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  2. 3fingerdSean

    3FS 1st Biobizz Grow

    Details: Biobizz starter pack using their guide Water used 6.5 purified drinking Substrate is light mix Plants/Seeds are 1 Critical, 1 Brooklyn Sunrise , & 1 Gorilla Glue #4 -- All Autos All Light is a Timber cxb3590 3500 kelvin temp horticulture light that is dimmable from 30 to 300 watts...
  3. super13star

    Kate Kush Indoor Coco Grow Various Strains

    Bucket Size - Currently #1 Medium - Coco + perlite Lights - Currently 1 mh Nutrients - Mills + advanced Strain(s) - BubbaKush, SourKush, GG#4, Hawgs breath, GoldenStraw # of Plants: 7 + clones Hoping this will turn out alright. These are monster cropped clones taken a few weeks ago with more...
  4. H

    Herbies Seeds Updates 10th August 2018

    Herbies Seeds Updates 10th August 2018 Back in stock – you can see the full listing on our Back in Stock page Spliff Seeds Super Skunk Regs Critical Mass Collective Monster Mass Fems Dr Krippling Kripple Shock Fems Dark Horse Genetics Kings Banner Regs Dark Horse Genetics Original Bruce Banner...
  5. lxstnr

    Lx's 2018 Growing Adventures

    Running multiple strains at the moment: GG4 (DHN), Dosidos (DHN), Modified Mints (GMOxSinmint cookies by Sincity seeds), Grandpas Breath (by DVG), Dark plasma (Team OG), Ninja Fruit (Team OG), and Deadly Sativa (by MMS) Dark Plasma and Grandpas breath are 30 days into flower The rest are in...
  6. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Likes To Squeeze Stuff - Solventless Extracts - Rosin - Pressed Here!

    Solventless Extracts (Rosin) Pressed Here! Hello everyone, and welcome to Grandpa’s squeeze box. I’ve been receiving quite a few emails lately asking me about my extracts; specifically, about solventless, so I thought I would share exactly what I do again so everyone can see. This little...
  7. D

    Shoreline and GG4

  8. MikkaTheEnt

    GG4 Indoors In Soil

    Time for another few grows. Here's the first: Date started: 2018 Jan 10 Germination: Seed in between 2 moist paper towels, transferred to Rooter plugs in germination station Seed(s): feminized GG4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4) photoperiod from Attitude Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors Tent: Vivosun...
  9. M

    Nute or light burn from neem oil & soap spray

    Hello guys, Newbie grower here, and in need of some help. This is my first ever attempt at growing my meds, and a newb on this forum as well. 4'x4' tent (thick 1860D material) 6.8' tall 1 x 315 CMH with Phillips Agro bulb 1 x Morsen COB full spectrum LED (two cobs) for support light...
  10. M

    1st attempt at growing my meds - GG4 & Jack47

    Green-thumb newb here, greetings Wanted to share some photos of my first attempt at growing and perhaps get a thread going First thing first, the equipment: 4'x4' tent (thick 1860D material) 6.8' tall 1 x 315 CMH with Phillips Agro bulb 1 x Morsen COB full spectrum LED (two cobs) for...
  11. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Tokin Grows

    Hi all. I'm Grandpa Tokin and I'm a medical patient who grows his own dank. This is not my first rodeo but I don't consider myself an expert by any means. I was a member of another forum for a long time but they went tits-up. My goal here is real simple; share my knowledge, my grows, and make...
  12. 3

    45 Gallon Smart Pot - 1000W HPS - GG4 - Indoor

    What strain is it? GG4 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg, flipping to flower in 4 days Indoor or outdoor? Indoor If soil... what is in your mix? Peat moss, perlite, lava rock, home made ewc, rock dust, oyster shell powder, crustacean...
  13. O

    GG4 - Black Haze - Secret Recipe & OG Kush From Clone Under T5/LED

    Hello all, I have been growing for about 2 years now and am looking to connect with others in this grow and get some feedback and tips. Maybe we can help each other out! I've been keeping my grows documented for myself, but felt this time around it would be nice to share the journey with others...