Nute's Blackwater Kush & Chem 4 OG

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Plants are on day 28 of flowering. My humidity stays between 35-50 whatever I set my dehumidifer too. Now my temperature is another story. It reaches highs of about 82 but i can lower it about 5-10 degrees by turning on the intake fan. The temp lows are about 58. I read if I can get it down to about 40 degrees the purple genetics will start to show.
Temperatures bellow 65° Fahrenheit will severely stunt growth. I have never needed my temperature to go bellow 65° and have many different cannabis strains that have purple colors in the buds, you are welcome to check my Grow Journal and Reviews in my signature.

You want 70°-90° Fahrenheit and 50%-70% humidity for vegetative growth and 30%-50% humidity for flower.

You want pH 5.8 for hydroponic and soiless (peat moss and coco coir) and pH 6.5 for soil.

Here is a nutrient availability chart


Here is a cannabis leaf deficiency chart


here is the Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver and the Plant Abuse Chart

Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

Plant Abuse Chart
Hope all is well in your world.

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