1. J

    3x600w in 3 seperate 4x4 tent ventilation

    hi im presently setting up 3 4x4 tent in a 10x10 space with 600w hps in 2 for flower and 600w mh for veg with 6'' cooling hoods. i was wondering how do i setup venting to use the less fan possible and where should i put carbon filter. i will be using a window mounted a/c to cool the 10x10 an...
  2. coralman

    Portable A/C unit help

    Hi summers kicking in here and my tent is reaching 35c/100f due to ambient temps being so high. Set up is - roof qube 5x5 1000w cool tube dimmable 8" rhino fan and pro filter Vented into unused chimney flue Passive intake...
  3. T

    HVAC-R Technician

    Hi just signed up to site i work in the hvac/r field,want to help my customers by educating myself further in grow room a/c sizing
  4. MickFoster

    Should I Leave The Lights Off?

    I am currently in the 3rd week of 12/12 and my plants are in a separate room which I close off during their dark time, and I control the environment with a small a/c unit and a dehumidifier. During their light time I open the doors to the rest of the house and turn off the small a/c and...
  5. C

    70-100 watt HPS as supplemental lighting

    Happy Tuesday 420, I recently made an upgrade to my grow with a Mars 600 LED panel, I'm looking to make my lighting much more efficient. This panel only draws 272 watts from wall. The LED replaced a 12 bulb CFL fixture which did well to get my plant to mid-flower, heavy supplemental lighting...
  6. PhatK

    Dinafem Blue Kush - 2x4 SCROG With Advanced & Mammoth

    Whats Up Everyone, Just hopped on here, came from another forum, and just got back into the game now that life has calmed down. I can start having a little fun. So here the deal. I have a closet with roughly a 4x4x8 space. I will be utilizing the houses A/C and rerouted a small bathroom's A/C...
  7. I

    Central Air? Quick odor reduction tip

    For those with one or two plants and no exhaust/carbon filter fans, as long as you have central a/c, I found this works good for emergencies and covering up the smell. Take a Bounce Laundry Sheet and tape it to a corner of your air exchange intake grill. Every time the a/c runs you get a fresh...
  8. P

    Hey From Canada Eh!

    So I recently subscribed to the forums here, have been subscribed to the newsletter since 8 years probably. Love to read all the different things from this site, and now that I finally get the chance to start a project of my own, I decided I will add my, thoughts to the forums as well. I already...
  9. CanuckGal

    DIY Swamp Bucket Cooler

    My closet grow was having some heat problems with the 400w HPS as light. So to cool the small space down, I built a swamp bucket! Here's how I made it: Materials Large drink cooler$20 Household fan $10 Fountain/aquarium pump (mine was 135gph) $30 Copper piping $10 Plastic tubing $3 Plumbers...
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