1. B

    Maine Outdoor Grow 2018

    Greetings, I figured I have been on this site for a few years creeping most of the threads and always looking for new tips and other growers experiences. Now that I feel a little more comfortable with the hobby I am going to try and do something small and try to help even just one grower. I...
  2. F98878D6-0209-4692-ABFB-E98A625738F0.jpeg


    Clone number two took from @[263335:@Pennywise] see how she does anyways
  3. Magnus8

    Magnus8's Summer Outdoor Grow - Blueberry, White Widow, Green Crack

    Hello all, Welcome to this summer's thread. I am afraid I am beginning later than I did last year. Last year I began my journal from seedlings. This year, I was so busy marketing and promoting my new book that I've been too busy to document the life stages of these demented little girls of...
  4. W

    First Time Grower - Novice Gardener

    Hello, all! I am growing Outdoors for the first time. I have the cheapest set up possible— soil, Biothrive Grow & Bloom, and the sun :) I have unknown seeds straight from a male plant. I currently have 5 plants: 3 sprouting and 2 currently growing. I live in Seattle and during this time (Early...
  5. V

    Vapin's Outdoor Grow Journal 3

    Although this is my 3rd journal, this is my FIRST time growing OUTDOORS, so any tips are always appreciated. I am here to share, and learn. Journal Update: Day 1. Construction (no plants yet) Strains and percentages: No plants yet, but I have seen Bubba Kush, and Girlscout Cookies do very...
  6. Kassquatch

    Kassquatch's First Time Early Miss Auto Fem Full Outdoor In Planter - May 2018

    First timer here! I started 2 seeds off on my own website doing a journal 3-4 weeks ago but I somehow (well I know how) killed 2 seeds because I do not have a green thumb. So I figured I will post here to a) get some tips, and b) show people just because why not. Before I get to my journal, I...
  7. Momma’s Kitchen

    You Pick! Peyote Cookie, Shiva Skunk, Blue Chemo, Thai Lights, El Jefe, Purps, Blueberry, Gods Green Crack, Durban Poison

    YOU PICK WHICH ONE I WILL PLANT OUTSIDE! THE PLANT THAT GETS THE MOST VOTES TO PLANT OUTSIDE I WILL DO! Then journal Which one would you plant outside now? I live in BC, Canada. Closer to the water than inland. Weather is still colder at nights, and still chance of raining periods. I have...
  8. PC-chopday-day63.jpeg


    Professor Chaos (TGA/HNW) - last pic before chop. Grown outdoor under the sun, fully organic and mineralised soil and plant derived soil food.
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    Kush n cheese
  10. snezola

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn Outdoor Auto 2018 - Green Crack - Gorilla Glue - Chem Bubbly

    Snezola’s Aussie Autumn outdoor auto 2018 (3 different strains) Sour bubbly (or chem bubbly, the site is giving me mixed signals) by a NSW breeder Indica/sativa/ruderalis (doesn’t specify percentages) Start to finish: 9wks Reckons you can get up to 90g yield p/plant outdoor but we’ll see...
  11. C

    How to grow no till style in 65-100 gallon Smart Pots

    OK first things first I've had about 3 years of indoor growing experience using coco coir and Botanicare nutrients. I build my own DIY cob lights and I have to say I'm a very good at what I do indoors. But I'm not very experienced with outdoor or organic growing and that has to change. I'm...
  12. M

    How to find a place for outdoor growing?

    What to keep in mind when I'm looking for an outdoor place to grow my ganja?
  13. chumly57

    Outdoor grow in Thunder Bay

    Hi, I'm looking to find or share info/problems/solutions to outdoor grow. My 4 seedings are started in the window waiting for transplant into pots at the end of April. I'm planning to use Promix soil from my local greenhouse. Last year I used autoflower santa maria seeds, not a bad result for...
  14. P

    PP Bagseed Outdoor Grow Journal - 2018

    Bucket Size - 2Litre Medium - normal garden fertilizer 50% garden soil 50% Lights - The Sun Nutrients - Food Stix (supermarket plant food) Strain(s) - Bagseed of 2 different lovely outdoor strains # of Plants: 6 Yield : still in veg Age: just over 2 months. The pics below are how the plants...
  15. P

    New grower - Lots of questions!

    Hey guys, I started growing a few pots outside using random seeds from my stash. They growing nicely and I recently trimmed and topped them off. However, I noticed today that two of the leave on one plant started getting brown stains. I have attached a pic of it along with pics of the plants...
  16. F

    Fede's CBD Auto Cheese - Containers - Soil - Outdoor

    Hello everyone, Here's my attempt at a thorough grow journal for my 3 CBD Auto Cheese babies from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver I am raising them in 20 gallon plastic containers with a mix of soil (from cow pasture)/sand/vermiculite/sphagnum The have at the present a pair of cotyledons, first...
  17. F

    Fede's Auto Fem White Widows - Containers - Soil - Outdoor

    Hello everyone! Here's my first attempt at a Grow Journal. It will devoted to 2 Auto Fem White Widow seedlings from seeds purchased from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver. 100% germination. Radicules appeared within 12 hours of (glass water + paper towel method), and grew to over half inch...
  18. Lungcooking

    Dutch x Paraguayan Plants - Outdoor - South America

    - (BDomina x LHaze) x Paraguayan Sativa - Dec 2017 - Growing in Composted soil, Bone Meal, Azomite, Chicken Manure, Worm Castings and Perlite - AACT / BioGrow Fishmix / BioGrow Bio-Bloom / Rain Water - Some Epsom Salt once at beggining of flowering - Outdoor /...
  19. 2percentmilk

    2percentmilk's 9 Strain Outdoor Garden 2018 - Reveg Potential

    This winter I'll be trying my hand at an indoor grow, I've 2 grows under my belt but only on outdoor plants so this should be interesting and a great learning experience anyway, here's what I'm running so far. Strains: 1x Trainwreck 1x Liberty Haze 1x Ayahuasca Purple 1x The Ultimate 1x Big...
  20. B

    Any suggestions for growing outdoor in hot climate

    Hi I am living abroad (Mexico) for some time now, originally from Canada. I am a CBD hemp wholesaler ( No THC) however my clients are now requesting product with THC in it an I want to make some edibles. About 25 years ago I used to grow indoors approx 700 plants in dirt. However I am not...