ace seeds

  1. Morglie

    Morglie's Perpetual - New Space & New Strains In DBHBB

    I'll be updating this shortly with pictures and descriptions of my new space. I wanted to get this set up this morning. I'm still working out the kinks in the new grow area, and waiting on some boards to arrive so that I can build my flower lights. I'm popping one set at a time so that I don't...
  2. neikodog

    Neikodog's High Brix Sativas

    Welcome everyone to my 3rd journal. I've been out of the journal game for a bit and figured after the gangs trip to Jamaica I would start a new one. The Setup: 2 4x4 gorilla grow tents for flower. Lighting: All LED all unsponsered for flower. T-5 and unsponsered Veg LED for Veg. Soil: Doc...
  3. kelticBlue

    KelticBlue's Ace Seeds Regular - Indoor - Soil - Mars LED - Small Tent

    What strain is it? Ace Seeds regular Mixed? unknown strain? Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? It is a regular non feminized of unknown strain (as of yet) Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg. 18/6 Indoor: in Soil What is in your mix? Second Run soil build your own organic soil CC soil type...
  4. kelticBlue

    Pakistan Chitral Kush x Kali China - Ace Seeds limited edition

    Any and All advice surely welcome I think my girl is getting ready. This is my second successful (female) indoor grow. So I don't have much experience but I think she will be ready in 2-4 weeks. It has been trained to be a small plant to fit in my small tent. My Baby Girl Nansi. :Namaste...
  5. kelticBlue

    KelticBlue's - Indoor - Soil - LED/CFL - Ace Seeds' PCK x Kali China - 2015

    So I had to do something to try to give back to the community. I have read alot over the last 8 months or so since it became legal in my little city to grow. I had to give something back. First, none of my produce is for me. Sad but OK, just not in the cards for me. It was first for my wife...
  6. H

    New Free Seed Offer From Herbies Seeds

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