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Welcome all. In this journal I will attempt to grow out 1 Jock Horror plant and 1 Jack Herer plant.

I'm using the same T5 from previous grows. As well as the same grow box, fans, filters, & nutes.

Based on the root growth from my last grow I've cut the 5 gallon buckets down to about 3 gallons.

We've had a bit of a rough start. I will fill in the details when I get home from work. I will say I finally have something to photograph. Now it's time to journal.

I will update soon,
What strain is it? Nirvana Jock Horror and BC Bud Jack Herer
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid. Both Sativa dominant
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling/Veg
If in Veg... For how long? Perhaps a day or two
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro. 80% Perlite 20% Vermiculite
If soil... What size pot? Using a 3gal bucket
Size of light? 8 bulb T5
Is it air cooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? @ 82F ±5°
RH of Room/cab? 25%
PH of media or res? Straight RO water for now then 5.5-5.7ish
Any Pests? Nope
How often are you watering? Daily. Watering with 2oz RO as needed.
Type and strength of ferts used? None yet. Maybe in a week or so.

It's time to get growing. Last years Auroa Indica bounty is nearly gone.

Meet Jock Horror

Meet Jack Herer

Acclimating. The T5 is keeping them pretty squat so far.

I think this will be an interesting grow. I am eager to see how the two breeders interpretations of the famous Jack Herer strain by Sensi compare to each other.

I popped several seeds of both strains and killed all but one of each. Inconsistent temperatures during germination stunted and killed the majority of my seed supply. The two that made it have no business being alive.

The Jock was dropped on the floor during transfer from paper towel to coco puck. It landed with enough force to knock the shell off of the delicate root. Having nothing to lose I picked it up with the tweezers and buried it into the coco puck anyway.

Jack took longer to germinate and is about a week behind the other plant. Additionally, when Jack did emerge she was small, mostly purple and not looking very well. I moistened the tiny top growth with a single drop of water which was absorbed immediately. The next day she showed tremendous rebound growth.

That, in summary, catches us up to today.

I didn't touch the plants yesterday. I let them dry out a bit.

I watered them with some plain RO water this evening. I will start adjusting the pH of their water to 5.7 (± 0.2) going forward. I'm going to let them grow a little bigger before starting nutrients. Their drip lines have past the perimeter of their coco starter pucks so I've started to increase the diameter of the circle in which I water them. I want to encourage the roots to stretch, to seek out the bottom of the bucket where the good stuff will eventually be.

Currently the Perlite/Vermiculite mixture is bone dry. I'm confident in stating water has yet to reach bottom. No sense in saturating the mix yet. I simply keep watering out and a little deeper each time following the outermost drip line. It's worked pretty well in the past.

Both plants are ready to graduate to veg mode on Feb 1, 2016. Nothing will change other than I will start counting days of growth. Starting at the 1st of the month keeps it simple.

I'm several months behind my planned schedule. I had issues receiving my seed order (Jack Herer) this time. I ordered during the peak of a holiday shipping season. No doubt it got lost. I contacted the seed bank as was afforded two options. Option 1: Refund the purchase amount. Option B: Re-ship order once but lose the ability to request a refund. Fair enough. I order in small quantities. Self-insured you might say. I requested the re-ship.

As a backup to my backup I also placed an order with different seed bank with whom I've also done business with in the past. That's where the Jock Horror seeds come in.

A few weeks go by and my re-ship arrives! Judging by the post mark it was the second shipment. I wrote a thank you note to the seed bank for their efforts and support. I'll be a repeat customer. Again :)

At just about the time I have nearly succeeded in killing all of the Jack Herer seeds the Jock Horror's arrived. Wanting another safety net I placed yet another seed order with a new (to me) seed bank who was having a great sale. Then I put the Jock's into germination mode.

I was set on growing out some type of Jack Herer strain for this grow. I chose the Jock's as a back up because I'm familiar with the breeder. I also like that they make no secret that it's a copy of a famous strain. However, it's their interpretation, their genetics and their unique name. Not riding on the original as hard as some. Nice.

So. Anyway. How about a couple pics?

The plants are still nice n squat. I have all 8 T5's on. Distance from canopy is about 30 inches. I will start to bring the light closer when I feel they will not evaporate in 24 hours. One fan pointing up towards the light has been added to the mix which will accelerate dehydration.

Now to let things ride and see what we see tomorrow night.

I lowered the T5 about six inches last night. The plants looked stable if not perhaps a little over watered.

It's been a couple days now since the last watering. I'm hoping the lower light will help dry them out quicker. I'd like to get some pH'd water in them. I'm on the fence about nutes. I seem to always start too late, lol.

We'll see what we see later tonight. I found some rulers for point of reference in photos. It should help me visualize growth patterns.

Girls looked a little unhappy tonight. My focus is on the new growth. The first set of leaves are going to take a beating. These plants have stayed so short it's throwing me off a bit. This is my first go with a Sativa dominant plant and I'm anticipating a longer plant than my Indicas...

They have been on a 24/0 light schedule so far. Tonight they will start 18/6.

I fed them last night with a weak (1/4 to 1/3 strength) solution of nutes and pH'd to 5.7.

Excited to open the cabinet tonight and see what effect the feeding had.
We have lift off!

Judging from the photos the girls were hungry. It's nice to see their arms raising up towards the light. Now, let's see how they do taking a little nap tonight. The temps are gonna drop. From what I can remember, growth should start to explode any day now.

Feeding was 1ml each: FloraMicro, CalMagic, FloraGrow, and FloraBloom. Mixed, in that specific order, into 1gal RO water.

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