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We are on the same wavelength, millertm. I was just pondering weather or not my T5 has the penetration to get the most out of back building.

I'm thinking penetration is about 8 inches from the top of the canopy. Maybe 10 with some LST. 10 might be over generous.
Great question Tead. I decided to go with the T5 because I felt it was a good option for my limited head room. When I looked at LED and HID they required more distance between the light fixture and canopy further reducing available grow height space.

My fixture is 2'x4' and the cabinet is 3'x5'. That leaves 6" around the fixture for heat to escape. I can lower the light within 3" of the canopy and still get adequate light coverage. Perhaps not the best penetration but even wall to wall coverage from start to finish.

I'm going to revisit my lighting when I feel it's time to replace the bulbs. 16 HO T5 bulbs might be a little pricey. I think I'd like to try to make LED work some day. We'll see.
Wow, has it really been 6 days since I fed the plants? I've had some really physical work at my day job these last few days. I've had enough time to get home, crash and wake up to do it all again the next day. Last I recall the buckets had some weight to them but that could have been a few days ago... There are several hours to wait for lights on. Ugh. Pic update tonight.

I had another great find in the garage late this morning :) I found the tools I use to make reclaim resin from my Arizer Solo glass stems. The tools were heavily covered in frozen reclaim. Yeah, the temps dropped and it snowed again. Only because I packed away the snow equipment in the garage. Gotta love it here.

Anyway. I shaved off some reclaim, added it to the remainder of my last find and I'm ripped, lol. You'd laugh too if you seen how little it took to get me pretty medicated.

On my other 'puter screen I have YouTube playing the 1980's TV show 'Solid Gold'. The dancers doing back flips in shiny aerobic dance leotards and high heals is funny or cool or scary. I'm not quite sure yet.

I also found pictures online of the zombie proof Maybach.

OK. I better go.
Day 10 of flower

The plants were ready for a watering. Not too dry but close. They got RO and a splash of CalMag pH'd to 5.6.

Flowers are beginning to stack and I'm seeing trich production increase and spread to 5 finger leaves.

I included a couple pics with flash to better show the Trichomes. Additionally, about half of the tops on Jack have purple veined Pistils.

Wow, very nice looking flowers. Your really dialed in nicely. Great color, leaf mass, little long in some nodal spacing but for what your using I don't see how your garden could look any better.


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Luvs me some Solid Gold Dancers.... seriously sexy.
Pretty little girls you got growing. Your plants are at what I refer to as the "the fireworks stage". The little white haired buds against the dark green background look like fireworks exploding in a night sky.

about half of the tops on Jack have purple veined Pistils
... and a touch of color on the leaves as well. I sure enjoy purple plants!
Looking at the pictures of Jack on the right, I'm not sure where the main colas are, lol. I might have to mark them. I think they are near the back. She laid down and grew horizontal across the container top for a while. She's such a bushy tangled mess at the base.
Hey Obi-Wan, just finished catching up and am signing up to see the end! I got some girls that are only about 12 days old in my closet under my 4 bulb 6500 t5. Not sure if I'm gunna flower them with t5 yet might need another sincce i got 4 plants, and want to give them what they deserve :) great looking plants! If you want better light pent ration you can always try light or heavy defol, I've seen a few forums on it being advantageous. Cheers!
I should be more comfortable with defoliating. I think part of my hesitation is knowing I'd have to remove an awful lot to increase light penetration. There isn't much bud action below the 8 inch mark anyway. What is there will go into to the hash bag for fun. I'm going to focus on the top 8 this time and consider options for my next grow: Liberty Haze SOG. I'm going to try to get a pound again from this T5.

There hasn't been much to do lately. Things are pretty much on autopilot. I raised the Jack Herer up to level out the canopy and lamp. I'm pulling about 3 dead leaves per day from each plant. Normal dead stuff from low level areas and small junk leaves that get no light or splashed with nutes.

Jock Horror continues to smell incredibly good. Citrus, green, with a little spice.

My Jack Herer smells like fried chicken or rotisserie. Bizarre.

I have such high hopes for the Jock but I'm ready to be blown away by the Jack.
That's about what I took from my Aurora Indica grow. 4 to 5 plants with 3 to 4oz each should be attainable.
I've been pulling double shifts the last few days and haven't had the time to open the cabinet. I'm looking forward to a couple days off after tonight and checking on the plants when I get home. Part of me hopes they need water and part of me hopes they don't. I'm beat, lol.

There are some really fun community events going on around here that I wish I could join. My timing is off though. My next germination starts in July and I will jump in somewhere :) I'd start now but I have to shut down the cabinet for a few weeks after harvest to have some utility work done in the area.
Checked the plants. There is a fair amount of fade on the large fans. Sugar leaves look good. There is still a bit of weight to the buckets. I'll feed tomorrow. Time for bed, whew.
Day 17 flower.

Quick update. We have guests tonight.

Fed 50% strength. In the pics below you can see the creeping yellow fade. Some is natural and some is from the extra day or so without water/food. Those large fan leaves will die off and have a nice self-defoliating effect for the flowers below and beef up the hash bag material.

Lighting in the pics is kinda harsh but it's all I time for tonight.

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