How To Choose the Right Size Anodized Rosin Plate Kit Between 4x7” and 3x7”?


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There are many options for rosin plates, so it’s clear that the big question remains. What size rosin plates do I need?
If you were to choose between 4x7” and 3x7” plates, what must be considered?
Pressure. 3x7” plates will require less pressure than 4x7” plates, in order to achieve maximum yields. Knowing this, you are able to pair 3x7” plates to a shop press in the 10-12 ton range and get effective pressure across the puck well within acceptable flower rosin squishing pressure (500-1500 PSI). Of course, you can still pair it with a 20-ton press, but these are more suitable for 4x7” cage kit. By using a lower tonnage press, we also save money. Maybe tonnage is not a concern?
How much material do you plan to squish per run? Let us say that every month you plan to run 30 grams of flowers through your press in one shot. 3x7” plates are well suited to press 30 grams of material, so 4x7” plates are overkill. You can certainly press even a single gram under both plates without issue. So maximum material per run is a consideration.
What about heat up times? Heating times on 3x7” plates will be faster than on 4x7” plates. This is due to the amount of mass in the entire plates required to be heated. With 3x7” plates you can expect 25% faster heat up time than 4x7” plates. With 3x7” plates you can expect the heater to reach temperature in under 15 minutes. This will get you squishing rosin about as fast as it will take to prepare the nugs in the rosin filter. And with how quickly the rosin extracts, you will be vaporizing tasty rosin soon thereafter.
Terpene preservation. With the narrower 3x7” plates, you are able to get rosin off the heat more quickly than 4x7” plates. Since we know that terpenes are volatile and can evaporate easily, the sooner the rosin moves off and away from the plates, the more terpenes will be preserved. This will provide a more flavorful and medicinal finished product. Terpene preservation is even more important when pressing hash or sift. Those delicate starting materials generally press at a much lower temperature from flowers and takes a much longer time. Effectively, 3x7” plates will finish the extraction faster.
Speed. Well, we sort of discussed that in the last point, but it goes hand in hand with terpene preservation. When pressing rosin, we want the rosin to spend as little time under pressure and heat as possible. With more narrow plates, we are able to extract our rosin faster. Of course, we are using less material than on 4x7” plates, but the same fact remains that the puck itself will be under pressure and heat for less time with 3x7” plates this generating a faster extraction.
If this didn’t help convince you that 3x7” plates are for you, then perhaps they aren’t. However, you should consider these points when shopping for your rosin plates for your DIY Rosin press build.

Why Can't I Use Dabpress' Temp Controller Box for E-nail? Talk Again.

Why Can't I Use Dabpress' Temp Controller Box for E-nail?

5-Pins' Wire Used In Temp Controller Could Easily Be Broken, Why?

- We have tested it many times: it’s easy to be broken after shaking tens’ of times. Usually, we put the temp controller box on the top of hydraulic shop press. It is highly risky that it may drop on the floor accidentally. No connector of cable & un-plug design from dabpress temp controller box could avoid the risk of breaking.

- Welding cable.
Just like iPhone charger, the cable is easy to break at the connecting point near the charger. XLR connector is welded, it will break off easily just like iPhone charger.

- We have to choose thick wire for safety.
Normally, 5-pin XLR connector of temp controller made in china chooses 3-5A current, that is not enough to meet the current requirement of Dabpress temp controller box.

- Why to choose 5 pins XLR?
Two pins for heater, two pins for probes (heat sensor). It means the heater and sensor have to stay in the same stainless steel case. How could it be able to detect accurate temperature?
It may be a smart design but not for us. We have to abandon the benefits E-nail brings, it is a bad thing entirely.

It doesn’t mean dabpress’ quality is the best. What I am trying to say is “good customer experience is the first thing we bear in mind”. We push ourself to become better and better.

Now let me answer the important question.

How to replace the heater once it doesn’t work in future?

  • Heater has its own working life, usually about 6000-8000 hours.
  • For rosin press plates, aluminum plate and frame are solid and sturdy for long-term use, but temp controller box could break down much easier. Unplug-design guarantees long life of temp controller box. That's why dabpress abandons the benefits E-nail brings.
  • It is not hard to replace it by yourself.
  • You can get discounted new temp controller if your temp box no longer works. We don’t sell our temp controller individually unless you bought rosin press kit from us.
Whether it is made in the United State, China or somewhere, You always can obtain respect once you take care of buyer's need and requirement.

Thanks for your reading!
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dp100 pneumatic rosin press

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Dabpress 4x7 Inch dp-rp47 Rosin Press Plate Kit - PID Temp Controller Box [4pc of 300 Watts Rod Heaters & 2pc of Temp Sensors] to Pair 12-20 Ton Hydraulic Press - Build Your Own Hydraulic Rosin Press

Dabpress 4X7" dp-rp47 Rosin Plate Kits with PID Temp Controller Box [4pc of 300 Watts Rod Heaters & 2pc of Temp Sensors] to Pair 12-20 Ton Hydraulic Press - Build Your Own Hydraulic Rosin Press

dp-rp47 Rosin cube cage assembled already before shipment. Easily connect to a hydraulic device to start working.

Packing List:
- 1pc of Dabpress Anodized Rosin Plates dp-rp47
- 1pc of PID Temp Controller Box - Model No.: dp-tc04r165
- Instruction Manual
- 2pcs of Screwdrivers

- Temperature Range: 0-399F
- Voltage: 110V
- Rod Heater: 4 Pieces
- Power: 1,200 Watts
- Plate Size: 4" x 7"
- External Package: 14" x 14" x 6.1"
- Gross Weight: 12.1 lbs

- Point Piston Ram Of Hydraulic Press At Center Of Up-platen And Then Tight 4 Screws
- Put Bottom-platen And Up-platen Together On Bamboo Block In The Straight Line
- Hydraulic Shop Press < 20 Tons
- Piston Ram Diameter < 2.16" ( 55mm )
- Do Not Switch On PID Temp Controller Box Without Putting Rod Into Aluminum Platen
- Dabpress Digital Temp Controller Is Not Compatible To Nail For Vaping
- One Person Operation
- Keep It Out Of Reach Of Children

How To Choose Suitable Rosin Press Between dp-rp33, dp-rp35, dp-rp37 & dp-rp47?
- dp-rp33 Rosin Press Kit More Suited to 6-10 Tons A-Frame / H-Frame Arbor Press, Drill Press Or Diy Hydraulic Jack Press For Home Use
- dp-rp35 Rosin Plate Kit More Suited to 10-12 Tons A-Frame / H-Frame Hydraulic Press For Personal Use At Home
- dp-rp37 Rosin Heat Press Kit More Suited to 12-20 Tons H-Frame Hydraulic Press For Comercial Or Industrial Use
- dp-rp47 Rosin Plates More Suited to 12-20 Tons A-Frame/ H-Frame Hydraulic Press For Personal or Commercial Use
Hydraulic Rosin Press Kits Dabpress dp-bj6t35 6-Ton All-in-One Rosin Heat Press Machine - 3x5 Inch Dual Heating Rosin Press Plates + Durable Pid Temp Controller Box - Manual Solventless Oil Extractor

  • Temperature Range: 0-399F
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • Voltage: 110 Volts [220 Volts Is Available on Official Store]
  • Total Weight: lbs
  • Packing Size:
  • Pressing Area: 3" x 5"
Packing List:
  • 1 x Hydraulic Rosin Press
  • 1 x Rosin PID Temp Controller Box
  • 1 x Instruction Manual(Putting on the bottle jack)
  • 1 x Non-stick Silicon Mat

  • Strong Frame Made of H-Shaped Steel Paired With 6 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack (Upgradable to 8 Tons), Heavy-Duty Spring Installed Into the Steel Frame Away From Working Area; Easy to Replace Hydraulic Bottle Jack.
  • Anodized Food-grade Working Surface Ensures the Best Flavor and Easy Cleanup; Independent Heating Rods & Sensors Guarantee an Accurate Temperature is Delivered & Detected.
  • Top and Bottom Platen Remain in Perfect Alignment Through Pressing. 3x5" Rosin Plate Size is Well Suited to Most of Rosin Extraction Filters.
  • Heavy Duty Compact Frame Rated up to 8 Tons Working Force.
  • Integrated 6-ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack to Deliver Above 1,000 PSI if Pressing With 13 Square Inch Rosin Extraction Filters. 2x3", 2x4",2.5x4.5" are the Suggested Size Filters for Use..
  • Dual Insulation Layers Allows the Rosin Press Plates to Achieve 200 F in 8-10 Minutes and Protect the Machine from Heat-draining.

  • Highly Recommend to Watch Videos about "How To Use Rosin Press Filter and Pre-Press Mold Effectively" from Our Website
  • Recommend dp-pm3015r Cylinder Pre-press Mold to Pair with This Hydraulic Rosin Press Kit
  • Recommend dp-bt160ns Rosin Press Filters - 160 micron bag
  • Recommend dp-mj35 Rosin Bag Holder to Prevent to Burn Your Fingers
  • Do Not Turn Bleed Valve over 720 Degrees (2 Full Revolutions) to Prevent Leaking
  • Do Not Replace Hydraulic Bottle Jack with More Than 8 Ton
  • One Person Operation
  • Keep It Out Of Reach Of Children

PID Controller Setting:
  • Press "SET" button to activate temperature controller
  • Press ◄ button to increase and decrease the value at hundreds, tens and ones places
  • Press ▼ or ▲ from 0-9 for your desired temp
  • Press "SET" button to lock the desired temperature in place
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