My 1st Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

Looks awesome nice tent and light looks real nice. 6500k is blue spectrum which is what you want in veg some people mix them with 2700k red spectrum to cover fuller spectrum. I run just 6400k in my veg room cause it its said that red spectrum induces stretching. I like to try to keep them tight let them stretch in flower. Subbed and ready to watch you grow go down much luck to you. :goodjob:

Edit: My bad guess that question got answered I missed the second page of your journal somehow must be medicated.
11/13/14 just taken

The plant in your photograph is either growing in low humidity or has the beginnings of a magnesium deficiency.
Some very different and very interesting pheotypes you have in your garden right now!!! That first Blackwater is a very interesting looking lady! I also really like the name, so you know the genetics on her?

Anyways, keep up the good work, definitely going to like watching these flower:)
Yeah next grow im going to do two strains only. Some of these are tall while some are short giving me light distance issues. Anyways, the blackwater is from California connection seeds and the genetics are mendo purps x sfv og kush. This feminized version is crossed to a reversed tahoe og kush. Not sure what that last part means lol but thats what the site says. I cant wait for them to finish either :)
Yeah, growing different strains that don't stay uniform in height can lead to stretching issues for the smaller plants when only using a single light source. I would employ some LST or top your taller ladies to help even out the collective canopy.
Low Stress Training. The short explanation is that it's the process of lightly bending/tucking/tying your plant in the effort to get it to grow the shape you desire it to. I've personally never had a plant that didn't give me a better yield aft some LST. It aides development with parts of the plant that naturally wouldn't get as much light because of being shaded by larger upper development.
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