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400w cooltube

  1. 187budz

    187's Second 400 HID DWC & Coco With LSD OG Kush & MBK

    Hello all 187 back again. Area: DIY 4'x3'x6' insulated grow box Lights: 400w MH/HPS Exhaust: 4" Inline Fan Medium: 5g DWC & 5g Coco/soil mix Nutrients: Advance Nutrients GMB Ph perfect & CX Wilt Guard, CX Regen-a-root, GH Armer Si Plants: 2 LSD, 2 OG Kush, 1 MBK (custom genetics) ((1 LSD &...
  2. Imagine420

    First Grow!- Humboldt Amherst Sour Diesel - Scrog - Advice Welcome!

    First time grower here! Seeds arrived from discreet seeds, very cheap, discreet and they arrived within 5 days. I was skeptical at first but after this i will recommend them to anyone looking to order some. Seeds: 1 Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower 1 Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Autoflower...