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    Airy buds, frustrating

    Hi everyone, This is about my 12th grow while i keep improving my setup, knowledge and methods and i keep getting very similiar results all the time.. Now i'm getting the plant more bushy and still very airy. On my last grow i grown Jock Horror Autoflower & Bubbleicious Autoflower under 250MH...
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    Abandoned First Time Indoor Grow - 250W HPS - 4 x AutoFlowers

    Hi all, First time grower newbie, thought id log my first attempt at an indoor grow. would really appreciate advice, info and comments ] I am Using: 250 Watt Proxima Euro Light System Florescent T8 tube (for Dark / Shade spots) Standard Oscillating Fan BioBizz All-Mix Soil BioBizz Bio-Bloom...
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    Light&Cooling Help: Growing in a GL60

    I have a GL60 grow tent (2'x2'x5'3"). I used to run a 150W HPS in this tent without an inline fan, temps were crazy, and it was definitely not enough light for the tent. Now, I am able to upgrade a few things and am curious as to what to get... My options are a 250W HPS, or a 400W HPS. If...
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