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  • Heav,
    U still at it? What's up bro? Long time no hear from. A lot of members when we first came aboard aren't around much at all. Good to see u online at least. Keep it green bro. :peace:.
    So how you doing these days ...? :bong:
    Haven't see you in a while, I wish you the very best Bro. Drop me a line when you log in... :reading420magazine:

    MV... :rollit:
    Hey Heav, been a while. Just droppin in to say hey. I haven't been on too much in the past 6 months. I'll be back sometime this year. I'm still at it tho, got more space to play with too. Howv'e things been with u? Hope its all cool on ur end. Talk to u later bro, :peace:
    hey heavy ill be getting a hold of you soon when my phone got exrayed at the airport it messed up my phone and i lost all my numbers and im working vary long days and i just had a death in the family talk to you soon hope all is good with you guys
    Hey heavy! What's going on man? Sorry just kinda disapeared on your grow. Been crazy busy lately. Includig moving back down to California. I've been lurkin on your grow when I can though. Looks awesome my man. Seriousy those buds are wild. And good job on the contests!!!!
    I don't he a computer but I'll tr to app by again when I can! Hope all is well
    Heavy, I'm up for plant of the month for April! I could use your vote. Hope all is well. Take care. Bend
    Damn Man, I thought you were younger.:ganjamon:
    I've lived 4 different places in N.Cali and except for Sacramento, which is just too big. I liked Cali..
    Got family down in Florida...just like us....old farts....even older than me and I'm 68. Unfortunately, I had been to Hawaii before Florida, so I was spoiled. I will say this, Florida prices are much better. You two have fun where ever you end up.:surf:
    Yes, Cali would be good, anywhere north of SF, too many earthquakes down south for my liking. Florida has it share of weather problems so think about it.
    Don't know your age, but be prepared for an older population. I lived there for while by Cape Kennedy. It is totally flat, I kept looking for a mountain or at least hill. Now that i think of it either one would be great compared to where you are now.:thumb:
    Ha Ha here you are. I posted again. trying to add you as a friend, dang it! Im in sky at the moment. Ill figure it out. lol
    I saw it. That "tanning bed" gave u some pretty uniform buds. Nice harvest. that was chronic if I remember correctly. Good work bro. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
    Tell me if you understand the sweet gowie ganja recipe. Now you have and idea why my English is weird too much cooking even my french suck after too much cooking LOL

    Good job on the contest I love your plant should be # 1 :bravo:
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