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  1. Blue Dream Clones

    Blue Dream Clones

    8-02-2020 The bag has moisture on bag and little moisture at bottom, tmmr I will change the air and blow on them make sure they know they're loved
  2. Amnesia to the right

    Amnesia to the right

    Fed n sprayed
  3. Dbarnes218MN

    Outdoor Grow, Sour Bubble & Mountain Bud: Northern MN

    This is my first real outdoor grow i got topped plants just starting preflower (2of the5) for soil we mixed miracle grow organix mix,bat guana, vermiculite,bloodmeal.and a few other secrets:) mixed them all together in 100 GAL cloth pot 5 are in pot 2 are next to it on ground,this is jus behind...
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    Roots on them clones
  5. IMG_20200614_102835.jpg


    Clones three being gifted today two ogkz and one lemon og candy
  6. 100 Dixie Cups

    100 Dixie Cups

  7. Herrowpreeze

    Rooted clones going yellow

    Hey all, Its my first time growing clones, I bought them from a reputable seller and the came, although looking a bit sad pretty health and already rooted in rapid rooters As they were rooted already I transplanted them into 1l pots and gave a 50 kelpak water to start Its been 1 week and...
  8. IMG_20200608_203946.jpg


    Two ogkz clones now in coco starter cups ..see what happens now .
  9. IMG_20200608_072851.jpg


    Clones when to start to feed ?
  10. IMG_20200608_072901.jpg


    Day 14 in cubes Learning first time in rock wool cubes finally got massive roots showing on ogkz clones
  11. IMG_20200529_083703.jpg


    Clones still alive see what happens In a few days
  12. Cheese


    1 gallons
  13. E

    Best nutrients paired with Cal-Mag for RO water

    I recently started my first cannabis grow. I'll try to keep it short and simple. I'm using RO water along with cal mag plus resulting at 110 ppm. Fox farm ocean forest soil. Water ph 6.4. My two clones (purple Punch&Green Crack) have began LST (no top/fim) after transplant a week ago are...
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  16. Gorilla Glue clones

    Gorilla Glue clones

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