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  1. S

    HP Aeroponic PC grow box - Drain to waste

    Hello everyone. So I started building a small PC grow Box on LED COBs full spectrum from aliexpress + 17$ diafragm pump 125PSI. 27cm will be ok for "plants" ? There are 4x 20W COB because in this power they can be cooled in passive mode. Still waiting for a relay timer for the valve :)...
  2. coralman

    Portable A/C unit help

    Hi summers kicking in here and my tent is reaching 35c/100f due to ambient temps being so high. Set up is - roof qube 5x5 1000w cool tube dimmable 8" rhino fan and pro filter Vented into unused chimney flue Passive intake...
  3. T

    4'x4'x6'2" tent - Passive intake vs active with a filter

    As the title states I am looking at going away from passive intake (vents) to an active style intake with another fan and an intake filter. I know a good bit about fans and needing a static pressure in order to pull through a filter however I was looking at using an axial fan instead of the...