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    GH with vent closed
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    Blew Hiller GH 2018
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    Blew Hiller GH 2018
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    Blew Hiller GH 2018
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    Alien Week 6
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    Blew Hiller GH
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    Blew Hiller Insulated Grow Box
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    Blew Hiller Insulated Grow Box
  9. IMG_9633.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH
  10. B

    Aquaponics Greenhouse

    I'm helping a close friend who didn't make it as an aquaponics produce grower sell an automated greenhouse. He was seeking only produce growers, which seems like a pretty small market. I suggested that Cannabis growers might be a better option so I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend that...
  11. rock49911

    Any you grow in DIY greenhouse in upper midwest?

    :circle-of-love: My plan: Build a DIY greenhouse in U.P. MI and grow 12 plants. How you do it, what you build, you know of any websites, books anything, where go for information?:thanks:
  12. C

    Calaveras Kid open for forum biz

    Hi all.. we have a permitted grow in Calaveras County.. We are flowering in greenhouses this winter. We are knowledgeable of the current local political climate and how it affects the industry. I am interested in sharing growing knowledge and gaining some. I joined because I need to find...
  13. D

    DIY wicked growbags

  14. SaltyThings

    Outdoor Greenhouse Bloom - CDP - Coco/Perlite/Soil - Smartpots

    Hello, I had some plants donated by a buddy, he wants me to test out the small greenhouse we setup. He hooked me up with two extra CDP's at the end of Veg. I repotted them from 1Gal. Smartpots in soil to 5Gal. Smartpots with my custom mix of 25/25 Coco/Perlite and 50 Soil. This is the first...
  15. applegate

    UVB - No trichomes on SLH

    Long story short - I cut and cultivated clones too early as I didn't know I'd be flowering my Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse Seeds) for 13 weeks. I simply didn't have room for them and didn't have the heart to toss them so I planted them in 5 gallon buckets and set them in an unheated greenhouse...
  16. P

    Old New Guy

    I was a 1970's Humboldt grower, back when they called it "sinsemilla". Saw a lot of changes, and moved back to the Bay Area in the early 1980's. Always grew outdoors or in a greenhouse. I was out of the game for many years due to the nature of my job, but now that I'm retired I have the time...
  17. Jackalope

    Solo cup day

    Well the fall season is starting to commence. No new plants for a while now. Can't wait to watch them grow. I'm planning on starting a grow journal this time. I know I said that last time too and didn't I lied lol. Here are the players in this line up. Tahoe OG, Cali Connection Super Lemon...
  18. G

    Move plants from outdoors to indoors?

    Hello! Planted these guys (Amnesia Haze - autoflowering - three plants) in our greenhouse about four weeks ago and they don't seem to be growing as much as they should, and most recently have been ravaged by pests! We've used diatomaceous earth and garlic spray to try and keep them at bay. We...
  19. silverrocksta

    2017 Greenhouse Mix Strain Auto & Photoperiod

    Hi ladies and gents and welcome to my greenhouse. i wasn't going to do any journal but had been taking pics and figured i have em so might as well share em. Strains: my first time growing all of them from seed Barneys Auto Critical Kush-Ruderalis x Indica THSeeds Auto MK-Ultra Kush-mostly...
  20. S

    Should I chill air or water?

    Hello everyone, I have a 4m2 DWC setup. I have a problem with the heat inside my greenhouse. Air temperature rises up to 37C and water rises up to 24C in the afternoon. I know this is too high temperature. Do you think I can solve my problem with just chilling water, say 19-20C? Or should I...