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  1. Clones


    In 1 gallon
  2. Clones


    Cheese, Shiva Skunk, afghani
  3. N

    Natedogg's Grow! Gelato & Purple Kush, Monster Cropped Clone Taffie x GG#4, Will Be Flowering Under Mars Hydro TSW3000 In 5x5

    This will be my first grow journal and my second indoor grow. I have grown outdoors for many years but I have learned a great deal over the last year. I read about growing constantly. I do not consider myself an expert but I have attained a good amount of knowledge. My first grow was 2...
  4. Clones to Mothers

    Clones to Mothers

  5. K

    Overwatered my clones how can I save them?

    so the title basically says it all i overwatered them by accident , its my first time cloning..theyre already 8 days old still no roots and today i noticed the drooped top leaves that look a bit mushy and the bottom ones too . Is it too late to save them? I inmediately noticed my mistake and...
  6. Mothers & Clones

    Mothers & Clones

    Cheese, shiva Skunk, Afghani
  7. Clones of Shiva Skunk & Afghani

    Clones of Shiva Skunk & Afghani

    Clones are healthy and strong. I have pulled the males. I #the Moms to the clone, so when they were sexed I knew what the clone would be
  8. IMG_20191111_184025.jpg


    Clones today off the Bruce banger keeper for @[331646:@DeanWest89]
  9. S

    Week 7 flowering Zombie Haze

    Buds are getting bigger and super sticky. Have to wash arms and hand after watering just to get sticky off. But the smell oh that wonderful aroma of sweet sweet pine!!! When are they going to invent the smell a text. So wish I could share this wonderful smell. It's intoxicating all by itself.
  10. Assorted Cuts

    Assorted Cuts

    Mostly off Mama TK, with two off the Blueberry. More TKs to come from tops.
  11. clonex gel, pure natural honey, saliva, cinnamon, mixed

    clonex gel, pure natural honey, saliva, cinnamon, mixed

    only, in this pic- because it's me- that's "deviled eggs!"/paprika! i caught it, in time, but that's how much of ea. i would've used willow water if I'd needed it and mixed in cloning powder, but it was never necessary. 1/8"; just to cover the wound...
  12. sad day

    sad day

    unnecessary clones
  13. cbd oops

    cbd oops

    not cuttin it, for pain. cbd glue tide : equilibrium genetics
  14. clone. no taproot...

    clone. no taproot...

    cbd glue tide remnants
  15. cbd glue tide c2's

    cbd glue tide c2's

    equilibrium genetics. great for beginners. returned 22% for rso. e.g. alleges 24:1... i wish i could use her in my deck.
  16. Cali Orange Clones Day 14

    Cali Orange Clones Day 14

    These two cultivars will grow up to become members of our research staff. Pay no attn. to tape saying NL1. Wow
  17. Humidity Dome?

    Humidity Dome?

    Re-purposed slow cooker
  18. IMG_6642.jpg


  19. bigbudz90

    Strange leaf growth deformation

    Hi guys, So I have been growing Incredible Bulk for a year or two, setup is Oxypot DWC in a large tent (previously in a small tent inside), lights are 2000w LED using Rock nutrients for feed. Every crop no issues, strong healthy plants. Consistently cloning for over a year no problems.. Ok so...
  20. 8C42E063-654D-4486-8594-C123C3BBE2DE.jpeg


    6 x cheese girls 12 Hours after tying down
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