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FaTalPsYcHom i dont think these leave are in good condis. at all there sick in some way or another. i personally think its (P) Burn, its my only guess because i gave them bio bud booster and there usually high in (P) for bud growth. The Leaves were going droopy today on one of the widows and skinning up abit. usually i get droopy leaves and i water her and they go back to normal but this widow i dont think will :( And ya i use that chart its a handy one to have alright :) Thanks :peace:
Hi Indo,
I wish I could help you more but I won´t state a diagnose I´m not really sure about.
It´s obvious to me now you got something going there cause when leafs lose their colour in flowering (N consumption in leafs by the plant) they have a different look than those in your plant have now.
I was hoping another more experienced grower would see your request for help.
I mentioned cal/mag because when this defi. happens steems turn into a more red colour which is not normal in certain strains. Your pics show what looks like redish steems.
Have you flushed them with plenty Ph´d water?
yea same here i was hoping someone would come across this who had basically the same problem, so i could cross this of my trial and error list:) the ca/mg could be a problem and i think the autos do like to have a bit of it there and maby some zinc too iv noticed aswell. and it kinda makes a bit of sense since auto dont like muck primary nutes. (N-P-K), so therfore the wil need ca/mg on stand by to get the through.. complete guess, just putting it out there for anyone to think about :):roorrip::reading420magazine: And one of my plants are all very red steams :( its the one that has the most black/burnt/crispy leaf and i did flush her especially well not much water but there was a nice bit draining through to the bottom. i didnt want to do a full flush (2-3 times the pot size of water through it) her to leave some nutes for the flowering stage because i wont be giving her any more anyways
I don´t know what water you´re using but I do know when water Ph isn´t good for our girls it can cause nutrient lockout or cause the plant to have difficulties absorbing some nutrients in the medium. Ph should be 6.0--6.8.
Yes, flush can be good to release the lockout but it can also cause overwatering.
Remember that Destilled water is Ph´d water, its neutral and good to use when you´re not sure about your tap water ph, plus is cheap and easy to get.
What I said cal/mag symptoms include reddish stems you can count on that as being fact as I´ve seen it happen with other growers here. If you like I can PM you further references for that or you can PM me asking. I will gladly share.
Something else came to my mind. Are you using fresh out of the bag soil or you reused it?
This info, along with nutes you already gave them (and i have no experience with them so I shut up) might help in a better diagnose.
Another good link to look for answers: Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

ye i always check the water Ph every time i water 6.4 - 6.7. i just use my tap water and leave it in the water container open for 24h or more to evaporate the chlorine. And its always been new soil out the bag iv use so far. but i have a outdoor patch the iv been throwing some of the soil form the harvested plant pots there, becuse it has perlite in it aswell and i plan on puting a plant outdoor in the spot soon would that soil be ok do u rekon on top?? and leaf cuttings form plants can i throw them on top of the soil on the outdoor patch for fert or would it do nothing ???
Good night Indo,
I reuse soil but, when I do, I take in consideration that initial nutrients in that soil have already been used by the previous plant and, in this case, I feed more.
You can cultivate/mix it or just throw the soil in a new layer - as you wish. I would mix it a bit with the already existing soil, specially in case it was not fluffy or had old roots in it.
Compost with dead leafs, steems, vegetable and fruit peels, coffee, crushed eggshells and other organic stuff is very good but I would do it separate and use it later. It takes time for compost to break down so what is usually done is start composting in one season to use in the next. The results of compost depend on what you use as ingredients, off course, but I would measure it´s Ph before applying it to my girls grow.

il just mix the soil i reuse outdoor with the earth soil then, thanks :) iv nutes to use and every time i goto use them something happens. so im gonna reuse soil and use the nutes with that should be alright. iv compost bin out back thats been there a good while now with all sorts in it basically all what u said, can i measure the compost and soil with one of them cheap soil-meaters? :peace:
il iv compost bin out back thats been there a good while now with all sorts in it basically all what u said
"can i measure the compost and soil with one of them cheap soil-meaters?"
Sure you can, at least to have an aproximate reading. The thing is a cheap soil meter can give you a "cheap reading" back :)

Happy growing! Cheers
couple of photoss..
some more pics. and there was a lovely pinky colour on one of the W.W bud spots, havnt got a pick of it tho.
i duno if its to do with nute burn but theres a strange strong smell of one of the W.W when u smell it up close. bit of a chemically kinda smell it better ease out abit when i dry it, cant imagen smoken that smell. the bud seems dence on all of them fells heavy and it hard in the middle. and the smelly one is bulking up nice on bud :) There on Day 77 Today
Not a bad turn out for such little light.

Not sure if you are worried about heat or stealth or funds, but you would get better results with just one 400w hps. Autos grow best under hps. I've been growing them three years.

On Amazon or ebay, you can pick up a 400w Apollo system for $96. plus free shipping. That comes with the ballast, hood, bulb, cords. Everything you need to run it. I've used Apollo and Revolt for a few years with great results. As you can see, with my last 600w, I pulled 11.3 oz, and that was an experiment using mostly only 3 gallon pots, 1 gal pot, and growing in bark just to see if I could.
Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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