DutchMans’ Rosin

What is it?

Well in the simplest of terms Rosin is an extraction process that takes a combination of heat and pressure to squeeze the resins from Weed.

The “rosin” is incredible in flavour and potency. It can be made with either the bud, trim, kief, or hash! The result is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product which has a high terpene profile and 0% impurities compared to a solvent extraction like BHO / Co2.

The Process
To make “rosin” the precious gold we all want is pretty simple and straight forward.
It combines heat and pressure! That’s it!

For all of my Pressing I have been using the 6-ton unit from DabPress. It’s an excellent quality product for the money and I would highly recommend it if your looking to get into your own pressing!

First let’s get into the basics of it all from:
-what equipment I’ll be using
-what size micron bags should be used
-times/temps for trim/bud OR kief/hash
-my own how to guide from bud to rosin

The DabPress unit is extremely easy to operate and a real pleasure to squeeze with. The anodized plates heat up quickly and hold the heat extremely well. The PID for unit is easy to operate with good functional controls and an accurate readout of the temperatures. 6ton jack allows for great pressure across the plates to easily squeeze up to 14g of your favourite bud!
Other than the unit itself all you will need is parchment paper, micron bags, and you guessed it weed!

Micron Bags
Now Micron bags or filter bags are a special component to making sure the rosin stays clean of any plant matter. Different sized micron bags are used for specific product and each will return different yields and quality. Here is a reference chart to check and see what size bags work best.

Now I’ve been using 90u bags for pressing so far. I decided to choose the 90u bags for flower because it produces a higher quality end product allowing the least amount of fats and material out from buds but still giving you a decent yield! I’ve been using SupremeRosin bags and they are absolutely fantastic! They all come preflipped with the stitching inside (unlike other companies where you have to flip each bag before using it!) and also a card in each one which allows for easy filling!

If you dropped down to the next lower level of micron screen you will notice a significant drop off in yield. Increasing the size of the micron bag will result in a higher yield with little change in quality as long as you don’t get any blowouts.

I have used 90u bags for all my squeezes so far but I have just ordered some 160u bags for flower and 37u bags for my future hash Pressing! Interested to compare the results from a 90u to 160u bag! I’ll be sure to post.

Times and Temps
Now let’s talk about temps and times for different products!
I would encourage you to try your own temps and times as this is just a rough guide for you to follow from the research I’ve done.

You want to Press kief or drysift at a lower temp than you would your buds or trim.

The temps on the lower end are between 160-200*F. These lower temps will produce a end rosin with more flavor/terpenes, less yield, and more stable like shatter consistency.

The temps on the higher end are between 180-220*F. These higher temps will produce an end rosin with less flavor/terpenes, more yield, and is less stable like sap or budder.

When pressing at a lower temp you will want to increase your time. The lower temps you can press your buds for up to 3minutes being the maximum you would want to press. The higher end of the temps you want to decrease that time such as 90sec for a 220*F press.

Pressing your keif or hash you want to keep your pressure much lower and stay in the low end of the temp ranges.

My Pressing Guide
Alright! Now that we know the basics and what we need to press let me take you through my process to go from Bud to Rosin!

First I turn on my unit and allow the plates to start heating up! I select my micron bag and prepare it. Now there’s a few methods to prepare your bags to get ready for pressing. One is “flat” pressing your bags which is basically filling your bag evenly and then laying it flat to squeeze. Prepress forms are great but not necessarily needed! Once you have filled your bag you can proceed to squeeze.

The other method of packing your micron bag is called “Bottle Tech Style or BTS” as I will refer to it here! To setup your bag for a BTS Press you need to First tuck in the bottom corners and make them touch in the middle. Once they are tucked in begin filling your bag standing up. Press the buds down evenly into the bag making a good seated bottom with the folds of the bag underneath. Once your product is inside the bag cut the excess bag off leaving about 1/2” above the material. Fold the top of the bag over like a gift and size your bag to the press plates so it fits inside nicely. Once your plates are adjusted to the right size I add my parchment paper in and place the BTS bag between the plates.

Here’s the step by step of this process in pictures!

Once it’s centred and ready to be squeezed I begin applying pressure. I get the plates to just sand which the bag down a bit to allow the product to heat up evenly. After a few seconds I begin applying a slow constant pressure until I start seeing rosin producing and then I ramp up the pressure!

SLOWLY but consistently I maintain that higher pressure and the rosin will begin to flow. Based on your temps follow a time that you have set out and be sure to follow it! Once the rosin has stopped bubbling or flowing from between the plates it’s usually a good indication as well.

Remove the parchment and press bag from the plates. Open the parchment with the spent bag and buds and place it to the side for Edibles if you wish! Some people use a cold plate to make collection easier but once your ready to collect get your dab tool and begin. Once everything is collected together is it ready to be DABBED!!

For this example I’m using 4.5grams of some Purple Trainwreck pressed at 210*F for 2min in a 90u bag. The end result was .98grams which is a 21.77% return!

Here is a video of this press!

I hope my guide helps you on your journey to rosin pressing and I encourage you all to join me here with any questions you may have!

I would love to see some of your squeezes so feel free to share!

Stay Medicated!
I'm in....I don't know anything about rosin, but ready to learn. :headbanger:
That’s awesome Blew and I’m glad to have you along! Any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Very well done! I’m definitely pulling up a chair.

Hey GT! I’m glad you made it over and thanks for the support! You know your stuff when it comes to rosin so anywhere you can chime in please do!
I'm here so you don't have to miss me!
Woohoo! I was worried there for a minute!
Welcome aboard Shed!

I want a press so bad screw blasting lol
Absolutely! I’m so glad I got away from blasting and purging! Solventless is the way to go!!

Rosin has always been a treat to get, I've always wanted my own rosin press. It'll be cool to see some experimenting happen :thumb: Good Luck Dutch!
If you can get one, you should! Well worth the money! Thanks Hidden!
I love rosin. Neighbor has an old style Rosinator that we have to stand on to apply pressure, works 65% of the time with flower and amazing with dry sift. I used to press buds with vice grips, hair straightener plates, kevlar gloves, and parchment paper. Far too much work for not enough return.

I need a dab press or a slug33 forge to make my lower grade Bubble Hash into wife dabs. Rosin is too expensive and bho lacks purity in Washington's commercial market.

Here to learn and see beautiful rosin photos.
Nice job Dutch! I was checking out nectar collectors this morning.
I see everyone pressing a few buds at a time. I’m assuming shelf life is much shorter when it’s heated up and possibly a flavor drop off?
And the larger screens let more plant material through?

Bunch of weed nerds, aren’t we...:nerd-with-glasses:
I would encourage you to try your own temps and times as this is just a rough guide for you to follow from the research I’ve done.

So many different things for me to try... and I do love to tinker!
What are your pressing time frames?

The other method of packing your micron bag is called “Bottle Tech Style or BTS”

Are you seeing more output from the BTS? The claim is that it produces a touch more.
I'm in and getting really weak. Need to get some $ together and make the plunge
Yup. I could build one, but I’m not sure I could beat the quality and price already on the market.
possibly a flavor drop off
Rosin is the epitome of flavor. I was sceptical at one point. My neighbor dry sifted something like 10 ounces of crappy outdoor trim and made it into copious amounts of delicious rosin with a shatter consistency.

Stores here label rosin with a 1 year shelf life
I know a guy in the business so I thought I'd quote this:

What's the difference between wax and shatter?
Temperatures. Shatter is never exposed to higher temps. Wax is. And crumble is just whipped. Basically shatter is low-to-no agitation under 100 degrees. Wax requires higher temps. And crumble requires higher temp and agitation .
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