My 1st Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

So do you think it would make a difference in my 4x4 tent or I should just let fresh air in and it would be the same?

I know for a fact it will make a difference but you need some way to regulate it and that costs money. I have seen some people add it to their grow with just using a bag of yeast and other household stuffs in the corner but I am not sure how effective that is.
So I put the 2x jack herer and 2x northern lights to flower tonight and moved the rest to the closet as they weren't ready just yet.
Is co2 needed for a 4x4 tent or would it be the same as letting fresh air in? What exactly is the purpose of co2?

I am Product Reviewing Sierra Natural Science SNS-CO2 Kits and have noticed a growth increase after adding the Sierra Natural Science SNS-CO2 Kits. The one thing about the Sierra Natural Science SNS-CO2 Kits is they smell slightly sweet and pleasant. The amount of Sierra Natural Science SNS-C02 Kits that are required is based on the amount of square feet in your grow area, One bag will maintain 600 to 700 ppm of CO2 in a 20 square foot area.

Sierra Natural Science SNS-CO2 Kit

You can see the Sierra Natural Science SNS-CO2 Kits in use in my KingJohnC's Green Sun LED Lights Znet4 Aeroponic Indoor Grow Journal & Review!

Carbon dioxide - Wikipedia

Photosynthesis - Wikipedia
Hi Nute....

Just joined the forum....this is the first thread i have read....

I must say its a good thread...i will be interested to see how it turns out!

You had questions about Co2 and and just a fresh air intake.....

....i would recommend just having a fresh air intake if you can.
remember to that with your fresh air intake you must still have a little sucking in on your tent walls from your extraction...
...if your tent walls are bulging out at all then you have positive pressure...thats bad.

what are you using for a fresh air intake?
and what are you using for extraction?
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