Tead's Indoor-ish, Winter, Hempy, OGK, SOG

Dinafem OGK from clones.
Indoor grow in outdoor tin shed.
Veg tent inside shed.
Veg chamber 200W CF with 30W LED side lighting / Flower chamber 400W HPS Cool Tube.
3.8gal and 5gal Hempy buckets using pure perlite as medium.
Warm environment with high humidity using AC and heat as needed.
Using DynaGro routine with Epsom salt and Superthrive.
The local heat and humidity really play a large role in this grow.

Current photos....




Damn... forgot to rotate that one. Photos under normal lights can be pretty rare in my posts.... sorry in advance. Nobody needs to point out the dirty fingernails either.

So... not my first Hempy bucket by any stretch of the imagination, but the temps have dropped some and I can finally crank up my veg room. I'm really just continuing an ongoing experiment with Hempy buckets. Love them by the way... they just work out SO awesomely in my warm world.

I generally like to keep things as simple and easy as possible. For example, I own a ppm pen and use it on occasion... but generally just use measured amounts of nutes and keep an eye on the plants for signs of happiness (color being key). Hempy buckets really lend a hand in the simplicity department. Hydro speed with soil ease... I'm just a huge fan.

Grab a box of popcorn, watch the babies grow, and feel free to speak whatever's on your mind.
Alrighty... finally getting around to posting the photos from this morning.
I cut clones this morning and started them in strange ways...


This was a clone sitting for about 2 weeks. I've been battling some high heat in the veg tent and I believe she may have suffered. I floated her out to look and she had no roots at all. I put her back in, but hold little hope for her.

I turned down the AC and cut some new clones. I decided to try the rapid rooter plugs. Never used them before.

After that, I put one more clone directly in her final home with a opaque dixie cup over her. I've done this before successfully.

And some visitors on my butterfly bush in the backyard...


2 monarch babies and the orange bug is a "milkweed assassin". The assassins feed on aphids that like the flowers.
Feeding Day!
Mighty rainy down south in the Bayou. Nice to have the temps down to the 70's today. I even got to turn off the AC. Very nice.

I've got 2 plants in the veg room. One is deep in bloom. One is just switching over.
The older lady didn't get much fan agitation during veg and some weak ass limbs are starting to get a bit floppy. Time to step up my support system. The younger lady should be ok... but we'll see.

I have one plant in veg... and she's going to have to stay there for a bit as a clone source. Had some heat problems with a previous round of clones so I'm trying to get the normal clone-flow back up and running.

My bikini girl put her skirt back on... bummer. "outside" temp is veg tent, "inside" numbers are flower room.

The ladies in place....

The young lady...

... and her floppy sister

Geaux Saints!
So... the 3 top branches on my vegging baby are showing what I believe to be a Calcium def.
"Why does he think that" you may ask. Well, first it looks like a Cal def. Secondly, I ran out of CalMag liquid a week or two ago and have been using epsom salts. Epsom salt is not Calcium anything. I'm not surprised and should have anticipated it.

Just did some water jug testing.
1/4 tsp hydrated lime brought 1 gal of water from 8.2ph (my normal starting point) to 10.3ph
Took a touch over 1tsp ph down to hit the 5.6 range.
Thinking of adding it to the veg girl. 1/4 tsp seems pretty safe. If it doesn't kill the vegging girl, then apply to flowering girls.
I was thinking about top dressing and watering thru, but then I discovered that the hydrated lime does dissolve in water.
Veg girl looks GREAT after her lime feeding last night. I'm starting to believe I have a systematic low calcium issue going all around.

I am unsure of a few things here. I'm really not sure of adding lime directly into my normal feeding mix. The huge PH swing disturbs me. Overall, I'm just unsure of how to implement it.
On the other hand, I'm looking forward to using it in a Osmocote+ grow.

I was peeking at my flowering girl this morning. I love watching her work thru the stages. Skinny spread out bud bursts to thick swelling buds. Can't wait to try her. Might have to go searching for a touch of lower popcorn bud to sample.
Man... the temps are way down. AC hardly working at all. Very nice.
Busy morning keeping the waves going in my little SOG.
Found some legs on a clone....

Decided to put her in a 5gal hempy pot...

Gave her a little humidity dome and stuck her in the veg tent...

Shots of the vegging girl recovering from a Calcium def...

And one closing shot of a very crowded veg tent....
Peeked at the rapid rooter clones this morning....

They look ok. Waiting to see some roots. I think they have roots down there, but can't quite tell. Perhaps should not have moved them about.... but since this is my first use of the rapid rooter plugs, I had to peek.

Poked about my flowering mother some. She looks good. Still floppy, but holding her own.

Still seeing Calcium problems in the veg room. CalMag ordered. I might give them a shot of milk. I don't have warm and fuzzy feelings yet about the lime and I followed a grower that used milk. Let's see.... where's that old ass thread.....
No negative impacts from the milk spray so far. I like the foliar feeding idea to address deficiencies.
I'm laying tile in a rental I have. I'm SUPER lazy, so I buy the pre-mixed stuff. It comes in white 3.5 gallon containers. They're the same circumference as the 5 gallon buckets, just shorter. I like them. I'd like them slightly better if they were dark colored, but white will do.
So, I'm shopping at Home Depot yesterday for door trim, tile grout, etc..., and I start to dig into the LED lighting section.
HOLY CRAP prices have come down!
I'm really considering building my own using SMD 5050 light strips.
I also notice that the SMD 5050's are RGB Tri-Color with 3 chips in each light. One chip for each primary color (RGB). It would seem to me that these sorts of lights would be capable of reproducing almost any color. Perhaps creative growers will start tweaking color ranges a bit. I've always felt that the existing fixed color lights may not be the best possible frequency and maybe could use some minor tweaking.
While I don't see myself doing this sort of experimentation, I'll be keeping an eye out for folks that might share my ideas and be a bit more experimentative (hmmm.... I may have just created a word!).
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