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315w cmh

  1. SmokeLake

    CriticalClones, DrCBD & CriticalPurpleKush In The Tent

    This Journal will follow 4 CriticalClones I received from a friend and at the same time Im part of a Seedsman Sponsored grow comparing DrSeedsman CBD 30:1 and Critical Purple Kush. Sadly due to the clones and my poor 4x4 not being big enough im only growing 1 each from Seedsman and the 4 clones...
  2. Lowrider72

    315Watt CMH Lighting: Specs, Coverage, Pics

    Hey guys, Just doing Thread on 315w CMH lighting, for those interested in it, or finding out about it. Firstly.... CMH- CERAMIC METAL HALIDE , or LEC- LIGHT EMITTING CERAMIC. It looks an old school MH or HPS digital ballast and bulb set up..... But its a WHOLE different ball park! I use a...
  3. Lowrider72

    Lowrider72's Under 800W Growroom Presents: 2x 315W CMH, Multistrain, Coco Grow

    Hey Guys and Gals , Lowrider72 here, just putting up a grow journal, hope you enjoy! Been growing in Coco 10yrs, love it. Trying out new 315w CMH lights and running a complete grow system under 800w.... Here we growwwwww...... GROW DETAILS.... Bucket Size- 9L Medium - 70% Coco , 30% Perlite...
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