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  1. thai-chi-aceseeds-feminized-weedseeds-cannapot-shop.jpg


    Ace Seeds Thai Chi Seeds
  2. Thai Chi

    Thai Chi

    Ace seeds, day 15 since sprout.
  3. Thai Chi

    Thai Chi

    Ace seed 2 weeks and one day since sprout
  4. Thai Chi

    Thai Chi

  5. Thai Chi

    Thai Chi

  6. Thai Chi

    Thai Chi

  7. Thai Chi

    Thai Chi

  8. Almost Croptober for these ladys

    Almost Croptober for these ladys

    Outdoor 2019 sativa dom Gwillith and Malawi
  9. Malawi top

    Malawi top

    She got dry and burned in the heat, recovering well.
  10. Malawi


    Ace Seeds Malawi , she got tall
  11. BubbaHash+3weeks.jpeg


  12. BubbaHash+3weeks.jpeg


  13. Malawi Ace Seeds leaf

    Malawi Ace Seeds leaf

    Very sativa as expected in this lady
  14. Nepal Jam

    Nepal Jam

    One month from finish
  15. Night Time Snack

    Night Time Snack

    Caught this grasshopper munching on the pitils of Nepal Jam from Ace Seeds.
  16. Amy Gardner

    Hubba Hubba! Bubba Hash & The Bright Lights Of Redemption: Amy’s Indoor v2.0 With 420

    Let’s get this party started:ganjamon: Welcome all, to my second indoor grow :welcome: I’m nicely rested from the summer grow and have been slowly doing a few tasks over the last couple of weeks to make some refinements to my indoor setup and get everythingready. This is my second run inside...
  17. Nepal Jam seedling

    Nepal Jam seedling

    Nepal Jam from Ace Seeds
  18. 20190222_214225.jpeg


    We call her Empress Anna. Stacking nicely.
  19. Zamaldelica


  20. Zamadelica14wks.jpg


    Zamadelica at 14 weeks
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