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Please come in and be unapologetically human and feel free to make mistakes that we can all learn from. My experience is limited to only a handful of grows.
Let's Grow!
2 top notch clones from a friend... GG4. They fought for survival and are now getting traction for some nice growth.

Here's what we are working with:
4x4 tent
GG4 strain
7 gallon pots filled with FFOF soil.
FF trio feed, Cal Mag, PH+/-. Easy enough... (Feed could be cut in half, depending on plants response)
City water fresh out of the tap and ph'ed to 6.3ish.
4 - HLG 288's V1 3000K pushing 500 adjustable watts.
Dehumidifier for the high humidity here.

I am currently in veg with a Mars Reflector 96 while finishing off another grow. I'll be doing a longer than typical veg and training (vacation coming up).
Welcome and good luck to everyone on this adventure around the sun.:high-five:


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Cool...soil...my favorite medium...simple, like me...:popcorn:
Front row seat,right in the middle...I'll move over if it gets crowded...maybe...


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Alright, I’m back from my beach vacation. I over packed my traveling rosin.:high-five:
The wine bottles work like a champ, if your leaving for a weekish. Water heavy, the fill a few wine bottles and shove them in the dirt before you walk out the door. When the soil dries, some of the water in the bottles will leave and wet the soil over time.
I have moved the 2 girls over to the flowering tent and will let them get adjusted to the better light change and pump up the feed. Then I’ll flip.
Update @Grandpa Tokin @Lewydeville @carcass
Thanks for joining.
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That Alaska Purp squish looks insane good. Almost like you could spread it on some toast.
Just a little inside baseball into my thoughts here...
This stuff is easily in the high 70s rh and I think you may get a more waxy solid consistency. I’m going to try a higher rh C99xBB squish tonight.


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So the waxiness went up, but my return went down with high rh. I got greedy with the puck sleeves and it worked perfect. Although I had my worst blow out in quite a few presses, the folds held perfect. Excuse the salad in the mix.




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What’s up brother! I may need your recommendation on netting these two girls and spreading them out. Let me checkout what kind of net I have around...

My next one I'm going to make out of custom bungee cords so I can take it apart at harvest and easily re-string it. Tired of cutting and winding string or fighting this bungee net out.
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