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    Total noob looking for advice

    hey everyone. i have decided to start experimenting with growing.. i dont have too much space or money so i was investigating around and i found a nice deal i can buy a full grow set based on the secret jardin dr they have a 2ft and 3ft version.. both coming default with 250w HPS lamp and all...
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    hi all

    hi all just thought i would say hi from australia . new grower in the process of setting up room 5ft x 2ft 600w . any help and ideas would be appreciated:thumb:
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    Best veg lighting for a 3x2x3 tent

    I have a SecretJardin DP90 that is being used for veg only and I am currently trying to figure out what style of light I should go with. I have looked at a T5 fixture but the largest I will be able to fit is a 2ft 6 bulb, other options would be LED, haven't looked at HID because of the heat...