1. Something big is coming….

    Something big is coming….

  2. 61FALCON

    Falcon's Lots Of 1st's Grow Diary

    1st time growing in over 20 years, 1st time in a tent, 1st time using led, 1st DWC, 1st time quad lining. Hi, all thought I would do a journal as I am sure I will need some help. I have already had some help from some members starting quad lining. So this is what I am working with: GARDEN STYLE...
  3. T

    3x3 tent - What final pot size?

    Hey guys, been a long time lurker. Now Ive finally got my first indoor grow going (about 3rd altogether) and looking forward to sharing info with eachother. So I have a 3X3 (to be exact 3'3"x3'3") grow tent with 400W (wall watts) of Vero 29 led's and ill supplement lighting at the bottoms of...
  4. O

    3x3 Tent Help

    Hi everybody, I have a 3x3 tent and a 600w led light that I will be using for a small scale autoflower grow for maybe about 4-5 plants in 3 gallon pots. I'm getting everything together and just wanted to clarify a couple things. After doing a lot of reasearch I've reached the conclusion that...
  5. TheDarkTriad

    Tell me you idea

    So you want to make a new 3x3 tent with ANY light(s) lets say a 3x3 ggt with both extensions and ANY ammount of lights at 1k or below draw. i was thinking 5 lights. one main $$$ and 4 support. what would be your set up. money isnt the concern in this thread. on a side note would it be better...
  6. H

    3x3 veg tent - How many clones will fit?

    hello everyone. I'm going to be vegging for 9 weeks. Using clones in a 3x3 which will flower in a 5x5 tent after the 9 week veg. My question is how many clones will fit in a 3x3 tent for vegging for 9 weeks. Thanks so much.
  7. I

    250 watt to veg and 600 watt to flower

    Hey guys I'm hoping someone could help me out. I'm weighing out my options on my first attempt at a serious grow here soon and I'm wondering a few things, if I was to run a 2 tent set up. A 3x3 for veg under 250 watt hps light and possibly a 5x5 for flower under a 600 watt hps light, how many 3...
  8. D

    Ebb & Flow

    Can anyone please tell me what would be the best pot and size to use in a 3x3 ebb and flow tray. Thanks.
  9. TheDankDuo

    1st grow - 3x3 - 600W HPS/MH - DWC - Advice please

    Hello all you lovely folks of :420: ! Really appreciate putting all there knowledge up here; and now I have decided to start my own grow. Been doing a lot of research over the last few months, and have come down to using this set up which I am going to go out to my local hydro store/Amazon...
  10. C

    Which Mars LED setup for 3x3 DWC?

    Hey guys! I have a Darkstreet 90 tent 90cm x 90cm (3x3). I am wondering which option below would be the best bang for your buck, while keeping the temperature as low as possible because I am using a non recirculating DWC setup, so my 5 gallon buckets' solution need to be as cool as possible...
  11. A

    Newbie to HPS/MH lights - Help a lady out?

    Ok y'all, ive been growing with a mars hydro light but I'm just not getting the yield, and growth I want. Im going to flower in a 3x3 tent (however I can move my clone set up, a 2x4 closet space, to the 3x3 tent if it gets too hot). Im either going to go with a 250w or 400w hps set up. it...
  12. R

    RedEyeGuy's 3x3 Twin 300W LEDs - Soilless with AN - Pineapple BBxJack Herer

    Hey everybody! I'm excited to share with you my first journal from start to finish. Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions along the way, I welcome all forms of criticism :cool:. Now for the details... Grow space: 3x3 ebay special tent. Lighting: 2x P300 (new case style). Air...
  13. MKrop420

    600W 3x3 Phantom Cookies Ebb N Flow

    :420::helpsmilie::yummy: Hey everyone, this is my first time grow. Just finished building my set up and transplanting the clones. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Here are my specs: Strain: Phantom Cookies (GDP/ Cherry Pie) 6 plants 600 Watt/ Air Cooled Ebb N Flow 3x3 Tent 2x3 Tray...
  14. D

    DOCdchow - Indoor - Soil - Clones - 2013

    These are three clones i brought home from dispensaries near me. Three are supposedly some variety of a girl scout cookie from their personal garden. The other is a type of OG. Im flying by the seat of my pants here. They may not be the best. I wonder if i should start over or give these babies...
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