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  1. M

    1 week until harvesting

    sweet seeds - Cream Caramel autoflower. Grown outside in Spain. I am thinking of harvesting these plants in the next week or so because the tricks are going from cloudy to brown so should be a good stoner hit.
  2. Cannabis tour buses raided by Denver PD

    Cannabis tour buses raided by Denver PD

    Denver plainclothes officers raided private cannabis tours operated by My 420 Tours and Colorado Cannabis Tours on Friday afternoon. Thirty-one citations wer...
  3. 774A6F39-783A-47D8-AFF3-C43EC909C764.jpeg


    Larry headband day 54/64 so book says but checked trichromes tonight still not to go but do see a bit amber on moe so think I will go tip weekend then do three days flush then axe should put me at 64 days thoughts should be strong high head correct?
  4. K

    New to CA! Looking for cool roommate in So Cal anywhere from Marina Del Rey/Dana Pt.

    :high-five: I am new here to Ca! Living alone in the S.F.Valley but looking for a cool roommate or roommates anywhere from Marina Del Rey to San Clemente. I am a S.W.F. over 40 who is 420 friendly! I am way chill and so happy to be here! Wanting to add some sunshine to someone's world and some...
  5. U

    welcome to "highville"

    Have you ever imagined a town where everyone in the community was high? Marijuana is legal and are sold next to cigarettes in convenient stores. What do you think the pros and cons would be? Would it be peacful? How would life in this type of community be like? Would your town be securely...
  6. M

    hello :)

    hello everybody. my name is steve. im 21. i live in dallas. the fact that im totally dry got me here. i cant get any lol. hope i can make sum friends* ;). i love music, and drawing.
  7. H

    Henry Hemp says Hello and thank you!

    "One Love" My wonderful friends. Just here to introduce myself and help add a little more positive energy and vibes to the 420 magazine scene! It is an honor to be here! H.H:439: Henry Hemp's first radio Spot! was on NORML's Daily Audio Stash, July 2nd 2009
  8. 4Oh2Canaba0

    Who I am today. =]

    Hello all stoners, potheads, and blazers, I'm feeling good today. How about you? :smoke2: As the title said, marijuana, has made me who I am today, and I am proud of it. I tried fitting in with the skaters, but I can't skate, I tried fitting in with the nerds, but I'm not really a homework-doing...
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