1. T

    First time tent grow - White Widow Auto Max

    Howdy All - long time listener, first time caller... Strain: White Widow Auto Max The setup: - 2’ x 4’ x 5’ Mylar tent - 1000w Roleadro Blurple LED - 200 Cf Carbon exhaust - Humidifier - WiFi power strip and RH/Thermostat - HappyFrog potting soil from FoxFarms - 3gal woven plant containers...
  2. T

    This Guy's 1st Grow: Afgani and Jack Herer

    I'm actually starting this 4 weeks late. So lets get right into it. Seeds: 5 feminized Jack Herer and 5 Afgani Seedling greenhouse: Jumpstart 12 Pellet Greenhouse Soil: ProMix BX growing medium Nutrients/Food: Foxfarm - Grow Big Pots: 3.5 gallon Seedling/Cloning station light...
  3. UntamedFox

    My First Grow... Afgan x Mazar

    Hey guys and gals :peace: Welcome to my journal! Over the next 3 months, I plan to grow and cultivate my "first" plant! "First" is in quotes because I started about a week ago, and accidentally burnt the leaves by leaving a light too close. Luckily the plant was only a week old, so I thought...
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