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  • Can you please close this for me, "GR's Winter 2016 Vertical Grow!", I have had to change my plans and not doing that grow.
    Will start a new thread about this grow.


    hi! just thought id stop in to say hello. been cutting on a outdoor thc bomb for a few days. still have some left on it. next, my northern lights number five its sweet. the larger hole i put plants in, the larger plants become. this is my third year outdoor. i use a hole about 16" deep, and four foot across. so, maybe next year, ill try a hole six foot across. i dig out the dirt. and fill with potting/garden soil. they like it. got rid of my spider mites, inside. i harvested what i could, moved two outside in pots, and had only six cup size gods, and one rhino. i sprayed em twice, with "floramite". wow. it worked. and its been like two months now. no reoccurrance. i cut way back on my smoking, per drs advice. my lungs are shitty. im ok, tho. takes less to get me stoned now. lol. hope you are well. what u been growing?
    Welcome to the team brother, we are truly grateful to have you with us. :Namaste:
    Hey there ColoradoHigh, great to see a fellow Coloradoan helping the mission! Thanks for all your help!:thanks:
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