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  1. OlderClones2019.jpg


    These were topped and cleaned up after having a deficiency cause by a ph issue.
  2. ClonesMarch2019.jpg


    A couple of them look ok. They are were cut last Friday. Accidently had the light on 24-0 the timer switch wasn't flipped.
  3. Brnwn4

    Help: Wilting new clones, new grower

    Just got these clones Wednesday. It’s now Saturday. Car ride was kinda long when they’re were first cut. Buddy used clonex gel 45 degree shaved end and split middle? I have em in a tent in a dome with heat mat. At 81 f and 80% rh. They are still drooping and I know one is gonna die cause it’s...
  4. Growingasmile

    Well I did it, I messed up my light schedule

    My alarm clock was set for pm instead of am and i woke up 4:30 hours late to get my light on, i'm running 18.5 on 5.5 off, and I don't know if I should resume the normal light schedule or if I should make sure the light runs for 18.5 or maybe even 19 now before starting the new dark cycle or if...
  5. Growingasmile

    Thrips on clones

    something is eating my new leafs on the new clones I got and after a bit of research it appears I have a pest that needs to be handled, I have used a cinnamon, organic soap, and spicy peppers mix for my girls last time but the cinnamon and spicy stayed behind on the finished product.. what's the...
  6. Debilitator Kush clones

    Debilitator Kush clones

    Three are happy, one is getting happy, two are hanging in
  7. Whoberry Haze #1 clones

    Whoberry Haze #1 clones

    This plant is a winner so far
  8. C9253793-864C-42B5-9DC1-50BBEB3C6B5D.jpeg


    Berry bomb cuttings
  9. T

    Lighting for clones

    I am a beginner grower working on a small closet grow. I received some trimmings from a friend which have been under the dome for a week now. My main concern is in the lighting. I'm not sure if it's sufficient lighting and if it is how long until I will need to upgrade? I have 8 clones which...
  10. IMAG3868.jpg


    Sensistar clones
  11. 6D899C8B-A002-48DE-8479-B2265C1537E3.jpeg


    The 5 that needed the medium.
  12. 2BB73AB7-B717-4F07-B2D9-FFCD6DA0972D.jpeg


    The ones who got tossed out.
  13. Clones in waiting

    Clones in waiting

    One will be a mother
  14. Mootah

    Mootah's Second Grow, Featuring Debilitator Kush & Whoberry Haze #1

    Welcome to my second grow here at 420 Magazine. I will be growing Debilitator Kush and Whoberry Haze #1 . Debilitator Kush is the work of a close friend , he has been growing and breeding since the 70's. Her lineage is Champagne x San Fernando Valley Kush. Whoberry Haze #1 is my cross of Blue...
  15. 32185154-9E8C-4268-AACD-AB912B3CC886.jpeg


    So I took two clones off the widow bombs lower branches that were matured stems hard as a rock. Added few drops of ph down to two water ph of 7 out two but no meter yet maybe this week new pen @[272536:@stoneotter] thanks again my savour. See what happens over the next week maybe I get lucky...
  16. E7E5E88D-9E37-4631-8956-8298FE27C9EB.jpeg


    Cloner in the veg box together with mommy lol
  17. Veg Tent in full use

    Veg Tent in full use

    Full of plants, just the way I like it
  18. Mother Veg Tent , new neighbors.

    Mother Veg Tent , new neighbors.

    Had to pull the seedling trays to fit the new clones.
  19. From cut to clone, graduation

    From cut to clone, graduation

    Cuts of Whoberry Haze #1 and Debilitator Kush now rooted clones
  20. B

    First grow - Looking for feedback

    I appreciate any feedback. This is my first post and my first grow. Built a 2x2x4 grow box and used cfls. What I’m really curious about is if you all think I’ll get a good yield from these. They hit week 4 of flower tomorrow. How are they looking for week 4? Plants are a Skunk #1 x Skunk #2...
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