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Ok here we go never done a journal before. As far as genetics go my cousin trims for a local grower, apparently he had missed a male sour diesel amongst his female snow monsters hence the name. Hopefully good but i guess we will find out together if I don't mess things up this is only my second grow on the new room. I received 11 of the seeds and put 5 into germination. 2 Bpopped yesterday and planted them in 50/50 ffof and perlite(hope they don't burn), all the rest that pop will be going in 50/50 coco perlite mix and using the h3ad formula with AN jungle juice micro and bloom. My veg room is small so i will probably be using toppin g and lst for training. My veg room has a 100w 2ft 4 tube t5 6400k in it stays 60%+ rh at 77 degrees constant with a small fan moving air around. Flower room has air cooled hortilux 600w hps 6 inch exhaust fan and carbon filter with passive intake. Light on 73-78 degrees temp is controlled by my diy temp controller and low 60s light off humidity varies from 40% to 60%. Oscillating fan and Vicks vaporizer. I have been building it and adjusting the room to get it right for a couple months with bag seeds as guinea pigs. So let's get on with it.
So I'll try and put up some pictures of the seedlings later. Just updating cause i rearanged my ventilation in the flower room. I'm in Colorado and we already having negative temps at night and my temps were running 68. So I got a little spooked and wanted too uncap my hood hoping for a little more heat out of it. I literally finished and got the room cleaned up and the light shut off as i was walking out so had too take a few pics with flash.
And then there were 3 after not moving or losing it's seed for a week. I removed the seed and it was mushy at the end of the stem some kind of rot i assume. On with the others kinda funny looks like stages of evolution since there each a couple days apart. The big one in ffof its looking awesome and hitting a good stride, and still no reason too believe ffof is to strong for these seeds. The second largest seems to have a deformity on the first fan leaves they came out with weird looking tips second picture. it is in the coco. The smallest one I can see the first set of fan leaves and they are getting bigger but there white. I'm pretty sure i can see them getting color as they grow. I guess only time will tell.
Having the same issues with the cold temps in Colorado right now. I placed a small space heater near the grow tent to keep temps from dropping too low at night.

Really nice lookin setup. I wish I could find an area that large to use. I have debated about trying a grow in our crawlspace but I would be limited to a maximum height of 4'.
Yea can't believe it hit -15 already but at least I know the grow room can take it now. I had to setup a space heater aswell and humidifier cause the space heater was dropping humidity. Grow room stayed 68-72 from heat off the light I only run heater during lights off. Girls didn't seem to mind one bit, least I don't have to worry about rez temps like in the summer. Here is the girls I been dialing my room and feeding process on so far they have all been real nice to me.
Here we are update with pics one of the ffof is taking off. The other one I'm kinda losing hope for has gotten taller but no new growth and the leaves are still white. The one in coco is looking good aswell. The leaves just look like they were crammed under but I can see the second set of leaves emerging. I'll give the other one in ffof a few more days and see where it's at next update.
The Coco should catch up as soon as it establishes a decent root system, they grow a bit slow at the start.
Your ffof is getting hefty =p
Good to know I have never started a seed in coco just clones so wasn't sure what to expect. I think once it gets a good set of leaves out to it will help aswell. Yea ffof its looking awesome don't get all the hype about burning seedlings and clones I have put many clones in it now with no negative affects.
Ill jump on board with this one! Looking forward to seeing the updates :blushsmile:
:welcome: Timmy, I hope to not disappoint.
Day 13. Was going to post last night but I gave a couple a transplant figured I'd give them a day and make sure they were good. Everything took on the transplant so it seems. Wouldn't you know it I washing to give up on the other one in ffof and got home yesterday and noticed leaf growth and color. I wonder what that was about. Oh well another shot at a female. So here they are ffof is coming along. The coco is right behind and is finally unraveling those first leaves and working on second set. Lastly the runt getting some color and growth.
Little bud porn to pass the time bubble flushing the one in the first 2 pics was noticing a few amber thrichoms this weekend stop started flushing Monday night. Second 2 pics from another plant been 26 days since switching to 12/12. Real right node spacing should be some big colas on her. Judging by the clone I'm flowering off her she has a long flower time, strong citrus smell and I think some genetic fox tailing cause my room hadn't got hot enough to do it and it just started another week or 2 of flower I think
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