My 1st Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

So I harvested the 2x jack herer and the 2x grandaddy. They've been drying since saturday/sunday. The temperature fluctuates staying in the 70s and the humidity stays around 53%. While growing these beautiful bushes from clones I purchased through a local delivery service, I realized they weren't the strains ive been told they were. The jack herer taste/smells like some sort of OG and the grandaddy tastes/smells just like green crack. Weird.
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All of those ladies are lookin' really good my friend!!! Congrats on your harvest, I cannot wait to see those last buds harvested and dried up!

Keep up the good work my friend :cheesygrinsmiley:
So for the two grandaddy plants it ended up drying out to just two ounces. The two jack herer ended up drying out to about two and a half ounces. The one northern lights dried out to just about an ounce. Wish I wouldve taken some pictures of the final product. Ill take some pictures of these when they are finished for sure though. Ive pulled one blackwater and the other blackwater should be finishing in the next week or two. While the chem 4 og's are taking longer and seem to be weeks from harvest. Ive already had to move in my veg plants too so things are pretty crowded right now.
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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