My 1st Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

So what are the all the benefits of negative pressure? Cause im not to concerned about the smell coming out

I'm no expert, but what I've always assumed is: with a higher CFM Vent fan and a lower CFM Intake fan, the Vent fan will be trying to pull out more air than it can, ensuring no air exits the grow room anywhere but the Vent fan.

So if you aren't to worried about the smell escaping it might not matter, however, it also ensures a constant supply of new fresh air (meaning new Carbon and what not) for the plants to eat. Which should supposedly stimulate growth.

Hope that helps! Like everyone says, Environment is the most important part of Marijuana Horticulture, and obtaining a negative pressure in your grow room seems like a step toward a perfect environment. However.... I myself have yet to do that. Haha

Cheers friend.

Im sure, from the way u explain your setup, that you have negative pressure. does keep smell leaks from occurring....if your not worried about that that fine....but you still want negative pressure....

Like Max said, your environment inside your tent is just as important as any other step...

Also if you werent able to achieve negative pressure with your exhaust fan then you wouldn't get any fresh air intake either(unless you installed a fan) because its that negative pressure that causes the vacuum that pulls fresh air in thru your inlet ports....
if you would shut your exhaust fan off you wouldnt get any more fresh air intake...

....positive pressure would be if your tent walls are bulging out.... then your getting either no fresh air intake or your not getting enough old stale air out....your plants will notice...and you will notice cause your environment inside your tent will be stale and most likely stink a little like babies dirty diaper.

With your set it sounds like you may want to even add a small electric fan into 1 or both of your inlet ports just to help push fresh air in a higher rate....keeping up with the rate its pulling should be replacing at least half as much air as your pulling out with your exhaust.

Hope this helps.
So currently I have only the 435 cfm pulling air out when lights are on. Also I have a small Honeywell fan inside the tent circulating the air inside and thats on 24/7.

It sounds like you do already have a negative pressure in your grow room, at least while that exhaust fan is on.
Thats what I was thinking. I bought another tent from amazon but I returned it as it was defective. I have the duct splitter still just in case . Im wondering if I could get more yield if I separate the plants between two tents. Would the increase in yield even be worth the extra cost (tent, ballast, hood, electricity). Probably be the same shit.
I honestly wouldnt know if the yield increase would make it worth the extra money or not.....
but you never maybe eventually you need to grow more plants or use one tent for veg and one for germ,seedlings and then later flowering when you change light......just thinking of options...

if i could i would definitely have a 2 tent setup.....and i would experiment with different strains and just grow as many as i could that would still be efficient. I would use 1 tent to grow photo period plants for bigger yields and the other tent would be auto flower in order to keep a constant supply of bud since they are normally 60-75 days from seed to harvest.
But actually in the position im in right now....i would have to use the 2nd tent as a drying tent....thats where i would dry my buds cause i could keep it perfect environment that i could control and the filter on the exhaust from tent #1 will keep smells eliminated.

maybe even use the other tent for breeding.....theres options. I wish i had your exhaust fan and another tent.....i would have a lot of fun learning.
Just learn as you go....get help/advice and share ur progress along the way........trial and error.
If I was in your position.... Honestly, I would definitely get another tent, connect em to the one vent set 24/7 and commit one to Veg/Clones/Seedlings and the other to Flower.... But that's just me :)
If I was in your position.... Honestly, I would definitely get another tent, connect em to the one vent set 24/7 and commit one to Veg/Clones/Seedlings and the other to Flower.... But that's just me :)

That would be a real nice set up...
as long as you didnt want to use each tent to complete a whole grow order to maximize your overall yield for 1 grow period.

....but with this way stated by would be able to keep a constant grow going and hence never run out of bud....
...2 lights and ballasts running will increase electric bill but it will most likely be worth it...if its worth it to you that is....
....but really if your not gonna keep a continuous grow, i dont see the point in using 1 tent for veg,seedlings, ect...and 1 tent for flower....because at each time your using the one tent the other one wont be being there would be no point in 2 tents...just something to think about. have options NUTE, gotta decide what would suit you best....if you even decide to go that route
For your first grow you only require 1 grow space from seed to harvest. If you plan to run a perpetual garden I would use 2-3 areas 1 for seedlings ,1 for a vegetative area and 1 for flower. It is possible by Low Stress Training, Topping and Defoliate a cannabis plant to produce large harvest from smaller plants t maximize your gram per watt efficiency. You can see examples of how I use Low Stress Training, Topping and Defoliation to produce large harvest from smaller plants in my Grow Journal and Reviews.

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The space you require to produce enough medicine is dependent on maximizing grow space, garden environment and strain/phenotype selection.
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