1. Raze58

    Raze58 Purple Kush - LED Lights - Soil - 2018

    Hello and welcome to my Purple Kush mars hydro LED soil grow journal. The seeds were germinated on july 13th 2018 and sprouted up quickly. I did loose one due to it coming up with no leaf node or head at all for that matter, I see this alot with crop king seeds. The 4 that sprouted are...
  2. 31A96226-9A3D-4FDC-9876-6B44D3C2F77A.jpeg


    Ph range for soil
  3. Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Day 44 of 12/12
  4. TripleBeam

    Critical Jack & Dark Devil Auto Cross In Doc Bud's Kit

    Hello Everyone and welcome to my 2018 journal. This year i will be growing a cross between Critical Jack and Dark Devil Auto. To my knowledge it is photo sensitive rather than auto. As far as other traits we will find out as it grows. Unless i learn more about them. I planted six seeds in one...
  5. Family photo

    Family photo

  6. JimiGrows

    JimiGrow's 4 Strain Clones - Indoor Soil Mainline - Maui Waui, Bubblelicious, Somango XXL, Wonder Woman

    This will be a grow of 4 plants are clones from my current/previous grow. Why? I want to test two things with this grow. First, I want to see if main-lining is easier. I'm specifically looking to see if it's easier to maintain and to harvest with this method. For maintaining, ScrOG is difficult...
  7. The 160 Jungle.JPG

    The 160 Jungle.JPG

    Welcome to the Jungle we got fun and games
  8. Hope2 160.JPG

    Hope2 160.JPG

  9. Hope1 160.JPG

    Hope1 160.JPG

    Hope is a tall and sexy lady
  10. Olga Bends Over 160.JPG

    Olga Bends Over 160.JPG

    Naughty little shit!
  11. Olga Behaves.JPG

    Olga Behaves.JPG

    Got her tied up and she is ready to go
  12. HH5 160.JPG

    HH5 160.JPG

    she is turning purple
  13. HH4 160.JPG

    HH4 160.JPG

    Back in the tent
  14. HH3 160.JPG

    HH3 160.JPG

    Here is the big colas on her
  15. HH2 160.JPG

    HH2 160.JPG

    The stack of Hippy
  16. HH1 160.JPG

    HH1 160.JPG

    Top HH
  17. The BigOnes.JPG

    The BigOnes.JPG

    Big nug profile shots
  18. HopeNug145.JPG


    Waiting for her to stack those nugs together; 1 month left
  19. Hope145.JPG


    NewYorkCityTurboDiesel is gorgeous
  20. Hairy Hippy145.JPG

    Hairy Hippy145.JPG

    She's not going to have dense nugs