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  • Yes I do get tired of the discourse... it gets pretty old pretty quick, especially when you're the only one out their providing any real technical information or data...
    Welcome to the 420 Team. We will win this struggle and when we do it will be because of volunteers.
    Welcome aboard brother and thank you so very much for helping us create Cannabis awareness to the world.
    Hey I didn't realize ur from the NO until just now... It's tight to here a fellow Yat is on here
    Pharmaceuticals suck. They really screw with me hard. All the pain drugs just make me really unhappy. Don't get me wrong.. the pain relief has priority, but the side effects blow.

    I dug my bike out of the ditch the other day. She was covered in water and just looked horrible. The frame's toast of course, but I think I can clean up some of the parts and see if they fit a neighboor's Trek frame.

    Picked her up a few years ago. When I got her, she was a track racing bike... arm extensions and all. She was my daily rider and I loved her geometry. I'd dance in and out of all the lookyloos cruising slowly down Bourbon Street. I'll miss her.

    Wow... she sure looks rough after sitting in that drainage ditch for a few days. You can see the break in the front tube.

    Cheers... and thanks for your concern!
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