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    Hps just switched to led for my current light
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  3. H1gherD1mensionz

    H1gherD1mensionz 3rd Grow: The Level Up! Amnesia Haze & Zkittles OG Autos

    Setting - Wardrobe in bedroom Tent - 60x40x120 cm Light - ViparSpectra XS1000 Light cycle - 18/6 Extraction - 24/7: 4" AC Infinity Cloudline S4 Filter - 4" 100x200mm carbon filter Intake - Passive (negative pressure) Air Circulation - AC Infinity 120mm PC fan, 150mm Desk Fan, 2 x 80mm PC fans...
  4. Jungle Joseph

    Experimental Grow To See The Difference Between Coco Perlite & Living Soil

    Hi there, I've decided to experiment a little with different substrates, nutrients etc. One topped itself. It's a bit crowded right now but I'm expecting some to be male. If not some might go outside. The two in the back are in living soil, same as the two in smallest pots, the rest are in coco...
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    2 shrooms 31 hours later
  6. 2Shrooms.jpg


    2 shrooms popped up in my garden
  7. HayStack

    Haystack 2021!

    Hey Guys and Gals, It's been a little while since I have been here actively posting. But I have been lurking when I have had the time. Last year was a trip here. With Covid and all the fires burning out of control, it was crazy. Hopefully all of you got through the big PITA Covid-19. I...
  8. WalterGamer8

    What are the preferred nutrients for an autoflower soil grow?

    What nutrients to use for autoflowers? I used fox farm in the past but I didn't like it so I want to try something different. I'm growing in fox farm ocean forest soil. I've been researching different nutrient brands but don't know what to use. My budget is around 100 dollars. Is there a list of...
  9. Herby Green

    Rooting in Rock Wool

    A brief note on results I've experienced cloning in rockwool. Following standard practices,rooting can be good but planting the clone in soil within the 1" cube has poor results for me. In short effe cts are poor uptake in water and nutrients due to low Oxygen,possible too moist causing plant...
  10. Grower2020

    Hey guys how do my autos look for 16 days?

    Do these look on track for normal sized plants? 6x6 grow + sea of green . No scrog just super cropping for added strength
  11. Bubbaman

    Ak47 beginning of week 7 flower

    These are my girls ak47 is the strain. Just starting week 7 of flower. Growing 4 ak47 plants just wanted to post some pics. Buds are nice and fat smells amazing. What do you guys think!? I’m still new to growing. This is about my 6th grow ever still lots to learn. Feed back would be great. Thanks !
  12. LLsBestGo

    LL's Indoor Soil LED Grow Journal

    Tent: Mars Hydro 2' x 2' Light: Atreum Hydra 1000 Nutrients: General Organics Fans: Clip fan, 190 cfm inline fan w/ controller Currently Sprouting: Home Bred OG #7 x Frost Boss Just waiting on the 4 seeds on the left to sprout & I'll be putting them in the prepared soil in the...
  13. Transkei Bud

    Transkei Bud

    Transkei origin seed grown in the ground outdoors, in Cape Town, South Africa.
  14. K

    Soil preparation for outdoor grow

    Hello guys. I will start preparing soil for this year. (I'm a bit late, plant to plant then outside in 2 months max) At our municipal compost site I got first grade compost. I work for a company controlling compost site, so i got detailed chemical analysis of it. Here are nutrients: N: 18220...
  15. LilSprout.jpg


    New marijuana sprout emerging from soil
  16. J

    Mixing my own soil: pH advice needed

    Hi guys and gals, so I have currently just made my own potting mix as I wanted to make a big amount for the tent and the garden for this years crops. my problem is with ph I made the mix with compost, perlite, a bit of coco and peat and added dolomite lime. when I tested the soil the ph was...
  17. OGeMann

    Light height

    I have a HLG 600 Rspec: Having issues on height and watts. as of now I have it at 24" pulling 450 watts. the ladies are at 5 weeks in flower so any help is appreciated
  18. B

    Help Me Please

    Week 5 of flower in organic soil using build a soil schedule to a ti. pH of soil is 6.5 Temp 75 on 72 off Rh 50
  19. S

    2x2 Tent Problem: Serrated Part Cupping Upwards & Brown Spots

    Hey all, I'm new to this forum as we just started growing and popped some seeds in January. We're growing Grapefruit Diesel from Next Generation. I wanted to know what you think might be my current problem? I was thinking it is heat stress, so today we raised the light to 30" (2½ft) and changed...
  20. W

    Milky Way week 5

    Hi from the UK. This is week 5 of flower in soil under HPS 600. Using FoxFarm nutes, only half their suggested dose. Getting sticky and fat. Question is though. Do I go LED?
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