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New Year, New Goals! Perpetual Outdoor Mayhem: Hey It's Legal


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This year has been a rough one. It seems that the chaos of the world seeped into my everyday activities. With everything spiraling out of control I had to step back, take a break, and make peace with a lot of things. With all this running around my head I noticed my plants seemed to grow blissfully, unaware of all the petty and superficial things that bother us. I began to see how my problems were just what I constructed around me and how easy it is to make an excuse that passes the fault onto the chaotic world. But like a Phoenix any hardships gives us an opportunity to rise up stronger.

My progress from here on out is dedicated to the pup/brother I lost this year.

He Loved hanging out in the garden, digging up my plants or just checking up on me. He will be missed beyond words. My heart goes out to anyone that went through any type of loss like this. I will share my favorite comic Pearls Before Swine that was published the day after I let my pup go. I take signs very seriously and this let me know he is in a better place.



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Now to get into the deets of things.

I'll be entertaining the idea of growing year round outdoors. Attempting a harvest every season. Just completed my first winter harvest. The strains are technically unnamed because I've been growing out and harvesting seeds from the same batch of some "gifts" for about 3 years now. I feel that the crazy origins make for good strain. So at this point of the game I have what I call my fourth season of players. They are starting to become more consistent in traits and I'm getting three dominant traits.
Purples. ranging from Midnight to Sunrise
Tropical fruity Terps. Some have ranges from Guava to Mango
Weirdos. Now I will be calling these weird phenos Cowboys because they have a distinct smell I can only describe as Tobacco and leather soaked in whiskey, it really makes your nose crinkle.

So to start things off lets see the family.


I harvested the first two on Friday, they are sitting in my old 5x5 in darkness with RH at 40% on average, usually spikes at 50% in the morning.

Its weird to say but I neglected my girls during the month of November. Taking care and spending time with my pup took priority. Hence the yellow leaves on the ones in early flower. All received a compost tea consisting of Fish Bone Meal, Powdered Molasses, 3-3-3 All Purpose Down to Earth dry mix and VAM. Mixed about a tsp. of VAM and a Tbsp. of the others in two 5 gal.

My girls are resting in 7 & 5 gal fabric pots transplanted into 15 gal FPs. Two are still in their 7 gals but I figure as long as I keep the nutes consistent from here on out I won't have a problem. Most are halfway into flowering and some are about a third the way there. Flowering time averages 10wks with this strain.

Since some were chopped seeds were popped.
I had an earlier harvest last month of some that were being terrorized by caterpillars. I have a single abused male plant that has had branches ripped left and right to make little pollen wands for the girls lower branches during the first two weeks of flower. This has consistently given me unseeded buds up top and the next gen down below.
The male is also planted "downwind" in my little yard.
The seeds selected were 4 plucked from one I called warhead from last months harvest. Named because it had the sourest smell I have ever smelled. 2 from one of the preflowers of another unnamed plant.
And 6 others gifted to me by a fellow grower friend. 5 White Cheese and 1 Cookie Monster. Imma grow these for a little variety.
All seeds popped their little roots 12/15 and were put into 1 gals soil with water and VAM. I expect at least 4 males from these, well see what happens. Next month Ill pop more. I want to see whens the latest I can have seeds be planted straight to flower here in Cali.

Well see what happens o_O :Namaste::peace:


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So two of my flowering plants are showing real hunger, the leaves are really yellowing. So I will make a beneficial tea Using FBM and an all Purpose 3-3-3 dry mix. it will be bubbled for 12hours and fed to all the plants undiluted.

As for the little seedlings I have 8 popped out of the ground. One bit the dust.
The ones popped are the 2 Unnamed but one had its stem snapped by a falling leaf.
2 Warheads

Cookie Monster
3 White Cheeses

Also at the edge of my yard I cleared and area for revegging my harvested Warhead and Cowboy. They are starting to show signs of coming back to veg land I would like to keep these two as cloning mothers. They are under four LED t5 Bulbs supplementing their daily light to 18hr.


At the corner near the revegging girls is another Cowboy pheno that is being terrorized by the light every night. Now there has been no male flowers produced by the light interference, but one side is refusing to make mature flowers while the other side is looking like it's almost done. I'm just gonna observe what happens. My theory is that it will just keep growing until it gets higher than the light spread then it'll mature but who knows maybe it'll continue growing.

Note: For all curious about what could happen when outdoor gardening without proper planning. I tried supplementing the rest of the garden with the four t5 lights which was about 10+ plants in 15gals each hoping to stagger them and pull them away from the light to flower on the other side of the yard. Well I found out that the four lights spread throughout the plants were not cutting it or getting any penetration trough the canopy. This caused lower branches to get deficiencies. Surprisingly the branches to the edge of the light were flowering like nothing was out of the ordinary. I had weird freaks of nature on my hands. Some had fully developed nugs before I decided to pull them away and concentrate the light.
It's one of those things that you always wonder. "What would happen if I put one plant half in veg and half in flower"
Well you'll have a confused plant that will be half veg, half flower.
We all learn from our mistakes, in hopes of bettering ourselves to become better at what we do. :Namaste:


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It's getting a little cold at night so I brought the seedlings inside. Temps outside were in the low 40s. I have an old 5x5 that I had my mars hydro until a row of lights went out. I assume just a single driver failed and I could potentially use it for parts if I decide to try DIY. I'm not sure If the drivers would be any good but the idea is there.

The Little White Cheeses

My unnamed mystery seed

Cookie Monster


This warhead looks stunted, possibly from the cold. The leaves are very dark compared to the rest.

These are seedlings of the Very purple strain Imma be calling Midnight. I made a test run of hash with a little bit of the buds I got from her just to see what It would taste like. I yielded a small amount of hash maybe 2-3 grams total from a little bit over 2 oz of the small buds. Well the next day as I emptied the bag and looked through it. I noticed little roots poking through the buds. Well I thought I would only get about 20 seeds I certainly had over a hundred. I took 30 of the best and most developed ones and planted them in quart square pots until they grow a little bit. I didn't have enough 1 gals or space for them.



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Imma try to do shorter posts. So far all the little ones are popping up nicely. I think about 2/3s of the Midnight pheno have popped up. One of my Warheads and one of the White Cheeses seem to have slowed their growth. I think its the low temps and humidity outside. So I decided to keep them inside under the LED t5s. Their light schedule will be 20/4 for the first few weeks. I also decided to bubble the tea Inside the tent with the seedlings to boost their humidity. Temps inside the tent before lights off were 75F with 51%RH.


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The Ladies flowering outside seem to be growing slow because of the cold. Compared to last year its a lot colder. I am brewing a tea mixed with 2tbsp each powdered molasses, DTE All purpose 3-3-3, DTE Alfalfa Meal in two buckets filled 3 and 4 gal rainwater.
In one bucket I added 1/2tsp of this Bloom Booster to one of the buckets. It seems to be a synthetic/organic blend, well see how well it boost the final two feedings for two of the ladies.


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I feel bad for the girls outside, They are definitely not happy with the cold weather. Most have developed a dark to deep purple hue. Others look like they are starved of nutes which is understandable since they were a little neglected during Nov.
Here are the girls from least mature to most mature.



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When growing during the winter months these plants slow their metabolism due to the cold making it harder to move nutrients through the plant. Remember I am growing these for seeds. This run probably isn't my best and or wisest run but I enjoy a nice experiment. Plus the colors on most of the plants are quite a sight. I hope that the harsh conditions harden their genetics and lead to stronger plants in the future.



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The Revegging project seems to be going well. A little critter has been munching on some of the fan leaves of the plants so I will give it a soap and rosemary oil spray tomorrow morning. Even with the temps in the low 40s at night they seem to be interested in coming back from their flowery states. When They start pouting out branches with fan leaves I will take clones to defoliate since they will be two monster-cropped plants.

Also in the yard are two warriors in my eyes. I don't know why these little ones decided to spring up when its this cold, but nature finds a way and since they sprouted at their own will I wont remove them.

I'm sure this one is the child of the one its sharing a pot with.


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So I plan on getting my little 5x5 up and running with an enclosed space with the right cooling and light. I've been looking into Quantum Boards and Found a supplier I negotiated a sweet price for a 480w light, basically the equivalent to the HLG 550 V1. I can't wait to be ordering it this week.

I feel like I missed a season to grow in the winter. I've been so focused on other things. It's weird to let my previous journal creep into the abandoned section, but I enjoy this community and the progress cannabis cultivation is going through. I still have the goals of my last journal to get a greenhouse set up. I may bring back that journal from the dead as the year starts to unfold and I get a better Idea where I'm at.



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Little Update.

The Little ones inside are looking really good this past week. Steady growth on the Nameless one, hopefully it is a female. Whenever I keep plants inside, mainly these that I'm breeding I tend to get a high number of male plants. No idea why, inside I get about 50-60% males when starting them inside. Outside I get 10-15% males.

I also grabbed two seedlings that sprang up out of the mulch outside.

This round of starters I have been through much and there were many casualties along the way. I hope that the remaining warriors do their country proud.

Warhead #1

Warhead #2 Not sure what happened to this one, it's slowly growing. I'm not sure if it was shocked by Temps, Humidity, or if the soil was weird when planting. I'm using recycled & amended soil/coco mix.
It literally looked like it wasn't growing for weeks. Now it's pushing out a tiny second pair of leaves.

Cookie Monster

Nameless the best of the bunch right now. Seems to be growing at twice the rate as the others although it has a little more stretch than the rest. I feel that to keep this grow from getting crazy Imma have to start training. This time were going Quadline. I've seem amazing results and I hope to do it justice with this grow.

White Cheese #1

White Cheese #2 This one Seemed to have the weirdest first leaves and now Its growing a single top. I thought it was self topped.

White Cheese #3 This little one is weird too. It put out a single circular leaf that has no nodes to further its growth. It's been munch on casually by something (probably a pill bug) I don't think it will grow at all but i'm keeping it around in case of a miracle.

The Midnight Gang Happily growing. Of these I hope to get one male to continue the seed lineage and to get a more stable variety.

That's it for the seedlings
Since this grow will be quadlined I won't feel sad if I get a bunch of males. The remainders will be nice and full if Quadlining goes right. :Namaste:


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Outside the Seeded Ladies are not happy at all with the temperatures. Nightly its still in the 40s although it is getting slightly warmer every day. Although they are purpling up nicely I do know it is out of the necessity to absorb the most heat they can when the suns out. Nothing hasn't inspired me to do any naming of these girls, so like a few years ago I'll just make a number tag with a list of the plants traits.

This one has pretty much stopped all drinking and will be cut next week to ensure any seeds that would be still developing will be mature, The male plant was culled around new years (wasn't making too much pollen at that time anyways.) I'm impress with the face that this one didn't turn colors besides the sad yellowing of the leaves. There's slight purple in a few of the leaves but none throughout the buds.

This one also will be cut next week. The buds seem to be getting heavier, but throughout the plant there is a lot of airy buds. No big deal, Lets just hope they are stacked with seeds.



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The little ones in the tent are happy and growing pretty quickly. I lowered the light a couple days ago and it is now sitting about 8in above the plants. Temps are now in 75f range in the day and at 60-65f during lights off. Growth seems to be steady and there's a lot of undergrowth happening to My unnamed one, I'll refer to it as Fun from now on.
Down in the dungeon of pictures!
Fig's undergrowth, this one is only at it's fourth set of leaves and its already looking like it wants to be topped. I'll hold off until the 15th to top and start the Quadline training. Hopefully it turns out as a female. I'm not looking for any males this run.

Little Mutant Cheese

Baby Warhead Pushing as much as it can. I think this one is a dud, I won't end it yet because I would like to see if its just developing a crazy root system and it'll have some rocket growth.

I spread out the Midnight gang as there was more room due to one passing after I dropped a water cup on it. It held on for two days before drooping and it was plucked.

The two Outsiders, since the bigger one came out from the compost it could very well have come from either cowboy or warhead. Well see how it does,

Lastly the runt of the Midnight gang, it popped out a few days about 5 days ago and has just been slowly growing. It possibly was due to handling, but thats just my guess as it was the only one.


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Update: Training Day
The first round of seeds being popped 12/26 puts them at around 21 days for the youngest, which is pretty awesome. I honestly thought they were older because they are all really starting to ramp up growth. The t-5 LED bulbs really work nicely. The Midnights are 14 days old and they are catching up to the rest quickly. They are inside quart containers so I think they will need to be up potted when they get their training done. Which at this speed of growth could be done next week.

Fig got its Quadline training today, First being topped at the 4th node and the 1st and 2nd branches and leaves were removed. This one has been growing like crazy which always scares me since males are usually the more aggressive growers early on. If that happens it will be put outside and the pollen will be collected, since its a super hardy grower.
Here is Fig before the training. I can't say enough how happy I am with the growth, two days ago leaves were just starting to come from the lower branches. I was almost tempted to top super low, but I feel the newer leaves have more potential to absorb more light. Usually when I have topped plants before they will stretch, I hope that wont happen as much with these lights.

Topped and Cleaned

Has anyone ever seen growth happen below the Cotyledons? This is the first time I've ever seen a plant do this, the branch probably would be pretty weak though, so it was chopped. Sorry for the bad Picture.

Family Shot

Midnight Gang growing like mad

Lets see how Everything is tomorrow. Tent has been extra cool with this rainy weather were having in LA. Lights on are about 68 with lights off being 58. Plants don't seem to mind as much but they probably would like those tropical sun temps.


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With the outside being crazy I had to harvest two plants and chop the underbuds off of one. The undersides were more developed because I had it under a weak light outside up until Nov. The light wasn't giving enough light penetration to keep the whole plant in veg, the plant at the time was 3ft tall and 3ft around. When I took the light away no stretch happened and the girl almost immediately went "it's Flower Time."

Thus the tops are like this.

And the bottom nugglets are like this.



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I'm almost certain it'll be a battle against Mold for whatever is left outside. My fear is that one of the plants I would like to reveg will get budrot and die off before the rest of it finishes. Well see how the next days turn out. Rain is supposed to recede Thursday so fingers crossed we can get everything dry.

Happy Farming. :Namaste:


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Oh before I forget. I was trying to get my hands on a QB light, I've been seeing the power they have and I want it haha.

So I've been on Alibaba since that appears to be all the rage. My opinion of that website is it has the smell of something sketchy. It definitely has deals, but you really have to go through a lot of back and forth just to get to the ordering process of the item you want. That's when they really start being sleezy, this person tried to update the price of the item several times before I could get to the checkout, Each time the price was raised there was a reason for it. After all that Blah Blah. I decided to wait since they have the Chinese New Year coming up and all the factories would be on vacation.

Thank god I waited. I always get anxious about what I buy, especially if its an investment like this. Anyway I found a crazy beast of a light, running at 700w, made by an american company. The lights look like they are using the samsung strips or some type of QB arrangement. I'll have more info on the light in a bit, the light has been ordered so I'm pretty excited to get it. Probably can't mention names so I'll keep it a little secret and I'll let y'all know why I got this when it arrives. :thumb:
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