Obi Grows: Pure Power Cookies 2021

Obi Wan

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Strain: Pure Power Cookies (Pure Power Plant x Girl Scout Cookies)
Veg/Bloom: Bloom
Indoor: 3'x6'x7' Grow Cabinet
Light: 2'x5' DIY 480W LED
Containers: 7 gallon fabric pots
Media: Peat and Vermiculite base with added Perlite, Lime and Gypsum
Nutrients: Jack's 20-10-20 Peat-Lite, 7-15-30 Finish, CalMag, Magnesium sulfate, Calcium Nitrate, Recharge
pH: @ 6
Feed Schedule: Every 3-5 days or so
Temps: 75F +/-3
RH: 63% +/-5
A quick photo recap of veg...

Day 2 observations.

I see a couple leaf tips curled downwards here and there. It could be due to a couple things.
*Recent switch from T5 veg light to LED bloom light. I tried to match the intensity with a light meter at the canopy. It should be in the ballpark. Watching closely for signs of light bleach. Light is running @ 35% (175 watts at the the wall) and @ 30 inches from the canopy.​
*Overwatering. I saturated the pots pretty good the day after up-potting. Not to run-off, but plenty. It may simply sort itself out in a few days.​
*Nutrient change. I fed them the 7-15-30 to encourage transition to flower. I added a couple grams of Calcium Nitrate (15-0-0) to bump the Nitrogen level just a bit. The N level could be a bit too high now.​
*Added Recharge, microbes, during up-potting and watering in. This seems to unlock things in the media resulting in a boost of growth. This combined with the recent feeding may have supercharged the grow media resulting in slight over feeding. I don't see any burned leaf tips yet. We may be close. Real close.​
*Defoliation. I did a light defoliation removing about a dozen leaves from the canopy. It didn't seem like much considering the density. But, there's that.​
*Hormonal. Too many changes during transition. Up-pot, different nutrients, light, room all at the same time.​
My plan is to do nothing. Simply let things be. Let the plants settle in for a week.
I have a bit of headroom to raise the light yet. I'm hoping these top out at around 40 inches. That would be nice.
The plants look like they have more than enough nutrients. I watered with plain RO last night. I'm going to try going back to the 20-10-20 for a couple weeks.
Fed 20-10-20 +CalMag @ 500ppm today. They are stretching hard towards the light.

I've been bumping up the light intensity. I'll probably keep bumping it up by 20W every few days. We're still below 50% power. No signs of stress. Need to raise the light a bit soon.
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