1. gwhunran

    Panama Incident outdoors 2024 By Gwhunran

    My outdoor grow in 2024 by gwhunran. How the Panama Incident came about. :hmmmm: A couple years ago, I had Headroom Incident (Neville G13xPineapple C99xSour Diesel) growing in the Sue grow area and Panama by ACE growing in the Sally grow area. The Headroom Incident self pollinated giving me...
  2. 20240523_151438.jpg


    Afghan Kush x Super 🦨 2 more Black Widow and Okg, Black widow clones from first grow all together this time
  3. Stonecrusher

    Stonecrusher's Backyard Bonanza - Bringing Out The Big Pots!

    Hi Friends, Just finished up my winter indoor grow with 3 nice autos hanging in the drying tent. In case you missed it check out Stonecrusher's Garage. Ill continue to update as cure and trimming occur. Time to get on with the breezy days of summer and "full spectrum" growing without the light...
  4. Hawk518

    Flying High With Hawk - 2024 Grow Journal

    Monday, 3/16/24 And so it begins… Season 2 of Hawk’s Outdoor Adventures. Please follow along. Any / all help is greatly appreciated! I’m a newbie living in N. VA. This year I’m going to grow 4 plants. Two Photo Fems and two Auto Fems. One photo will be planted into the ground. The other 3...
  5. M

    Long Time Smoker, First Time Grower! Blue Dream' White Widow' Greenhouse Grow

    How’s things lads hope all is well with everyone, haven’t been on here in a long time so need some getting used to again 🙏🏽 We got a Blue Dream auto going this year from fastbuds.. we’ll hopefully have a White Widow going too from seedsman not an auto though all going in the greenhouse here in...
  6. IMG_3114.jpeg


    Outdoor white widow 2.5 weeks flowering
  7. IMG_3074.png


    Trained outdoor white widow
  8. N

    Nick Hardy's Skunk Works #2 The Giant SIP Outdoor Soil: Thailand!

    Aww shucks. Mostly @Jon - your suggestion Its your fault So the SIP is nearly built and the seeds are in a bag. Title is self explanatory but build and strain deets to follow. This is a 120L SIP built out of a trash can that I’m going to veg on one balcony and flip by moving her to another...
  9. S

    Seeking help with bud formation problems, please help - TIA!

    Hello everyone, i am growing outdoor in Thailand. In my recently grow, I have issues about bud formation with AK-47 strains (nearly 100% plants of this strain have this problem) while other strains (from the same seed bank) are well developed despite providing them with same nutrients, soil...
  10. N

    Strawberry Blue - Monster Pheno Grow Log

    Should have started this sooner, but once more ended up with this monster of a pheno from World of Seeds, and felt like showing others what this plant is truly capable of. I have flowered this pheno before, and it almost filled a 6x8 greenhouse out of a 7 gallon grow bag. This time, it is in a...
  11. Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Chocolope & Momma the watch cat

    Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Chocolope & Momma the watch cat

    The Jungle
  12. Choco Twins & Blue Dream Fem

    Choco Twins & Blue Dream Fem

    10 weeks old Chocolope still vegging Blue Dream flowering 7 days
  13. Blue Dream Fem

    Blue Dream Fem

    10 weeks old 7 days flowering
  14. Super Lemon Haze

    Super Lemon Haze

    10 weeks old
  15. Chocolope Fem

    Chocolope Fem

    10 weeks old
  16. Blue Dream, Chocolope, Super Lemon Haze Outdoor

    Blue Dream, Chocolope, Super Lemon Haze Outdoor

    Down front: plants 8 wks old Top shelf: 10 wks old
  17. NannyBoo

    NannyBoo's Blue Dream, Chocolope, Super Lemon Haze Outdoor Grow 2023

    Hi :ciao: everyone Going to try this again...Grow Journal #2 Thank you for having me back Also :thanks: to everyone who was so friendly & helpful with my first grow journal. Strains: Chocolope Fem Blue Dream Fem Super Lemon Haze Fem Started indoor in grow tent 4" peat pots in FF Happy...
  18. 6/12/23 Blue Dream 43 Days old

    6/12/23 Blue Dream 43 Days old

  19. 6/12/23 2 Chocolope 1 Blue Dream Permanent homes

    6/12/23 2 Chocolope 1 Blue Dream Permanent homes

    Grow tent was getting crowded & outside temp staying above 50 degrees.
  20. Melville Hobbes

    A Devil In A Lemon Grove

    Happy Beltane! A great day to start my Summer grow journal! This year I'll be growing one photoperiod and 3 autos in soil. The girls will be started in my 60x120x200cm tent under my @ViparSpectra XS2000, and from there things get different. The photoperiod plant will be grown straight in the...
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