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  1. L

    First Grow - 4x2x6 400W

    Just started my first grow ever yesterday! I'm super excited to document the process! Here are some details: Strains: 2 Girl Scout Cookies and 2 Blue Dream Growing State: Clone/Veg Pot Size: 1 gallon fabric pot -> 7 gallon is the plan Light size and details: 400w MH/HPS non-air cooled. I got...
  2. P

    Massive cabinet under transformation w/pics

    Well I've taken the plunge and found what I believe will be a suitable grow space for my conditions. Because of external circumstances the cabinet will be stealth for smell but it sure will be noticible whereever it is placed. Anyways on to the fun stuff.... Picked up the cabinet at the...
  3. kbkilla

    Bagseed/400W HPS/LST/Soil

    This is my first journal here. Although I've been reading these forums for a couple years now, have read several books on the subject of growing, and have three grows under my belt I've still got a lot to learn through experience and interaction with the community. Pictures will follow this post...
  4. B

    Light&Cooling Help: Growing in a GL60

    I have a GL60 grow tent (2'x2'x5'3"). I used to run a 150W HPS in this tent without an inline fan, temps were crazy, and it was definitely not enough light for the tent. Now, I am able to upgrade a few things and am curious as to what to get... My options are a 250W HPS, or a 400W HPS. If...
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