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  • I Just wanted to thank you for all your advice through my first grow. It helped alot, I just finished chopping her down and now waiting for the dry. If you get a chance check out the recent pics I uploaded. I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks again bro
    So finally started walking around with out crutches today. Finally updated my grow journal in a month. Damn I need to be more careful not to break something, 4 weeks of crippled life was pathetic existence. Smoked my whole harvest in 4 weeks. How much weed does it take to recover from a broken foot. About 4 1/2 oz :goof: :ganjamon: :cough: Time to grow more I guess
    Man I’m not trying to be political but waking up this morning and turning on the news and hearing about 4 (probably white) officers accidentally killing another person during an arrest.
    And only getting fired for being involved in his death. As punishment? Own up to your mistakes take the punishment that is due. A life was lost in a very unnecessary accident. If you can call it that.
    Stop trying to protect these wolves in sheep skin preying on the rest of us citizens and civilians. Getting away with crazy stuff all the time cause they can’t have the police department dragged down because of that bad egg they gave a job to and just set free to roam the streets spreading terror in the name of white justice.
    That police department deserves to be burned down in my opinion. (Which has happened) these departments should not be defending these viscous, violent and maybe racist officers accidentally killing people. A person died because of your actions. Own up to it. And put some peace back on the streets.
    Not all officers are bad. But there are these perfect examples that don’t need to be defended. Admit you hired the wrong guy. Work better on psych evaluations I’m guessing it can’t be to hard to find someone with an aggressive ,violent and racist tendencies.I tend to stay away from this but. Damn. Watching the news put me in a mood.
    I can’t seem to find them. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough.
    I can't seem to understand the looting mentality. Protest yes...cause violence and looting No.
    Yeah I hear you there.
    I guess it just shows the how much the mass of people sick are sick police brutality.
    now I’m not perfect but as I sit at home watching this unfold I keep telling myself,
    Maybe there going to change the laws on policing.
    Maybe it’s about time the roles of police officers and how they go about protecting criminal Officers gets revised.
    I get that you don’t want to give a brotha up. And it’s just wrong to crucify your brother in arms.
    But look at the alternatives of protecting the few criminal officers, the passed few years protests and now this riots and looting?
    America needs something done here, the old police laws are not working out clearly no more.
    Something has to be changed at that fundamental level. Muharram I’m thinking Is to stop protecting criminal cops, and start prosecuting them ASAP. Hell everyone else has to jump through these loops when breaking the law. I don’t get why cops get the get out of jail free card. So easily.
    So I’m guessing that’s just 1 thing I see that needs changing,
    Switch from protecting crooked police officers and just aggressively prosecute them. If you want police brutality to end make it so effing punishable by law that the bad cops don’t think about committing crimes. Cause the cost of being caught abusing these laws ends up in in federal time.
    But the current model seems to be more geared towards protecting these officers.
    Now everyone else be going to jail breaking the law. If you a cop and know these laws and are still breaking them. In my mind you should be double or triple punished for the crime you knowingly committed cause you uphold the law, you damn well know your breaking them don’t play the victim card. Disgusted with this whole situation.
    Prosecute the officers.
    So guys I super cropped my ankle yesterday, does this look okay? It’s got a nice knuckle already, think it’ll take XD
    Forgot to harden off my body to the outdoor sun XD
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    Can not wait until they make cannabis flower competitions. Lol seeing all these people obsessed with flowers and competitions. Judges and all that. I would love to be a flower judge
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    Hope you feel better man!
    Thanks. Made a merry morning a lil more merry. Woke up still sick. But not as sick as previous days. I think I’m on the down hill to recovery now haha just gotta wait a bit longer lol.
    my sick routine.
    wake up.
    Feel like crap? If yes smoke a bowl.
    Still feel crap?if yes Smoke another bowl.
    Pretty much get so high I fall asleep. And if I wake up. Still feeling sick. Repeat until better XD
    It’s like ghetto stoner time travel. Get stoned to sleep. To wake up in the future XD hopefully one where I’m better :rofl: :yummy::goof:
    So good news I’m pretty much recovered from the flu, but now I’ve got a super cropped ankle XD :laugh: Damn I guess I forgot to harden off my body to the out door sun XD think it will make it? Haha
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    I said, smoke weed, and free your minds, one toke at a time. And I said smoke weed and free your minds, one toke at a time. -Tokers in space
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