1. blackclay

    BlackClay's GG4 s1, Banger Glue & Some Generic Autos, Peat, 2021

    GG4 S1, Banger glue, & some generic autos. Brief: I’m mainly growing following Dr. Bruce Bugbee and GreenGenes videos along with info I gather from the internet and here. its all duct-taped together. Things I would change right off the bat, (but feel free to add more if you see anything)...
  2. J Obadiah

    Can I LST Clones This Early?

    What do you guys think, should I start bending these now for LST? They'll be topped later. They're no more than a month old, I just planted them yesterday, May 4th. Strain: GG4 CLONE by Dark Heart Nursery Medium: Soil Environment: Container (7 gal), Indoor) Light: Viparspectra 1000W LED...
  3. GG4.jpg


    GG4 grown by icemud
  4. D

    Auto flower plants are 27 days old: how am I doing?

    Hi! I am a brand new grower and I am currently working on a project with an ak-107 autoflower and two gg#4 autos (came free with my purchase of ak seeds, not sure if they are actually autoflower or not). I live in an apartment so there is not much space to work with. my grow tent just sitting...
  5. WreckLoose

    WreckLoose First Photoperiod Outdoor Winter Grow 20/21: Gorilla Glue #4 & Banana Kush

    Bucket/Pot Size: 2x Five Gallon Fabric Pots Medium: Top Crop Complete Mix (Coconut Fiber, Blonde Sphagnum Peat, Vegetable Compost, blend of macro and micro-nutrients, Perlite, Leonardite) + added Perlite, Worm Castings, Diatomaceous Earth. Outdoor (Suplemented with a 50w LED to extend light...
  6. 20200814_110154.jpg


    Gorilla Glue 4
  7. 20200814_110158.jpg


    Gorilla Glue #4
  8. Black Cali Grapes, Critical Mass, GG4,& Red Afro

    Black Cali Grapes, Critical Mass, GG4,& Red Afro

  9. BakedARea

    BakedArea 2nd Grow Season 2020: Multiple Strains

    Last year was a tough and disappointing season. I started late but I had multiples plants that ended up getting inundated with mold/mildew and pests. It was a worthless endeavor trying to kill them off. Bottomline is I was too late in catching the issues and was not proactive enough. Got...
  10. CAE9E511-5628-4D91-BE95-B722FD395230.jpeg


    NL X GG4
  11. GIjose

    Completed G.I. Jose Grow

    So this is my first real grow and Journal. My first grow turned out to be all male plants. But the Silver Lining is I learned a lot from growing them bloom. I will start off listing what I got to work with and hopefully I can receive some education on continuing my grow. FYI I am doing this...
  12. CDC2D394-71DC-4137-BBD1-5A5FA3ABA42E.jpeg


    ATF X GG4 trich shot
  13. IMG_5829.JPG


    Nice nug
  14. IMG_5824.JPG


    Crop shot
  15. IMG_5817.JPG


    Close up nug
  16. IMG_5814.JPG


    Close up before chop chop
  17. 7FCA7B04-A92F-45E5-BA93-0140784C6F17.jpeg


    Found a secret stack of my own creations... and guess what.... they are regs! So seeds are a matter of time ^^
  18. 527098B0-D37E-41DF-B0A8-9691BADB2B83.jpeg


    Early harvest brench ATF x GG4
  19. M

    Mo420: 2nd Grow First Auto GG4, Day 3

    What's up my cannabis user's.. so this is my second grow, but my first with auto. My first grow with photo was a success especially since it was really a test run. so I have 3 photos one is a clone from my first grow and 1 GG4autos that's in week4 that's part of my second grow too. But i just...
  20. 9677CB60-E952-4302-A3DA-78834CFB9E6D.jpeg


    ATF x GG4 close Up.
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