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  1. Cheese


    Getting big yahhhh
  2. Super lemon

    Super lemon

  3. IMG_20200528_201109.jpg


    New mulch no red and new garden bed. My wife did this good job baby .
  4. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

  5. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

  6. J Obadiah

    J Obadiah's Big Bud 2020

    Welcome to Obadiah's Garden!! Background: This year's garden is an extension and continuance of the grows I completed over the last four years (2016/17). Premise & Philosophy: My garden is probably different than most other gardens you'll see online because I go about things differently. 1...
  7. HerbalDreamin

    Herbal's 2020 Outdoor Grow

    What’s up everyone! Got my seeds April 18th and started them indoors for the last month. They germinated in a day and were planted on the morning of 4/20. Indoor veg temperatures range between 65-85°F. I’m using a combination of 6500k and 2700k CFL’s to give them a head start before going...
  8. IMG_20200518_191935.jpg


    Family shot minus the one coco girl I was feeding ..
  9. Cheese


  10. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  11. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  12. Super Lemon

    Super Lemon

  13. 55D97F83-984B-49C5-8589-8F0A547334EE.jpeg


  14. 7179331A-A62F-427F-8208-98D26D8175A1.jpeg


  15. Momma’s Kitchen

    Momma's Outdoor Kitchen

    :love: Good Day Friends!!!:love: I decided to organize this journal by my outdoor green house that was constructed a couple weeks ago. It has a compilation of my journals all in one but, outdoors. I will post pictures as I go because I feel they speak volumes. If you have questions feel free...
  16. IMG_20200425_172959.jpg


    Garden bed holes started white og first one going out she is a beautiful plant.
  17. IMG_20200425_173020.jpg


    Outdoor holes starting to be worked on legacy og will be going there one for sure zkittles probably.
  18. 13goody13

    13goody13's PNW Indoor LED vs Outdoor Grow: Tangerine Dream AF & Gorilla Glue AF

    Using up the rest of my seeds, and definitely ready to explore some different seed companies and newer, more exciting strains. For now I figured I could try a comparison grow using the @carcass favorite budget Oneo LED indoors, and the great Pacific Northwest natural sunlight to grow outdoors. I...
  19. 8B37D625-4C85-42C1-9714-1ECB446C8C4C.jpeg


    Outdoor Babies 4-19-20
  20. WreckLoose

    WreckLoose Outdoor Soil Auto: GSC, Gelato, Blue Dream Matic, Californian Snow, Grow Journal 2020

    Bucket Size - 2x 5 gallon 2x 7 gallon Medium - Biobizz Light Mix + Perlite Outdoor Nutrients - Boom Nutrients #plants - 4 Autoflower Strains - Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Blue Dream Matic, Californian Snow. This is my first grow and I'm currently 9 days in, hoping everything goes to plan. I've...
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