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  • Thanks for the reps gator,it's from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. If you haven't seen it, watch it. If you have, uh.... watch it again!
    Sorry for the delayed response but thanks for the reps on the pic. I need to get in here more often than I do.
    Propa Gator, great looking screen you have going.. Thanks for the reps and right back at ya senor.

    Thank you for helping us create Cannabis awareness to the world. You are a Cannabis Warrior and I am truly grateful for everything you do to help our mission succeed. We're almost there, thanks to you! :adore:
    The reason I stopped by here was to ask if you could do me a favor when you get a chance and that is to look at my picture gallery and help me to pick out two pics for the Jan NOM contest Heavyherb Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery Thank you
    Hiya I am in such a wierd bind my Dr says she will help me get my mmar but because she has no clue about it at all especially when she did some research and found out how it comes in variable potency's and she is used to pain meds that come in doses of 5mg or 20mg the idea of daily doses calculated in grams made her do a double take . so she has been asking colleague about Dr;s in toronto to refer me to but has asked me to also seek names she can refer me to as well if she is unsucessful any suggestions on how I should word a post to get the attention of other mmar holders so they can see I am trying to get names of Dr;s so my own can make her referal I am unsure but its possible if it becomes to difficult to find one she may do it herself but presently she wants to defer to experience and also have a contact for the future if she needs any information .
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