-1E3DCFB9442F.jpeg


    Blue dream @[291740:@InTheShed] nug shot
  10. Gwillith small floppy cola

    Gwillith small floppy cola

    Yes , Gwillith makes bigger colas than this.
  11. Gwillith Cola Outdoor Top 2018

    Gwillith Cola Outdoor Top 2018

    Gwillith makes nice floppy colas, had to harvest a bit early due to nearby wildfire.
  12. BCC0E81F-5A5C-4E10-99C4-A7E1D87D56E3.jpeg


    Blue dream shot @[291740:@InTheShed] this plant makes my mouth water I’m not even kidding it sends me to a place of tranquility I swear it . I could take that and put it into a car air freshener I swear .
  13. AE36F72D-149E-450F-9D24-B2A9ADEF6582.jpeg


    Candida @[252798:@Lady G2HM] few branches broken stems seem bit week done nice colours coming on fans pics soon . Buds sites everywhere. Thinking about defoil this plant and go for looks and stacks ? What you all think ,
  14. B89E235B-2186-4118-B501-3B431C0DF423.jpeg


    More bud porn lol
  15. 8014B39A-8BAA-4630-BE6B-CE6914C5B087.jpeg


    If you zoom in you can see stick my wife was liek holy moly this stank and sticky lol love her she is my world . Tang and you all
  16. 1DA5BA6A-6182-4C6D-B8AC-56A3DE557916.jpeg


    One of the bigger colas kush lovers . My wife even helped me today cause I was frustrated and annoyed mood . So thank you wife of you ever read this .lol
  17. CDFF8ABD-BCBD-4434-8165-C2E96BBD806C.jpeg


    Afghani kush x black domina all three girls axed. Washed and hung now 24-48 hrs dark in tent. 5.2 lbs wet , in box whieght and not de stemmed yet praying 1 lb dry be sweet deal.
  18. Gwillith in full flower mode

    Gwillith in full flower mode

    Outdoor Gwillith, happy girl
  19. Gwillith outside 2018

    Gwillith outside 2018

    Gwillith flowering, just getting started almost October. She won't finish until November.
  20. 2B58A183-DE56-4942-A3B2-85EFB7274CFE.jpeg


    Afghani kush x black domina little bit of new bud growth happening all girls busy have got bit of sun today and enjoy it .