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Portable A/C unit help


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Hi summers kicking in here and my tent is reaching 35c/100f due to ambient temps being so high.

Set up is - roof qube 5x5
1000w cool tube dimmable
8" rhino fan and pro filter
Vented into unused chimney flue
Passive intake.

Been looking into purchase a portable ac unit by rhino, now am i right in thinking that the a/c unit will sit outside the tent to cool the ambient temperature so the passive intake is sucking in the cooler air? Could i attach some sort of ducting to the ac unit and onto passive intake hole? any advice or tips when it comes to a/c units are welcome as this is first time looking into them. Thanks


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I have a portable ac in my bedroom, and the tent is inside my closet.
The ac is about 10' from the closet and I adjust the blow of the cold air in direction of the closet, but I have led light.

I used to have a 400w hps with cool tube, and it was barely keeping up. One time I installed a flexible pipe with an inline fan directly on the ac to the intake of the tent, it was better, but it was still hot.

Good luck, it was hard with a 400w hps, can't imagine a 1000w!!

2 years ago I attached the exhaust and cool tube together with a Y, and add a long 6" pipe with an inline fan to the outside. Now that was great for the temperature, but it was really not stealthy! :laugh:
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