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  1. jamesturpin1972

    A bit of confusion

    9 weeks or 11 weeks? I am growing Jock Horror, and it has been 9 weeks and now time to harvest. I have the milky trichomes and very little amber,but it's there. Should I wait another week or two? I have the fall colored leaves and all. This is my first grow ( that's impressive) and I do not want...
  2. Future.jpg


    The Captain's next grows!
  3. paintedbudman

    Abandoned PaintedbudMan's Garden 2017

    New year New Grow. Started my 6th grow on Sunday January 1st. This time 3 photoperiodplants in my grow chamber and 2 autoperiod plants out in the main room. The photoperiod plants are under a Mars Hydro Reflector 192 and the 2 autos are under 2 mars hydro reflector 48s and a mars hydro 300 unit...
  4. DoobieNoob

    Abandoned DoobieNoob's - Jock Horror & White Widow - 1st Indoor Soil Grow

    What strain is it? Nirvana’s Fem Jock Horror and White Widow Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? JH is predominantly Sativa w/ genetics of Mexican Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk#1. WW is hybrid w/ genetics of Kerala x manga Rose Is it in Veg or Flower stage? JH is Veg x 30 days...
  5. DoobieNoob

    Jock Horror Day 29 Brown Tips

    I need some help diagnosing some browning of the tips please. I have been following everyone's posts for quite a while and am on my very first indoor grow. I have this little girl at day 29 in FFOF soil with Earth Juice nutes. I know I had some issues with water ph that I do believe caused some...
  6. Obi Wan

    Completed Obi Wan Cannabinoid Presents - Jock vs Jack - A T5 - Hempy Grow Journal

    Welcome all. In this journal I will attempt to grow out 1 Jock Horror plant and 1 Jack Herer plant. I'm using the same T5 from previous grows. As well as the same grow box, fans, filters, & nutes. Based on the root growth from my last grow I've cut the 5 gallon buckets down to about 3 gallons...
  7. H

    Little Help? Advice or words of wisdom from experinced growers.

    Alright guys this is my first grow ever. I have done a tremendous amount of journal/ blog reading for the past few months. Don't want to get caught in small details to start my first journal so I suppose ill get right into it. Set-Up: 2x4x7 Grow Tent. 600w HPS Light with a wing reflector. As...
  8. P

    Abandoned First Grow - Think Different - Jock Horror - Northern Lights x Big Bud - Soil

    Hi 420Magazine Users This is my first grow using bio bizz products and all mix soil. This journal is all over the place at the moment, at the start i planted 3 seeds the Northern lights x Big bud didn't germinate properly so i took that out of the room and put in a separate area to try...
  9. H

    NEW 420MAG USER, Please Read

    Hi guys i joined 420magazine a few days ago and unlike other forums I really enjoy this one.... top notch. I live in the UK and loveee smoking budz Iv got my first grow up and running now it is an Autoflower with the strains Think Different & Jock Horror Here is the link : Think Different...
  10. G

    Can I Trim this late into flowering?

    False start, see next post.
  11. Bulldoggin33

    Jock Horror Harvest Time?

    I know that Nirvana say's that this is a long (9-11 weeks) flowering plant. But yet again I'm finding that at around 7 weeks it's time to do the final flush before harvest. Has anyone experience a faster flowering time with good ol'Jock as me. Or am I just getting a little lucky? Opinions...
  12. endive

    Completed Tent Seed Grow - Blue Mysteries

    Hi everyone, :welcome: You've heard the term "bag-seed," I have tent seed. I grew 5 feminized Blue Mystic (supposed autos), all 5 were female for most of the time. Fast forward to the end... by the time the last nugget was finished and the residue in the jar was all that remained, we had...
  13. Panic

    Humidifier and Humidity question

    So I have a humidity question for ya all! I have a very small Grow Lab 40 tent with 2 Jock Horror Fem Auto's on day 22 from seed in soil with CFL's and 4 floro tubes down each corner....JH's are in 2 gallon pots with 3 parts FFOC, 1 part chunky perilte and 1 part FF Light Warrior. On a 20/4...
  14. Panic

    My first Bagseed grow photos

    Main Cola's....They are from different bags and have very different traits. One has very hard cola's and is taking longer to finish and one has "spongy" type buds and is finishing guicker. There photo's are on day 84....28 days in veg and 56 days of flower....need to pull them next week and it...
  15. M

    Abandoned Rosy Bubbles - Blue Mystic/Jock Horror Autoflower Grow

    Nice for you to join me for this posting. I have noticed that 420magazine seems to have quite a few techies on board and I would like to say Hi. I do work in Open Source/Linux/IT/Datacenter/Network/Enterprise areas and throughly enjoy it! Now to the setup :smokin2: What strain is it? 1 x Blue...
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