1. neiro

    Neiro Back To Nature: Black Haze Auto And Amnesia Haze Feminized - Soil, Sun, Terrace

    First time growing in soil with minimal effort. Setup: Strain/s: Black Haze Auto (by Exotic Seeds) and Amnesia Haze Feminized (noname local seed bank) Genetic Makeup: Hybrid Sativa Pot Size: 30 Litres (old ceramic pots I found in the garage) Tent Size: N/A Grow Space: unlimited How Many...
  2. Melville Hobbes

    Godzilla Vs Kong

    Hey all, This summer I'll be growing Godzilla Glue #4, and Gorilla Glue #4, both from @Herbies Seeds There will be two other strains, but I'll be waiting for them to break the surface and straighten up before I post their names and details. I'll be growing one plant in the ground, one in a...
  3. triangle

    Cloning directly into soil: Should I remove the domes once they are acclimated?

    Hi all, novice here, tried to be somewhat descriptive in the topic but full scenario is like this: Took cuts last Saturday. They wilted extremely quickly without a dome, so I kept dome on them, but removed it a few times per day to spray with super mild solution of water, stella maris (kelp)...
  4. BiggMakk

    BiggMakk's Pure Tranquility In Soil Regular Photo

    Strain/s: Pure Tranquility, regular photoperiod Genetic Makeup: Indica dominant Pot/Bucket Size: 3 Gallon Tent Size: 3' x 3' Grow Space: 10' x 10' How Many Plants: 1 Environment: Indoor Stage: seedling Medium: 1/3 Happy Frog, 2/3 Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Lights: 200 Watt LED Nutrients...
  5. Jungle Joseph

    Jungle Joe Goes Off The Rails With Canuk Seeds

    Hi there 420 friends, welcome to my new journal where I go off the rails with Canuk Seeds. It's a Trainwreck... you won't be able to look away. Thanks to our wonderful sponsor @Canuk Seeds , I've been given the opportunity to grow some Feminized Trainwreck photoperiod seeds. A little about...
  6. g-one-three

    Starting From Zero

    I will finally be able to grow legally again starting soon as long as the politicians do not get in the way. I have been a member for probably 10 years and have always been creeping on and off. I have yet to totally complete a grow journal, though I have completed grows but the results were not...
  7. B

    BoohdahLovah's First SIP - Cereal Milk Clone - Grow Journal 2023

    Strain: Cereal Milk Clone Hybrid: 50/50. Supposed to be 18-22% THC. State: Veg Started: Been vegging for a little bit, planted in 5 gallon SIP today, which I’ll call day one Indoor Tent: Gorrila Grow Tent 2’x2.5’x5’11” Soil: Dr Greenthumb's TurboDirt water only (1st run) Pot Size: 5 Gal SIP...
  8. Chem91skva


    Grown in soil has a old school smell and taste
  9. B

    BoohdahLovah's Soil Gary Poppins Clone Grow Journal 2023

    Strain: Gary Poppins Clone - original seed from Exotic Genetics Website says hybrid: Not sure what ratio - supposed to be 25-30% THC so let’s see how we go State: Veg Started: Been vegging for a while, planted in 5 gallon GeoPot yesterday, which I’ll call day one Indoor Tent: Gorrila Grow Tent...
  10. djztuko

    My First Grow Was: Purple Bud, Skittles, Acapulco, Durban, Tutankhamon & DK

    Purple bud is crap (both in effect and taste/smell), skittles was good, Acapulco gold was good, tut was crap (didn’t like the taste) Durban poison was crap but the Dutch Kush was really 👍 an bear in mind this was my first grow ever, I had no knowledge of growing I just wanted to grow my own weed...
  11. djztuko

    Room 1: Skunk#11 - Room 2: OG Kush & Baklava

    I use 1 bedroom to grow 5 skunk #11 (2 from seeds & 3 monstercrop’ed! And one 5*3 tent is filled up with OG Skunk & Baklava. The tent is almost 3 weeks in flowering and the skunk will be flipped today. The skunk is just for smoking and the OG & Baklava are going straight into the bubblehash-...
  12. coco-soil-mix.jpg


    Deep green of coco, potting soil and BFAB
  13. B

    BoohdahLovah's Soil Purple Juice Auto Grow Journal 2023

    Strain: Purple Juice Autoflower from Herbies Seeds Website says hybrid: 30% Sativa 70% Indica State: Veg Started: Tap root appeared 02/07/2023 and planted straight in final pot - Currently on 41st day after the tap root appeared Indoor Tent: Gorrila Grow Tent 2’x2.5’x5’11” Soil: Dr Greenthumb's...
  14. N

    Nick Hardy's Skunk Works #2 The Giant SIP Outdoor Soil: Thailand!

    Aww shucks. Mostly @Jon - your suggestion Its your fault So the SIP is nearly built and the seeds are in a bag. Title is self explanatory but build and strain deets to follow. This is a 120L SIP built out of a trash can that I’m going to veg on one balcony and flip by moving her to another...
  15. Jungle Joseph

    Jungle Joe 2.0 - ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro

    Hello 420 family, and welcome to my new journal. :ciao: First of all I'd like to thank @Randar for giving me the XS1500 PRO. Next, I'd like to thank @Trala for helping with the logistics, and the Auto seeds. And last but not least, I'd like to thank @ViparSpectra for coming to the party. Now...
  16. Gifted plant

    Gifted plant

    Unknown strain
  17. Chem91skva


    Twin tops on single bud
  18. Summer Grow 2023-Durban Poison

    Summer Grow 2023-Durban Poison

  19. Summer Grow 2023-NYC Diesel

    Summer Grow 2023-NYC Diesel

  20. Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

    Summer Grow 2023-Sour G

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