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  1. Slothman

    Community health check: any and all advice welcome

    I have a Blueberry plant and a purple kush that are 2 weeks or so away from harvest, im getting a new 1000w hps light tomorrow to get my 2nd flowering tent up and running. i want to make sure that my baby's are OK im fairly new to all this and just want to make sure the yellowing and such is...
  2. SomeGuy24

    SomeGuy SourChem Soil Tent Hybrid/Sativa

    RH - 48% Temp - currently 84F Pushing 147.7W through the light. Too much higher than this and the temp gets a little high. Very small tent This plant was recently in a hydro setup. It was not doing well. I was not able to give the setup the attention it needed. The plant hasn’t done much but...
  3. D

    Trichome Maturity

    This is a White Widow. She has been in flower for 9 weeks and a couple days since first signs of bloom. I’ve got her on 8 hours lights on and 16 hours dark period since Monday. I’ve read that some WW never turn Amber. I already cut 2 branches off to dry because I’m almost out of ready bud. Do...
  4. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Emerald Triangle 420 Blend: pH?

    I've been searching all over the place trying to find the intended pH of this soil. Anyone know?
  5. irie lion

    Irie’s Propagation Station & Training Playground

    Hey 420 members! :ganjamon: I’ve been meaning to create this journal for the last month as I’ve been doing more cloning and been having some fun doing some random training. If you’ve got any questions about cloning or training plants, or you’d like to share your cloning methods please share...
  6. DonkeyDick

    DD 1st Indoor Grow

    Hi all and welcome everyone. My bagseed Isabelles languished for far too long before I stumbled on to 420 Mag. I’m hoping with this thread to thank some of the folk who helped me without even knowing and maybe I can help someone too. I learned an awful lot from other people’s mistakes and I’m...
  7. Optimus913

    Lonely Afghan Kush

  8. old soil

    old soil

    30/45 gallons getting cycled back into VC
  9. soil mixing

    soil mixing

    soil mixing
  10. SQl2kGuy

    420's Sherlock Holmes' FFOF Soil, Bakerstreet C.R.E.A.M. Cheese Autoflower, Grow Journal 2019

    Hello everyone! What an incredible experience I am having so far! Over the next few months, I would like to share what I am learning and hopefully pick up many tips from all you pros out there because there is a lot more science and art to growing cannabis than I ever expected. BTW, I am 53...
  11. Macdaddy420

    Hey new friends!

    Hey guys and girls and everyone else, I’m macdaddy420 and I’m a weedaholic. I’m currently growing in Canada but come from Australia originally. Soil grower because I’m brand new. Started a journal, would love you to follow along to learn and grow the best cannabis we can!
  12. Macdaddy420

    Blue Orbit, Blueberry x Spoetnik #1, Fem, 1st Grow Soil

    Hi there, thought I’d introduce myself a little. Just a young fella from down under who’s currently living and growing in Canada. This is my first grow, currently have two mother plants that have been vegetating since early February and one clone 2 weeks into flowering. I have just rooted 5...
  13. DreamingTrees7

    Dreamingtree’s Soil Purple LED Blue Dream & Autoflower Grow

    Hello everybody, my stage name is Dreamingtree. I really like this website because there is a huge wealth of information and pretty kool people who like to help and spread knowledge. This grow journal is about the wonderful flowering stage of marijuana plants. Set Up, Grow Medium, and...
  14. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Indicas, Sativas & Hybrids: Oh My! NorCal 2019 8 Plant Outdoor Grow

    I am an accomplished veggie and herb gardener so why not try my hand at a little ganja? I plan to use the bud for medicinal tinctures, salves, edibles, and a family member who smokes for medicinal use will get the rest. Strains info/pics first, Grow Info below Strains Purple Punch (2), Black...
  15. 20190511_171534.jpg


    Island sweet skunk seedlings
  16. A

    First Time Grow Outdoors, Nutrients? Fertilizer?

    Hello Everyone, I hope I've landed on the right forum. I am looking for some advice with my first grow setup. I am planning to grow 2 plants. The outdoor space is outside my house. (I live near Toronto Canada if it matters). I just bought these seed (to be more specific) = Seeds: AUTO AK FEM...
  17. 20190419_202428.jpg


    Sensi skunk fem baby
  18. 20190419_202347.jpg


    Lebbie top.
  19. 20190413_182553.jpg


    Red stem lebanese after watering
  20. 20190413_182550.jpg


    Green stem Lebanese pheno still droopy after watering
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