Buzz's Grow Journal #4: Blue Cookies! Crown Royale! & My Perennial Favourite Blueberry!

was that not blue cookies & crown or did you take the blueberry down already?
I had trimmed off a gallon pail of Blueberry larfs focusing the energy to the colas, and threw those in, the Blues are going strong at 8 weeks and not a brown pistol to be found. Smoked a bowel as of the kerf as hippie crack and almost passed out! o_O
5 more days and the Crown and Blue Cookie will be finished their 3 week drying/curing process. The drying tent has been rock stable at 58% rh, and the stems are finally starting to snap instead of bend.
2nd Blueberry had a bit more at 700 grams. I am going to keep the plants going for a couple weeks for two reasons. One is to see if the remaining buds bulk up and I am also going to fertilize some buds with the Super Stinky auto male I have, so should be an interesting cross.

Ended up cutting the blueberries down as the pistols turned, probably from the shock of the main harvest. Turning them into hash! The BB crop is almost dried and so I will post actual harvest weights when it is.
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