1. Collapsed lean-to greenhouse

    Collapsed lean-to greenhouse

    Greenhouse collapsed under heavy snow
  2. Collapsed lean-to greenhouse

    Collapsed lean-to greenhouse

    Greenhouse collapsed under heavy snow
  3. Lowryder 2 F2

    Lowryder 2 F2

    Seeded Lowryder 2 F2
  4. Lowryder 2 F2

    Lowryder 2 F2

    Seeded Lowryder 2 F2 from above
  5. Gelato G Glue Autos.jpeg

    Gelato G Glue Autos.jpeg

  6. Dkmg01

    Dk's Pub & Grow: Indoor & Outdoor

    (And so it begins my pretties - Thunderdome announcer) :welcome: Here we are again after a long break from journals. :hmmmm: I will be growing an indoor and outdoor thread based upon about 3 Maybe 4 years experience. :nerd-with-glasses: The grow will be catered to both coco/perlite and sand...
  7. HiKitty18

    So confused!

    I've been growing outdoors in the ground for six years. I really try to keep it simple but every year I'm forced to keep learning. :/ This year I'm more confused than ever. I started with 22 seeds, seven strains. First issue was two male plants from "feminized" seeds from Seedsman. Quarantined...
  8. S

    White Widow leaves getting all dry on multiple plants? Appreciate your help

    I am growing a White Widow and it is around6 week flowering outdoors. Am using proper weed soil with perlite and using Biobizz nutrients. Plant looked really healthy for most of the although it had some yellow leaves at times. But now the leaves around the buds are all drying. Also a mate of...
  9. C

    Outdoor Sativa Cultivation At 39N Inland, At 2950 Feet, 900 Metres, Altitude

    Kind regards. I will try to keep track of my crops here. In between updates of my cultivation this 2022, I might show summaries of other years' cultivations. I grow outdoors, no greenhouse, at about 39° N and about 2950 feet (900 metres) altitude. I try to grow as "organic" as possible. As...
  10. S

    Whole Plant Drooping - Please Help

    This plant was the best one I’ve had and the biggest. It’s a northern lights haze #5 and growing outdoors. I have watered the plants a couple days ago and soil is still a bit moist. All of a sudden the plant leaves are dropping down. The other plants next to it still looking good so far. Has...
  11. Death Bubba Day 103

    Death Bubba Day 103

    Flowering Death Bubba
  12. M

    Saying Hello From Oklahoma

    Found my way here from a Reddit post. Went down the rabbit hole reading a thread. Currently on my second grow. Was pretty successful last year, still flush with flower. Guess I did alright pretty much prefer mine to most dispo. But could be I don't know how to shop the good stuff. I have a...
  13. danishoes21

    Vancouver Island 2022 Organic Grow

    Its been a while since I made a journal, lets have a look at what I am doing this time around here on Van.Isl., BC. 1 x Durban Poison >Dutch Passion 1 x Chunky Skunk >Freebie 1 x Sweet Zombie >Freebie 1 x Personal Sativa Fem cultivar (Im trying to revive some seeds I worked on before 2017)...
  14. soup.jpeg


    Increases overall quality of Hemp and Medical Marijuana
  15. P

    2 weeks old - Do these look normal?

    Hi all, My first post to go along with my first grow. I planted these two girls a few weeks ago, and it’s been two weeks since they popped out of the ground.. Currently running a window sill setup before I plant them out into the garden when I’m sure the night frost is gone. Regular watering...
  16. Melville Hobbes

    Completed Space Grow 2022: Skywalker OG, Romulan, Jack The Ripper & DV

    All right, so they aren't all space themed, but the first three have something to do with space! So, strain information from the interwebs as follows: Romulan- 75/25% Indica/Sativa -THC 19-24% -Unknown lineage (maybe White Rhino x Indica) -50-60...
  17. Jungle Joseph

    Joe's Grows

    Hello 420 friends, welcome to Joe's grows. I currently have 6 plants, all clones from bagseed. 5 outside and 1 in the tent. 3 plants are in fabric pots (shopping bags), and 2 in small planter bags. The plant in the tent is in a 10 gallon pro fabric pot. The plants in the small planter bags...
  18. Slammy Pajama

    Slammy Pajammy's Outdoor Adventures!

    :yahoo:Hey guys long time no see! Pandemic life has taken a toll on our journal, but we are coming back strong with an outdoor grow this time around! We have planted four and it's a bit of a mystery to what they are. Decided to surprise ourselves with what could be Strawberry Coughs, Lemon...
  19. IMG_5572 2.jpeg

    IMG_5572 2.jpeg

    Carnival Trichomes - Day 107 (+69)
  20. IMG_5571 2.jpeg

    IMG_5571 2.jpeg

    Carnival Trichomes - Day 107 (+69)
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