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  1. B

    28 gram hash press into rosin

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here much in a while. Here is a video of my latest rosin press. I used between 73 and 140 micron of my bubblehash that I used pink kush and orange sherbert trim. 28 grams of hash in and 26 grams of delicious hash rosin Let me know what you think of it.
  2. Cookie Rosin.jpeg

    Cookie Rosin.jpeg

    I hit it...
  3. BobbyZ

    BobbyZ Adventures From Ordinary To Extraordinary

    Please come in and be unapologetically human and feel free to make mistakes that we can all learn from. My experience is limited to only a handful of grows. Let's Grow! 2 top notch clones from a friend... GG4. They fought for survival and are now getting traction for some nice growth...
  4. SweetSue

    Over Doob’s shoulder: Pressing with the SLUG 33

    On one of my visits to DrDoob’s home I watched him pressing rosin using his SLUG 33. While doing so I took a slew of pictures to illustrate the process. Someday we’ll do better than this, but I thought you’d find it interesting to watch the process. I’d appreciate suggestions for our next...
  5. Dutchman1990

    Dutchman’s Rosin Room!

    DutchMans’ Rosin Room What is it? Well in the simplest of terms Rosin is an extraction process that takes a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze the resins from Weed. The “rosin” is incredible in flavour and potency. It can be made with either the bud, trim, kief, or hash! The result...
  6. HayStack

    Haystack Just Can't Stop

    So, I dunno. This seems all to fun for me to stop now. I've started another grow and decided to start yet another journal to record my grow. My latest grow consists of two Sour Diesel Lemon Kush plants (Foreground in pic.) and two Guava Jelly plants (Background in pic.) I'll be growing again in...
  7. Bchris22

    Bchris22 Multiple Tent Scrog

    Whats up Mag?? Its been a long time. Once some years back I started a newbie thread and then abandoned it. That guy!! Well I decided to give it another crack. I might have quit on the journal, but not on growing. When I first started out in 2014 I started with DocBuds kit and then I moved...
  8. D

    Rosin press with custom press machine

    So ive recently went out and spent the money to try this new way of making wax. Im used to running bho in a sealed system and purging for a week straight. So i figured hell why not try and save some valuable time. Press was 160 harbor freight 3x5 plates 200 on Amazon 3x5 160 micron bags 50...
  9. DabPress

    10%-Off - Dabpress dp-rp37 Anodized Rosin Caged Plates - Easy to Use & High Yield

    :cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer: Dabpress dp-rp37 Rosin Caged Cube Kits With Dual Anodized Plates in Rosin Cube, Dual Heaters, Dual Temp Sensors, Temperature Control Box - Complete Setup to Pair with a Hydraulic Press :thumb: Check the YouTube Video below and see how it works: :thumb...
  10. DabPress

    What is anodized rosin plate kit? How to use it?

    Anodization is a industrial craft used on the metal surface. It'll improve the metal corrosion resistance, hardness, heat resistance. You may click below link to see how it looks like: Best Rosin Cube Kits With Dual Coil Heater Temp Controller For Sale
  11. Grandpa Tokin

    Grandpa Likes To Squeeze Stuff: Solventless Extracts, Rosin, Pressed Here!

    Solventless Extracts (Rosin) Pressed Here! Hello everyone, and welcome to Grandpa’s squeeze box. I’ve been receiving quite a few emails lately asking me about my extracts; specifically, about solventless, so I thought I would share exactly what I do again so everyone can see. This little...
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  13. Grandpa Tokin

    How I Make Coconut Oil Capsules From Rosin

    Hi gang! I made 150 capsules this afternoon and thought I would share how I do it. It may sound like a lot of work, but in reality it only takes me a few hours. I'm mostly sitting on my old butt so it's definitely not very stressful. :Namaste: 1. I use my own home-grown bud to make rosin. In...
  14. D

    FNG from Canada

    Hey folks, been on MMJ for almost 2 years now, love it, like sharing my techniques and experiences with different ingestion routes, actually signed up hoping to find out more about tinctures made with rosin as the information out there is sparse. Anyways I just realized I have a lung set up for...
  15. Aqua Lab Tech

    Aqua Lab Tech Cyber Monday Deals - Up To 50% Off

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  16. Aqua Lab Tech

    Aqua Lab Tech Black Friday Sales - Up to 50% Off Going On Now

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  17. Aqua Lab Tech

    Aqua Lab Tech Harvest Sale - 20% Off

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  18. J

    Rosin Press Tech & Oil Extraction

    Hello, my name is John, and I have recently invented a Commercial Rosin Press using off-the-shelf components and a couple of engine flywheels. It is capable of producing the finest oil you can imagine. Early R&D has been very promising. I am fine tuning the best temp and oil flow. The...
  19. Aqua Lab Tech

    Halloween Sale - 20% Off AquaLabTechnologies.com

    Make sure and save 20% off your purchase at Dab Rigs, Bongs, Bubblers & Water Pipes | Aqua Lab Technologies This Week!! Aqua Lab Tech
  20. JordanBRK8

    First decent squish with pneumatic rosin press: Could use some advice on improving

    Hey Everyone, My 1st post! Finally getting super involved and making my own medicine on the level I need. Just wanted to share the results of my first decent squish with a pneumatic rosin press. I would greatly appreciate any tips from others who have squished with a similar machine. My...
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