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This Guy's 1st Grow: Afgani and Jack Herer

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I'm actually starting this 4 weeks late. So lets get right into it.

Seeds: 5 feminized Jack Herer and 5 Afgani
Seedling greenhouse: Jumpstart 12 Pellet Greenhouse
Soil: ProMix BX growing medium
Nutrients/Food: Foxfarm - Grow Big
Pots: 3.5 gallon
Seedling/Cloning station light: Hydrofarm Jumpstart T5, single tube with height adjustable stand
Vegetation station lights: Quantum Badboy T5, 4' 4 bulbs
Hood: Sunleaves Sunspot6

I'm in the middle of purchasing the flowering station equipment. But this is what I ordered thus far.

Secret Jardin DR150 Grow Tent (4x4x6.5)
Q600 Quantum Digital Ballast - 600W 120V/240V HPS/MH
Foxfarm - Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom

I still need to get a carbon filter & fan and 600w HPS. I'm sure I'll be needing more items along the way.

So I started the seeds in a glass of water over night and 1 of the Jack Herer's didn't sprout. After that, I put the sprouting seeds the pellet greenhouse. I kept the seedlings in the greenhouse and under the single T5 bulb for 2 weeks. During that time, 1 Jack Herer and 1 Afgani didn't make it.

After those 2 weeks, I transplanted the seedlings into 3.5 gallon pots and under the Quantum Badboy T5 they went.

And the results after 2 weeks there:

Jack Herer



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Just got my grow tent delivered. It took about an hour, hardest part was the drip mat. So here are some pictures and some of the plants (18/6)

I think I may have over done nutes on this one, the leaves are starting to shrivel up a bit:
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Thanks everyone!

Now if I could just figure out how to layout the ventilation and scrubbing in the tent. Is it best to treat the light cooling separate from the smell filtering?
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Also, I have been seeing people trimming under the plants. Is this something I should start doing?

Please excuse the crappy iPhone quality images.
Dayum, nice looking plants! I noticed you had some leaves curling down on one of your girls. Do you know what the pH is in your soil/water? How are your temps looking? All in all those are some healthy looking plants!
Also, I have been seeing people trimming under the plants. Is this something I should start doing?
A lot of people including myself will trim up the bottom 1/3 of the plant. I usually only trim off the fan leaves that are blocking light from the other branches.

Keep up the good work man, those are some amazing looking girls!:goodluck:
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Wow, I just found out that I was using 3 Tablespoons of Foxfarm - Grow Big with every gallon of water. It was suppose to be 3 teaspoons.. That's why the leaves were curling on the Afgani..
I'm impressed, I can't wait to follow this and the next batch of seedlings. Keep up all the pictures too! Gives us all something to OOO and AHH about ;)
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I just placed an order for the "Can Fan Filter Combo 33 w/ 6" Fan". So when that comes in, they will move into the flowering tent. Can't wait to get them in there. :)