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  1. Family view 18 November 2021

    Family view 18 November 2021

    My conditions were rudimentary but the method worked and I now have 5 little lavender clones. I left them under my September bush for semi-shade, rain and shine for a month and only watered from the bottom if the level dropped off.
  2. Fresh Clone cuts

    Fresh Clone cuts

    Freshly taken clone cuts Black is GSC green and yellow are BDC
  3. Bounce3d

    Is this a good hit rate on clones

    hi We made 30 cuttings. did it for 10 days in humidity dome then started to harden in until yesterday, day 18 we re-potted. out of the 30, 3 didnt make the cut so 10% also i didnt have enough dixie cups so only re-potted 15
  4. Veg room

    Veg room

    Clones of Girl Scout cookies and birthday cake kush. I believe the clones in hydro tub are about 7 weeks old. While the ones in coco or promix are about 11 weeks old.
  5. Clones in flower

    Clones in flower

    Week 3 of being in the flower the tent for the clones under my flower tree
  6. Verbalist

    Whats going on with these Clones?

    Two of them look like that and rest of them are fine. two of them having top leaves curling up or the leave tips twisting around and the edges looks little crispy. Theyre inside the dome, no ventilation yet - just removing the lid every day to mist the lid then put it back. Pellets & cubes are...
  7. Verbalist

    Northern Lights Cloning, Monster Cropping & Solo Cup Grow, Breeding: Lights Out

    :420: Verbalist's Official Cloning & Breeding Journal Northern Lights x OG Kush = "Lights Out #1" Introduction: Decided to start a side project alongside this proggy: 3x Northern Lights 2x2 ScrOG I’ve taken fresh clones from my pre-flowering NL's as it goes with the name ”Monster cropping”...
  8. EhCndGrower

    Innie & Outie Grow Summer 2021

    OUTSIDE: (c)=clone, (s)=seed, (rv)=reveg Moby Dick - Dr Seeds(c) Lemonchello Haze - SMan(c) Dr SMan CBD - SMan(c) Amnesia Lemon Kush - Garden of Green(s,rv) American Pie - Pyramid Seeds Sugar Breath - HSO Mango Sapphire - HSO Black D.O.G. - HSO Sorry a bit late on the outdoor gal update, but...
  9. Bounce3d

    Rooting a clone on both ends?

    Double dipping Rotting a clone on both ends? The idea is that the double roots with the main stem and 2 or more bud sites could keep the plant compact for a small scrog setup, combine with LST. The clone "mini branch" was taken from our mother. We stripped and clipped the leaves as u would do a...
  10. J Obadiah

    Can I LST Clones This Early?

    What do you guys think, should I start bending these now for LST? They'll be topped later. They're no more than a month old, I just planted them yesterday, May 4th. Strain: GG4 CLONE by Dark Heart Nursery Medium: Soil Environment: Container (7 gal), Indoor) Light: Viparspectra 1000W LED...
  11. Purple Haze Clones

    Purple Haze Clones

  12. Clones Vegititating

    Clones Vegititating

    The largest clone was taken on 2/23 - the others on 2/28. I see a lot more growth over the past few days since I changed the bath tub set up a bit.
  13. IMG-9014.jpg


    My bathtub nursery - clones and various vegetable seedlings. Just got some new grow lights (the clip on with 4 positional LED lights) from WeeGrow lights
  14. ThaTinMan

    In The Beginning

    THE HARDEST thing to do, is to get started. Now this is for the Simi serious folks. Costs are under 500 clams for equipment! Dude that's cheap!! For the exception of a tent or room ventilation, very important that there is good understanding..... that's it's a gonna get hot! But budget gives a...
  15. clones.JPG


    First clones 2021
  16. Mutant#1.jpg


    Single to think I had 1 fan have 5 prongs
  17. Root shot

    Root shot

    Exploded overnight, ready to pot! 9days from cut.
  18. Clones


    Top view 9days from cut.
  19. Clones


    8days from cut
  20. Clones


    8days from cut
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