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Not much to update. Guessing another two-three weeks to harvest. This strains clone and veg speed compared to flower make for a good perpetual grow. Didn't figure out what was causing the wild swings in the veg'ing PH but stable now. Teen age angst...? Ended up chopping the budha before I left town. buds were a little early but not fattening up and almost all the pistols had turned. figured a small earlyish harvest is better than risking returning to a dead or over ripe plant.



Today will be 8 weeks of flower. It was supposedly a 7-10 week flower time plant. The buds are plentiful but small and not much frost at all. Trichomes are maybe 70% cloudy no amber. Plucked a lower bud last week as a sample. A lot of lemon smell, good flavor, and vary smooth. Energetic buzz off of 2 hits and really opens up the lungs. Defoliated to help kick in the bud progress. Accidentally snapped a tip so old lady got flowers in a bud vase. The second bud almost immediately stopped her migraine after nothing else was working. Vary happy with the medicinal properties so far. For some reason it now has a VARY strong diesel after taste. Just watching and waiting at this point.

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She is done! Couldn't get a decent pic of the trichomes but they were 90% cloudy. From what I have gathered the CBG drops as the THC goes up. The diesel flavor disappeared after the sample buds dried a little more. I gave some of the sample bud out to help friends with migraine, asthma, and an eating disorder. So far each replied with "it was instant relief without the stony haze. Can I get more?"
Not a great recreational plant but that isn't why I grew it. I got a lot of buds on the small side from this plant. Her clone is ready to move into the flower room and new clones starting. This time I am not going to top her and I will thin more out to limit the number of colas. I will update one last time with the final dry weight.

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jack bud.jpg
The final numbers are in. 5 quarts of bud totaling 4.75 oz according to my old mechanical balance scale. Letting it run longer didn't noticeably increase the THC or lower the CBG effects. I would guess THC is around 8% based on the number of tokes it takes to equal the effect of my other strains. I don't know if topping the plant lowered the yield by producing smaller buds. Her clone just started to flower so I am going to run a comparison without topping in a new journal.
Good work man, JH is an all-time fave of mine (after SharksBreath - can't find the seeds any more)
I just let it run full-on main cola
Wtf is a quart? Is that like a pint?
Here in jolly old Blighty a tankard would typically hold about 750ml, then Europe elbowed in and made the standard 500ml (bloody French) but we thought it would seem kinder to add 10%, so made it 550ml. The brewers were, of course, up in arms about this, so 18 ml (4 fl/oz?) was added as 'head'
That is why a UK pint is 568ml
Funny how nobody agrees on right size for a beer mug. But do we all agree whiskey and wine are 750ml everywhere. We call them a fifth here cause 5 whiskey bottles makes 1 US gallon.
I gave volume and weight to give an idea of bud density. Not to force math on anyone. Converts to 10 US us pints or 8.25 UK pints to clarify.
So how close is this to a normal yield for the stain? Normally my land strains, this size( 1.5 meter cubed), yield 450 grams at 20 UK pints. I topped it cause I didn't have an open spot in my flower room when it was already 1 meter tall in veg. What pruning worked best for you? Trying minimal pruning or lollipop on the clone maybe.
Hope all is well in your world.

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Are you saying it doubles the root growth rate cause it has to reach for water? I have only used rockwool a few times so advice is welcome.Thank you. The room is perpetual grow and clone so only use cubes on new genetics. My last two starts the hydro store was sold out of cubes so I started in perlite. Before that I was using drain to waste coco.

It was almost completely dry right before that pic. The roots were just starting to poke out of the cube so I did a quick dunk into the res so only the outer edge is wet. There is a 1/2 inch of hydrotone between the cube and the water line so figured I needed some moisture to start the wicking action. Should I have just put it in dry and top water if it wilts?

This supposed to be a sativa dom plant but don't know if it has different needs on training,PH or PPM. I primarily grow land strain sativas Thai,mowi,lambs bread. Purple afghan,christmas tree and laughing buddha are as hybrid as I normally grow.

The dispensaries here are low quality(harvested late for max yield), low selection (3 indica maybe 1 hybrid), and expensive(50% sativa start at $80 an 1/8).I grow for my medical needs and give away most to friends that can't get the right meds, mostly for PTSD. I am starting this strain for someone with chronic arthritis pain and asthma.
let me know how this strain responds to arthritis as im looking for a strain myself
let me know how this strain responds to arthritis as im looking for a strain myself
I am still growing clones of this plant for 6 other people with different medical uses. 2 of them suffer from mild early onset arthritis. That was not the reason they originally used this plant but it did help stop the daily ache. This strain is a miracle worker with bronchitis, appetite regulation, and some migraines.

I now harvest at only 5 weeks flower. That keeps the THC levels vary low but the CBD and CBG levels are at there highest. You can use it multiple times a day without being impaired.

I have a degenerative disk and three calcified vertebra left from an old accident. Not to mention a life time of broken bones and decades of construction work took its tole. If my joints ache, I can use this and get on with my day. If hands won't close or I can't stand up Jack Herer won't fix it.

I grow Mowi Wowi, Christmas tree, Purple Afghan, Thai, Laughing Buddha, Lambs Bread and Jack Herer. Of those I use three for joint pain.

Jack Herer- mild daily aches. Only one with no impairment because how it is harvested for CBG.

Mowi Wowi- if I spent to long stationary or repetitive. need relief and to move around to work it out. Motivational high

Thai- If I can't move anyway. Spaced out heavy high. Relaxes every inch of your mind and body. A complete reset.

Hope this helps you.
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