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  1. EhCndGrower

    Ace Seed Tent Grow And More Outside

    So here’s hoping for good weather and mental health this growing term. I’ve started journals and barely finish them. Hopefully most of these problems are behind me now and that the outdoor weather cooperates as well. So all plants inside will be in 7G fabric bags and outside will consist of 20G...
  2. hashtonic-ace-seeds-cbd-marihuana-cannapotjpg.image.300x300.jpg


    Hash Tonic cannabis seeds by ACE Seeds
  3. nepal-mist-aceseeds-regular-marihuana-cannapot.jpg


    Nepale Mist by AceSeeds
  4. AS_Unkown.jpeg


    Ace Seeds Unknown Strain, I call it AS#4 42days from flip
  5. HashGirl

    Banghi Haze Fem seeds by Ace Seeds from The Vault

    If anyone is interested, The Vault has a Christmas contest where they will be raffling Ace Seeds' Bangi Haze, feminized in 5 prizes – two 30-packs and three 10-packs. In order to take part in it, just let The Vault know which seeds (breeder and/or strains you would like to see on their website...
  6. Nev

    Nev Keeps It Simple While Watching His Grass Grow

    I guess I will go it again here with my 2nd Auto tent grow. I took the liberty to get it up and going so let’s see what becomes of it. 2x4 tent SP3000 Marshydro LED 5gal fabric pots 1) 9” fan 1) 6” fan 6” carbon filter and inline exhaust fan 1) 4” inline duct fresh air fan 3) temp/hydrometer...
  7. Panama


    Day 92
  8. Fresh flowers

    Fresh flowers

  9. Panama, topped with LST

    Panama, topped with LST

  10. Panama seedling

    Panama seedling

  11. Panama


    Day One
  12. Panama


    Popped bean
  13. Ace Seeds Malawi

    Ace Seeds Malawi

  14. Ace seeds Malawi

    Ace seeds Malawi

  15. Ace Seeds Malawi

    Ace Seeds Malawi

    Whole Plant
  16. Ace seeds Malawi

    Ace seeds Malawi

  17. Ace seeds Malawi

    Ace seeds Malawi

  18. Ace Seeds Malawi

    Ace Seeds Malawi

  19. Malawi


    As I said, I love Malawi so much
  20. Malawi


    The Malawi keeps on going and going. Both plants were flipped at same time. Insane production on this pheno.
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